• Best Bones For German Shepherd
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    Best Bones For German Shepherd

    German Shepherds love to chew on bones but there are some dangers associated with this popular canine pastime. This in depth article on “The Best Bones For German Shepherd” will provide you with the information necessary to make a sound choice when picking up that next big bone for your furry friend. Giving your dog the right bone will lead to many happy hours of chewing. but giving your dog the wrong bone could lead to injury and even death. Make sure you know the differences so you can avoid any possible mishaps. The Best Bones For German Shepherd are large uncooked beef or lamb shank bones that are bigger…

  • Dog Friendly Places To Go

    Dog Friendly Places To Go In The U.S.

    Sick of playing with your dog in the backyard or around the house? Well here are five dog friendly places to go in the U.S., especially during summer, when you have to pay for boarding or for a dog watcher to go on a trip. Not to mention, it can also be difficult to make sure that you are leaving them in safe hands. So why make your dog stay at home? There are many dog friendly vacation spots all over America, including some very unique dog friendly fun locations that you may not have heard about. 1. Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach California First on the list of…

  • German Shepherd Temperament Obedient

    Is a German Shepherd Temperament Obedient?

    Is a German Shepherd temperament obedient? This article will answer the common question with some good insight into this wonderful dog’s history and personality with some fun facts along the way. Many factors contribute to a German Shepherd’s temperament but one thing is for sure. German Shepherds are some of the most loving, loyal and obedient dogs on the planet. They make extraordinary companions and wonderful guard dogs. To understand the temperament of a German Shepherd, we must first go back in time to the origin of these amazing dogs. Origin of the German Shepherd’s Temperament: To answer the question: “Is a German Shepherd Temperament Obedient?”, we must first go…

  • German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia
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    German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia

    German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia is one of the most common diseases that effects large dogs. This hip and joint condition can have a serious effect on their day to day lives. This article will discuss the common causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. It will also give you solid preventative measures you can take to hopefully steer clear of this debilitating disease. Let’s take a look at this common hip problem that German Shepherds and other large dog breeds face. Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dysplasia are two words that German Shepherd dog owners hate to hear. But large dog breeds aren’t the only ones to suffer from this condition. Dogs of all…