Australian Shepherd Names 50+ Male And Female
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Australian Shepherd Names – 50+ Male and Female

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If you are planning on getting an Australian Shepherd anytime soon then you won’t find yourself disappointed. This amazing dog breed is a true beauty and a fun-loving pet to have around and to love. There are so many really great names out there to choose from. In this article you will be given a list of my favorite Australian Shepherd names to choose from. Hopefully you will find some new and exciting names you have never heard before.

There will be two separate lists given for both male and female Australian Shepherd names. When it comes to this adorable breed there is no limit to your imagination in choosing a name for him/her. It can be a common name or something more interesting. Either way names are what make a dog unique in some terms.

We hope you find a name that catches your eye. Here are lists of some of our more favored possible Australian Shepherd names.

Favorite Male Australian Shepherd Names


Here is a name that fits or may work best for a blue merle Australian Shepherd. This is quite obvious considering this dogs specific coat is close to a shade of blue-gray. And since their are very few true blue coated dogs, this unique shading is the next best thing. And if your dog happens to have striking blue eyes then this name makes perfect sense.

Also one of the oldest living dogs was Bluey. Even though she may not have been an Australian Shepherd she was an Australian Cattle dog. According to Guinness World Records, she lived 29 years and 5 months and is the oldest dog ever verified (in 1910 to 1939).


This name can be used for both females and males but is a perfect name for an Australian Shepherd. If you are someone who loves adventures and the wind at your back with your dog running along side you, then this name might just work out. It could remind you of all the fun journeys you have been on with your dog.

It can remind you of the many more adventures yet to come and how much more enjoyable they will be with your loyal pup by your side, through thick and thin. If your Australian Shepherd loves the thrill of adventure; the journey, then this is a considerable name for your pooch.

Journey: an act of traveling from one place to another.

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries


This is another name that could be used for a dog that has to do with their pelt shading. I had talked about before how sometimes you can name your dog based off their appearance-in this case their coats. Same applies for this name. Copper could be the name for a Australian Shepherd with a more reddish-brown coat such as one that has a red and tan pelt.

Looks aside Copper is a cute, lovable name for a male dog (really any gender). And this name can be shortened (as really any name can) into something shorter and sweet. A few examples of this could be Cop, Coppy, or Perry.


Koda is a short name that has been used in many circumstances such as a movie character. Brother Bear is a disney movie many are familiar with. One of the main characters in fact is the lovable little bear named Koda.

Although, Australian Shepherds may not remind us of a bear they can be of similar coloring when it comes to their pelts. And their fur can be close in length. It really depends on who you are and how you view the world but you may be able to notice lots of similarities between tiny bears and dark colored Australian Shepherds.

This name actually means “friend“. And what better way to show how much we truly love our four-legged companion then to name him/her after the word “friend”.


If your dog loves to race and to run around Jet might be the name for you. Like a jet aircraft your pup may be crazy fast. Australian Shepherds love to play and are very energetic, meaning they love to run around and chase. Jet is not only a easy, quick name but one that is cool sounding. This name is one a boys might think sounds awesome if they were to ever meet an Australian Shepherd named Jet.

If you are a fan of jet aircraft, this name might be just what you need. This name really works with any type of Australian Shepherd. And with such a cool name, you may find yourself surrounded by children wanting to race your energy fueled puppy.


Bailey is a very popular dog name when it comes to any breed of dog. It is used in various films and many parents have even named their children Bailey. If you have seen the amazing movie “A Dogs Purpose” then you know who the main character is: Bailey.

He is a dog who lives many different lives but is still himself. He remembers everything and realizes that his main purpose is to bring joy and comfort to others and to take care of his boy Ethan. So by watching this film you may have figured out: dogs are here for a purpose and Australian Shepherds are no exception.

Another great dog movie if you happen to be looking for one that you and your dog can watch together is Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy.


Feeling Lucky? You may find this name rings true if your pup loves this name for itself. If you believe in a thing such as luck then perhaps this name is what you need to help you remember that. Lucky is a lovely name for a dog, one that may inspire any child who hears of this.

It may remind us how lucky we truly are to have an animal such as dogs in our lives to this day. They are loyal and always there for us, especially Australian Shepherds who want nothing more then to have a loving family.

List of 20 Male Australian Shepherd Names

Male Australian Shepherd Names With Hello Tag
  1. Finne
  2. Max
  3. Oliver
  4. Leap
  5. Wisp
  6. Rocky
  7. Ranger
  8. Tobie
  9. Boo
  10. Bruno
  11. Lola
  12. Bear
  13. Dodger
  14. Bingo
  15. Charlie
  16. Jude
  17. Pepper
  18. Jaz/Jazzy
  19. Cannon
  20. Echo

Favorite Female Australian Shepherd Names


Australian Shepherds have all sorts of different coat types such as red and tan, black and tan, and even grey, black, and white. This last combination of colors can remind one of the moon. On rare occurrences they even have light, blue eyes to go with this beautiful coat combination. This coat type, often called blue merle and white looks a bit like the moon with its silver tinted fur and startling eyes (sometimes).

