German Shepherds About Us

The site was inspired and created by my daughter London and me to bring you fresh weekly articles on everything Shepherds.

What you will find!

  1. Fresh new articles weekly featuring German Shepherds and other Shepherd Dogs.
  2. Dog breed information on various Shepherd breeds.
  3. Tips and tricks to help you with your Shepherd.
  4. Resources including links to various adoption agencies and clubs.
  5. Fun games and quizzes on Shepherds
  6. Lots of Cute and Fluffy pictures of Shepherd dogs and puppies.
  7. Videos of Shepherds that will make you smile.
  8. Stories of courageous Shepherds who put their life on the line to help someone.
  9. Exciting new products, some being handmade by yours truly, featuring Shepherds including shirts and dog tags

About The Author

My name is Todd. My daughter London and I will both be contributing to this blog on a weekly basis. We will also have guest posts and user submitted content. Stick around for more updates! For more detailed information on what this blog will be about, check out this post!

You can contact us at info {at} shepherdsbone.com if you have any questions!