• Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot
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    Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot?

    German Shepherds are big fluffy lovable dogs that are great to cuddle and spend time with. Their signature black and brown double coat of fur is thick, dense and easily recognizable. If you have ever owned one of these magnificent animals, then you are no stranger to finding hair all over the house including beds, chairs, sofas and rugs. It comes with the territory and is a small price to pay, for the joy and friendship that comes along with owning a GSD. In this article, we will answer the question “Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot” with an in depth look at their coat and how to prevent so…

  • 8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You
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    8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You

    We love our dogs and are constantly trying to show them how we love them. Yet how are we supposed to know if our dog loves us back. Believe it or not, our dogs have many secret and surprising ways of telling us they love us without you even knowing. Keep a lookout for these eight signs of their affection! 1. Cuddling After a Meal Number one on the list of ways dogs show they love you is cuddling. Of course cuddling overall is a given sign of affection, but if they come over after eating a meal to lay with you they are saying they really love and care…

  • 1 Year Old German Shepherd Behavior

    1 Year Old German Shepherd Behavior

    We always want our dogs to be happy and healthy. German Shepherds are wonderful dogs. We wouldn’t want anything to affect them negatively while growing up, so here is an article to explain common 1 year old German Shepherd behavior. If you have noticed any drastic differences then you may want to contact a vet, just to make sure everything is alright! Overall Behavior: German shepherds are loyal caring dogs and overall 1 year old German Shepherd behavior can vary. By this age they have probably formed a stronger bond with you. Doesn’t mean they won’t misbehave at times, as they are maturing out of their puppy stage around now.…

  • German Shepherd Diseases - Symptoms and Treatment
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    German Shepherd Diseases – Symptoms and Treatment

    The German Shepherd is a popular dog that makes a wonderful family pet due to their loving and caring nature. They are also a stalwart on the job and a top pick for the police or military workforce. Unfortunately their large size can lead to certain hereditary diseases such as elbow and hip dysplasia. In fact, there are approximately fifty hereditary diseases that a German Shepherd can inherit through their genes. This article will be covering ten of the most common German Shepherd Diseases. It will include symptoms and treatment options for each one. Degenerative Myelopathy Degenerative Myelopathy is common in the realm of German Shepherd diseases, although it does…

  • Easter Ideas For Dogs 5 Fun Activities
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    Easter Ideas For Dogs – 5 Fun Activites

    Everyone loves Easter, when spring is sprung and the egg hunt is on. It’s an exciting time to spend time with the family. Who said dogs aren’t family too? If for some reason you can’t see family for this holiday, it’s no reason to worry. You can still have an enjoyable Easter with your four legged friend(s). Here are five Easter ideas for dogs that include fun activities for you and your pup! 1. Easter Photoshoot! This is number one on the list of Easter ideas for dogs. It is a super fun one you and your dog can do together. You can either take pictures of just your dog…

  • How To Prepare For Puppy Checklist and Guide

    How To Prepare For Puppy – Checklist and Guide

    Getting a new puppy is always a super exciting time, but you want to make sure you know how to prepare for a puppy. A lot of people underestimate the preparations that must be done when getting your puppy. You want to make sure that your new puppy grows up to be healthy and obedient. This is the most effective time of this puppy’s life, when it first moves in! So here is what to do before getting your puppy and what to do once you bring them home! Mandatory Puppy Checklist: The first step to getting a puppy is making sure you have all the materials to care for…

  • German Shepherd Skin Issues And Treatment Options
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    German Shepherd Skin Issues And Treatment Options

    The German Shepherd is a multifaceted dog with a loving nature and extremely loyal temperament. They are incredibly smart and easily trained for a multitude of various jobs and tasks. They partake in a wide range of important jobs including guiding the blind, drug detection, police and military work, search and rescue, therapy and more. German Shepherds make brilliant companions and excellent guard dogs due to their protective nature. They are traditionally known for their beautiful black and brown furry coats but unfortunately the breed is susceptible to a variety of skin allergies that can lead to irritating and often painful skin issues. It is very important to recognize German…

  • Shepherd Breeds
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    Shepherd Breeds 10 Interesting Types

    There are many different interesting and fascinating types of Shepherd Breeds in the dog world. From the popular and common household companion, German Shepherd, to the rare and exotic Blue Bay Shepherd Dog. They all have interesting and unique characteristics that separate them. This in depth article will look at 10 Shepherd Breeds with some interesting facts, information and pictures with links to full profiles of each dog. 1. American Tundra Shepherd Dog The American Tundra Shepherd Dog is a rare and amazingly beautiful Shepherd Breed. It is a hybrid dog that was developed by crossing a German Shepherd with an Alaskan Tundra Wolf. It is large in stature and…