• How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

    How To Get Your Dog to Stop Barking – Five Ways

    We love our dogs but their barking can get out of control sometimes. From Chihuahua’s high pitched yelps to Great Dane’s deep woofs this natural dog habit can get very annoying. Whether they see the mailman or hear a doorbell, it can get very frustrating to make them stop, along with the worry of bothering your neighbors. But there are some solutions. Here are five ways to get your dog to stop barking. Yet you must be consistent and patient. As it’s hard to keep your dog from doing this natural habit. Why Do Dogs Bark: Territorial/Protection: When in comes down to new people your dog can get quite protective.…

  • Top German Shepherd Breeders In The U.S.

    Top German Shepherd Breeders in the U.S.

    German Shepherds are amazing pets and wonderful companions! But if you are looking for a purebred German Shepherd puppy, you need to make sure that you use a reputable breeder with a history of quality breeding standards. This list provides you with the Top German Shepherd Breeders in the U.S. The reviews of these Top German Shepherd Breeders are listed in order from the highest rating of five stars down. These are the top reviewed breeders in the United States and have at least ten reviews. 1. Von Anna German Shepherds Mission: Providing the highest top quality German Shepherd Puppies for sale. Breed: Western Germany Championship Bloodline German Shepherds Rating:…

  • Valentine's Day Dog Treats
    Fun & Games

    7 DIY Valentine’s Day Dog Treats And Crafts

    Valentine’s day is the holiday for appreciating people you love. Our pets are a part of our family too! We need to show how much we love our four legged friends by giving them gifts too. So here are seven fun and easy DIY Valentine’s Day dog treats and crafts made from things around the house. 1. Red Velvet Pup Cakes These are tasty and healthy safe Valentine’s Day dog treats for your best friend to enjoy. Topped with cream cheese frosting these pup cakes will be a hit! It only takes about 35 minutes in all to make and has a result of 48 mini cupcakes. You can half…

  • Dog Sleeping Positions Meanings

    Dog Sleeping Positions Meanings

    We all love the silly ways our dogs can sleep sometimes. Yet they all have meanings. From laying on their back, legs in the air, or flat on their stomach in a superman pose, there position can tell you something about their mood and why they are laying that way. So here are common dog sleeping positions and their meanings. Back To Back When you have multiple dogs in your house dogs will occasionally lay their backs on one another as they rest. This is from their pack instinct and its just a way of protection, warmth, and affection. If your dog lays their back against you they are just…