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    Best Toys For German Shepherds Puppy, Adult, Senior

    Welcome to the “Best Toys For German Shepherds!” This in depth guide will cover the absolute best toys that you can buy for your young, adult or senior German Shepherd. Toys play such an important role in your dogs life. We want your dog to thrive! Hopefully our list will introduce you to some new and exciting toys that your pup will enjoy for many years to come! Dog toys are extremely beneficial to your dogs health in more ways than one. They provide physical exercise, sharpen mental acuity and a number of other benefits such as stress relief and training. We researched to find the best toys possible for…

  • Games To Play With German Shepherd
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    Games To Play With German Shepherd When Bored

    Have you and your German shepherd been sitting at home all day, not knowing what to do. Why not make the day fun? Well here are “10 Games To Play With German Shepherd When Bored.” From classic games like fetch and tug a war to creative brain games, this article is full of ideas for you and your German shepherd to try. Here is my list of top ten “Games To Play With German Shepherd” when bored! 1. Fetch Fetch may be a classic, but your dog never gets sick of it. This is why it is number one on our list of “Games To Play With German Shepherd!” German…

  • What Can German Shepherds Eat
    Health & Nutrition

    What Can German Shepherds Eat?

    When it comes down to feeding your German shepherd, you want to give them good healthy foods. This article will help you determine the best foods for your dog to make sure they aren’t eating anything dangerous or toxic. A German Shepherds typical life span is 9-13, but with healthy foods they can live to be up to 18. There are many human foods out there that can be life threatening and very poisonous to dogs. This article has all the foods that will extend your dogs life and the ones that can hurt them. So what can German Shepherds eat to stay healthy and lean? Foods your German Shepherd…

  • German Shepherd Schutzhund Training

    German Shepherd Schutzhund Training

    German Shepherd Schutzhund Training is a competitive sport in the canine world that involves testing the dogs skills to see if they are suitable as a good working dog. The word Schutzhund translates to “Protection Dog” in German. Three skills are measured in the competition: obedience, tracking and protection skills. These three skills are tested in the competitive arena and judged accordingly. The current competition, formerly known as IPO, is called the IGP and is held all over the world. Five of the best dogs from each Nation compete annually in October at the world competition called the WUSV. This article will discuss the sport in depth and will provide…

  • Training German Shepherd Puppy

    Training A German Shepherd Puppy

    When it comes to training your new German Shepherd puppy you wanna do it right, as it can effect its behavior and actions later on in its life. German Shepherds are generally easy to train, but here is more information and tips to make the process a bit easy and more effective. Potty Training A German Shepherd Puppy: Potty Training is the most important overall skill to be taught to your puppy. There’s numerous ways to train them when it comes to this. But which way is the best? The Right Way: Crate Training Crate training is a great and easy way to potty train your puppy. You don’t have…

  • Blue Bay Shepherd Image
    Other Shepherd Breeds

    Blue Bay Shepherd A Beautiful And Rare Breed

    The American Blue Bay Shepherd is a stunningly beautiful dog created by pairing the European German Shepherd and a Wolf Dog. These majestic dogs have a bluish hue to their long black coats. That coupled with the fact that the breeder lives in Palm Bay, lead to their name: Blue Bay Shepherd. The breed is currently in development at Southern Breeze Ranch in Palm Bay, Florida. The founder of the breed, Vicki Spencer has been developing the breed for over twenty years. Her goal is to produce dogs that are wolf-like or (lupine) in appearance. History of the Blue Bay Shepherd It was Vicki’s dream to develop a dog that…

  • German Shepherd Resting
    Hiking Tips

    Dog Hiking Tips To Protect Your Dog From Predators

    This article will discuss in depth the most effective dog hiking tips to protect your dog from predators in the wild while hiking in the mountains or wilderness. Although German Shepherds are large dogs and can definitely fend for themselves, it is still important that you know exactly what to do if you happen to encounter a dangerous animal on the trail. This guide will cover tons of dog hiking tips as well as the most likely predators that you will encounter on your journey into the wilderness. It will explain what to do if you see one and what is best response if you and your dog happen to…

  • German Shepherd Dog Names
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    German Shepherd Dog Names For Your New Puppy

    Everyone wants the perfect name for their new German Shepherd dog but their are so many names to choose from. Take this short quiz about your personality and find out what to name your pup! The name will match a dog with your interests and likes. Whether you want a sweet name or a cool name. Take this quiz to find out what you get! Male German Shepherd Dog Names: Here are some cute names for your boy German Shepherd Dog. Ajax Atlas Apollo Arrow Archer Bailey Blazer Bear Baxter Blaze Bandit Caine Chief Charlie Cash Casper Cooper Dash DJ Dexter Felix Finn Farrow Gizmo Gus Ginger Hank Iggy Jupiter…

  • German Shepherd Hiking
    Hiking Tips

    German Shepherd Hiking – 5 Tips To Prepare You

    Looking to take your German Shepherd hiking in the woods or mountains? They make wonderful hiking companions given there highly motivated and energetic nature! These hard working dogs will have no problem keeping up with your pace. They were breed as herding and guard dogs so the intensive nature of a good hike will be right up their alley. It is recommended that a German Shepherd who is three years of age receives at least two hours of exercise daily. A nice hike is a great way to accomplish this while at the same time getting some exercise yourself. However it is smart to prepare for a long hike and…

  • Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

    Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

    Are German Shepherds good with kids? This is a very common question with people thinking about owning one of these magnificent animals. It is also a very important question because you want to make sure that your children stay safe and certain dog breeds are more aggressive than others. The most important thing to remember is that every dog is different with its own unique personality. Determining how good it is with kids, will depend on several factors. German Shepherds Make Great Family Pets and if Socialized Properly can be wonderful with kids. They are the third most popular dog breed and are owned by many families all over the…