• German Shepherd Health Issues
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    German Shepherd Health Issues

    German Shepherds are predisposed to several health issues due to their large size and selective breeding over the past few decades. It is possible that a focus on the aesthetic look of the dog has increased their chances of developing certain conditions. Several studies have been performed to determine the likelihood of the breed developing certain disorders or diseases. Some are more common than others. This article will look at the most common German Shepherd health issues facing these amazing animals. These are the most common German Shepherd health issues facing these dogs today. Use this information to better understand what can happen to your dog and how to prepare…

  • When Do German Shepherds Ears Stand Up
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    When Do German Shepherds Ears Stand Up?

    German Shepherds are well known for their supreme loyalty and intelligence. But they are also known for those big fluffy adorable ears. Although most German Shepherds traditionally have ears that stand up, they aren’t born that way. They are born with floppy ears that normally stand up as they grow. This article will examine many aspects of their beloved ears including when they stand up and what to do if they don’t stand up on their own. So when do German Shepherds ears stand up? Most German Shepherds ears will stand up by the age 6 months but this can vary depending on each dog and their individual genetics. Some…

  • Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone

    Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone?

    German Shepherds are amazing pets that are full of energy and enthusiasm. But when left to their own devices without anything to do during the day, things can get out of hand. A bored German Shepherd can wreak havoc on your home. They can leave you with a mess after a long day away at work. Many owners are looking for answers when it comes to leaving their German Shepherd at the house for extended periods of time. So can German Shepherds be left alone? Yes, German Shepherds can be left alone but 4 hours should be the maximum. Any longer than that and your German Shepherd can become bored…

  • Can A German Shepherd Kill A Coyote

    Can A German Shepherd Kill A Coyote?

    The German Shepherd is a big and powerful breed of dog that is known to be a fierce protector of its owner or family. They are extremely loyal and won’t hesitate to step into harms way when the time comes. There are many stories of German Shepherds putting their lives on the line for human or animal. But what happens when an intruder, like a coyote, enters their property and they must defend the land. Can a German Shepherd kill a Coyote? Yes, technically a German Shepherd can kill a coyote. But a Coyote can also kill a German Shepherd. It depends on several factors including the situation, the number…

  • Why Does My German Shepherd Whine

    Why Does My German Shepherd Whine?

    German Shepherds aren’t known to be big barkers but they will make lots of other noises and sounds including that good old fashioned whine. While dogs differ in personality and the levels and types of sounds they make, they are great at communicating to their owners. Some German Shepherds may be shy while others let you know right away that they need something. This is why it is a good idea to know some of the reasons for their vocal harmonies. These top reasons should help answer the question: Why does my German Shepherd whine? German Shepherds whine because they are a vocal dog breed and like to communicate using…