• First Time German Shepherd Owner

    5 Care Tips For First Time German Shepherd Puppy Owners

    A new German Shepherd puppy is a bundle of energy, joy, and enthusiasm. They will love you, bite you, kiss you, cuddle with you and roughhouse with you. But they are also a huge responsibility and require the proper care to grow into mature, healthy, well-trained adults. If you are a first time German Shepherd owner and need some tips…

  • Hiking Tips

    Are German Shepherds Good Running Partners?

    German Shepherds are amazing dogs that excel in many different areas. Not only do they make great family companions, but they are also extremely athletic and agile dogs. While they may not be able to keep up with a Greyhound, they are no slouches when it comes to speed. But what about when it comes to a nice run or…

  • 5 Month Old German Shepherd

    5 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 5 month old German Shepherd is wrapping up the juvenile growth stage and only a month away from entering the adolescent stage of their journey to adulthood. Pretty soon their unruly behavior full of biting, chewing and jumping on everyone they see, will be tampering down as they become more and more mature. But don’t get too excited! You’re…

  • 4 Month Old German Shepherd

    4 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 4 month old German Shepherd has braved the waters of puppy hood and made its way into the juvenile stage of growth. They are still super cute but starting to outgrow some of those adorable puppy dog looks. They have grown massively since day 1, surpassing the foot mark at the shoulder and almost reaching half of their full…

  • Do German Shepherds Talk

    Do German Shepherds Talk? 8 Noises Translated

    German Shepherds are amazing companions and loyal protectors. They also know how to get what they want by talking to you in their own unique language. They aren’t afraid to be vocal and will use their plethora of different sounds to alert you of their needs. From barking at the neighbor’s dog to whimpering for a treat, they are some…

  • 3 Month Old German Shepherd

    3 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 3 month old German Shepherd puppy is still cute but not the tiny little fluff ball it was just a month or two earlier. Its already went through some major changes. At this stage, the juvenile delinquents are almost a foot tall and “pawsibbly” getting into some trouble. Hide your socks and shoes because these little guys will be…

  • 2 Month Old German Shepherd

    2 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    You will have a hard time finding many things cuter than an adorable, fluffy little 2 month old German Shepherd puppy. With their cute floppy little ears and fuzzy paws, they are a bundle of energy, joy and happiness. At this point they have already made it through some significant changes during their first month of life. But many more…

  • 1 Month Old German Shepherd

    1 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    There is nothing cuter than a little 1 month old German Shepherd puppy. They are new to the world, ready to explore and beaming with life. The cute little fur balls will be the center of attention wherever they go. During their first 4 weeks of life, they will go through some big changes. They are only a pint size…