• Top Australian Shepherd Breeders In The U.S.

    Top Australian Shepherd Breeders in The U.S.

    Australian Shepherds are great pets and excellent companions! But if you plan on getting a purebred Australian Shepherd puppy, you definitely want to make sure that you find a breeder with a good reputation and a history of high quality breeding standards. This list presents you with the Top Australian Shepherd Breeders in the U.S. The reviews of these Top…

  • German Shepherd Lifespan - How To Increase It
    Health & Nutrition

    German Shepherd Lifespan – How to Increase it?

    German Shepherds are amazing family pets and wonderful working dogs. Their intelligence and easy trainability has earned them the title of third most popular dog in the U.S. Unfortunately like most dogs, their lifespan isn’t very long compared to humans. However there are plenty of ways that dog owners can increase the life expectancy of their GSD. This article will…

  • Difference Between Belgian Malanois And German Shepherd VS

    Difference Between Belgian Malanois And German Shepherd

    The Belgian Malanois and German Shepherd have a very similar appearance making it hard for some people to tell the difference. They are close in size with comparable coloring. Both of these herding dogs are hard working and eager to please. The German Shepherd is highly popular among families and law enforcement. The Belgian Malanois is less known but extremely…

  • Best Guard Dog Breeds

    Best Guard Dog Breeds – Top 12 For Protection

    There are lots of strong dog breeds that are used to guard our homes and families. From German Shepherds to Boxers these pups will do all they can to protect your household and children. But this does not mean they will be rude or harm your family members. They know when to fight and who they must attack or bark…

  • German Shepherd Wolf Mix
    Other Shepherd Breeds

    German Shepherd Wolf Mix – Complete Hybrid Guide

    The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is the combination of the highly popular German Shepherd Dog with a wild wolf. This intriguing breed is referred to as a wolf-dog hybrid. This means they have real wolf DNA in their blood unlike wolf-like dogs which don’t carry any. This mix combines the loyalty, obedience and intelligence of the German Shepherd with the…

  • German Shepherd Coat Types and Colors Chart

    German Shepherd Coat Types and Colors

    It is no wonder German Shepherds are such admired and beloved animals. From household pets to police dogs to loyal companions they are amazing creatures. But their lovable, courageous personality is not the only thing dog lovers admire. If you take the time to look, you will notice just how gorgeous their pelts are. There are various German Shepherd coat…

  • Wolf Like Dog Breeds
    Other Shepherd Breeds

    Wolf Like Dog Breeds – Top 8 Most Popular

    Do you love the stunning appearance of a wolf but want a domesticated version of the popular canine? Then a wolf-like dog breed may be just the thing you are looking for. Since all dogs originally descended from Gray wolves, many dog breeds already portray a wolf-like appearance. Obviously some dog breeds look the part a lot more than others.…

  • German Shepherd Dwarfism Eclipse
    Health & Nutrition

    German Shepherd Dwarfism – Panhypopituitarism

    You may have seen pictures of these cute and cuddly pint size German Shepherds on the internet. While most GSD’s grow to be big strong athletic specimens, German Shepherd Dwarfism causes them to stop growing early on when they are young puppies. Although they look adorable, they aren’t simply miniature versions of this popular breed. They have a disorder that…

  • German Shepherd Bite

    German Shepherd Bite Information

    German Shepherds make great family pets. Their big soft cuddly appearance, perky ears, supreme intelligence and easy train-ability make them extremely popular. Originally herding dogs, their versatility and ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously make them top choices on the work force of several occupations. However they sometimes have a reputation of being aggressive and they can be under certain…