Luna as many know means “moon”. Both of these names are perfect for an Australian Shepherd, especially one such as the blue merle. Their black or dark grey spots or patches can remind some of the moon’s craters, giving off a night time vibe. This combination of colors on this dog breed are really very beautiful.

So if you ever spot one of these Australian Shepherds you may think to yourself how much their light blue eyes stand out against their silver coat or the way their unique coloring reminds one of the moon high above.


Lucy is a name that has been around for generations and is well known around the globe. It is a cute girls name that is not only for dogs but for girls as well. Their are lots of parents who have named their children Lucy and we can see why. It is just so pretty in general and the meaning is even more beautiful.

It is a French and English name that is derived from the Latin (masculine given) name with the meaning of light, as in born at daylight or dawn, possibly shiny, or of a light complexion.

This name may be more suited for lighter colored Australian Shepherds if you care a lot about the background and meaning of this specific name.


A penny (as everyone knows) is a grayish-red, almost copper. If you were to look up an Australian Shepherd with a red and tan pelt it may remind you of a penny. There are many shades of red when it comes to Australian Shepherds. A few examples of these include red tri-color, red merle and tan, and red bi-color.

Also Australian Shepherds are a medium, smaller breed of dog, like a penny (obviously not the same size). In other words when we think of pennies we think of it being small. Same goes for Australian Shepherd. Not always but sometimes.

Penny is also a cute name in general for a dog. It is also a popular name used for dogs in movies. If you have ever watched the 2008 Disney’s film Bolt then you may remember the white German Shepherd.


This particular name has a lot of meaning to it. If someone were to ask why you had named your Australian Shepherd Jedda, you would have some explaining to do. Jedda is the name of a 1995 Australian Film. And if your dog’s breed name: Australian Shepherd, means a lot to you then its first origin name should as well: Australia.

If you are a fan of this Golden Palm Award and 1955 Cannes Film Festival nominated film then as an inspiration you could name your pet after this great movie.

Winter/ Kolya

If you happen to be the proud owner of a white Australian Shepherd then Winter or Kolya is a considerable suggestion. White, as you could have guessed, reminds us a lot of snow. Winter is also such a pretty girls name that is whimsical. If you are looking for more of a foreign name but you still like the name Winter then perhaps Kolya is a good choice.

Yes, Koyla can be a boy or girl name but either works. The aboriginal meaning of the name means winter. The Russian meaning is “Victory of the people.” It is also a Russian nickname from Nikolia. Similar to the Russian meaning, the name in Slavic means “Victorious Warrior.”


If you are a huge fan of Bindi Irwin then naming your dog after this well known Australian woman might be worth considering. Her life is dedicated to helping and loving all sorts of animals, including dogs. Bindi is also just such an adorable yet fierce dog name.

Also if the Indian culture is something close to your heart you might love this name even more. The definition of Bindi is a decorative mark worn in the middle of the forehead by Indian women usually to symbolize that they are married.


Bella is one of those cute, simple names that really goes well with most any female dog. It is short and sweet and is easy to remember and say. There are many adorable nicknames you can use when it comes to this name such as Ella, Lala, Bell, or even Belly. When it comes to these abbreviations the possibilities are endless.

Also well known (to some) is a gray and white (multi-colored) Australian Shepherd named Bella on Instagram. She is a blue merle. Her Instagram account is @bella_aussies.

List of 20 Female Australian Shepherd Names

Female Australian Shepherd Names With Hello Tag
  1. Milly
  2. Willow
  3. Nova
  4. Annie
  5. Stella
  6. Shira
  7. Kie
  8. Pipper
  9. Sandy
  10. Heidi
  11. Blossom
  12. Jewel
  13. Mal
  14. Sky
  15. Rora
  16. Zoey
  17. Samantha
  18. Violet
  19. Ruby
  20. Roxy


Hopefully at least one of these Australian Shepherd names stuck out to you among all the different choices. There are so many wonderful names out there. Sometimes we get ideas from the internet and they stick and we end up using them to name our dogs.

But other times when we adopt our future pet for the first time the name just comes to us. Whether that be because of the coloring of the dog, a special unique characteristic it posses that makes it stand out, or something that it does to cause a thought to come to your mind-followed by a name.

Dogs are always there for us when we need them and a name means more then a lot of people know. Names do not get enough credit nor do the meaning of names; their origin. It may take an owner awhile to come up with or to think of the perfect name but in the end you will know when the time comes what to name your forever-friend: the Australian Shepherd.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Which of these Australian Shepherd names is your favorite? If you decide to use one from the list above, please let us know which one and why you decided to use it!

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