• Dog Halloween Costume Ideas
    Fun & Games

    10 Quick DIY Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

    Need some quick and easy dog Halloween costume ideas, we got you covered! Here are 10 DIY costumes that won’t break the bank. This way they can look just as stylish when they go trick or treating with you! Most of these costumes use items you can find around the house, but some may require you to take a quick trip to the craft store, or just a dollar store. 1. Gangster Dog This is one of the really easy DIY dog Halloween costume ideas and it’s so cute and funny. This will make your furry friend look like the coolest pooch on the block. Materials Needed: Hat or bandanna…

  • Shave German Shepherd
    Health & Nutrition

    7 Reasons Not To Shave Your German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd has a heavy, thick double coat that keeps them warm in the winter. Unfortunately there is a common misconception that their coat makes them hotter when summer rolls around. While some people think that shaving your German Shepherd will solve all their problems, it won’t. You should really never shave your German Shepherd. There are many reasons to this so let’s get into the article. The only time it’s really acceptable is for any sort of injury or surgery. We will also have alternatives to keep your shepherd cool during summer towards the end of the article. 1. Shaving Them In The Summer Will Only Make Them…

  • German Shepherd Leash Pulling

    German Shepherd Leash Pulling – 7 Tips To Stop It

    German Shepherds are pretty large dogs and so strong that they can drag people down while taking walks. This is not just embarrassing if someone is around, but is also painful. Not only does it hurt you but also your dog, when they pull so hard they can choke and gag. Dogs are always so eager to smell new things and meet new people and dogs but it’s much easier to walk them when you don’t have to keep tugging them back. This article will feature 7 tips to stop German Shepherd leash pulling which will hopefully help get them to walk by your side and not go ahead. First…

  • Difference Between King Shepherd And German Shepherd VS

    Difference Between King Shepherd And German Shepherd?

    There have been lots of discussions on how King Shepherds are any different from German Shepherds. Yes, they do have strong resemblance to German Shepherds, as the two main breeds they were bred by were German Shepherds and Shiloh Shepherds along with others like the Alaskan Malamute, Belgian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Leonberger, and Akita. Yet there is much more to the breed specifically. So what is the difference between the King Shepherd and German Shepherd? The main difference between King Shepherd and German Shepherd is size and appearance. King Shepherds look a lot bigger and stand up to 3 inches taller than German Shepherd. They can weigh up to 150…

  • How To Train Your German Shepherd To Be A Guard Dog

    How To Train Your German Shepherd To Be a Guard Dog In 5 Steps

    German Shepherd Dogs are now bred more for guarding than herding, what they started off being bred for. They are now one of the main dogs we use for jobs like police, military, and search and rescue. This is due to all of their keen senses. GSDs can hear about four times further than humans. German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent dogs and guarding the ones they love usually just comes naturally to them. Yet if you want to train your German Shepherd to be a more advanced guard dog here are five steps to teach you how to train your German Shepherd to be a guard dog! Remember through all…

  • How To Know If Your Dog Is Anxious
    Health & Nutrition

    How To Know If Your Dog is Anxious?

    Dog anxiety is a common thing, yet we want to be able to fix it quickly so that our dog can be their healthiest, happiest self. It’s okay if your dog has anxiety, it’s normally an easy solution. Yet if you don’t realize they are feeling anxious to certain things, it can form into a disorder after a long time. Here is a simple article to elaborate on “how to know if your dog is anxious” and the causes, symptoms, and solution. Causes of Anxiety in Your Dog: For shepherds a common reason they get anxiety is from not getting enough exercise or work in. We don’t want to push…

  • German Shepherd and Newborn Baby - How To Prepare

    German Shepherd and Newborn Baby – How To Prepare

    Your German Shepherd is used to being the center of attention around the house, but now everything is going to change. We want to avoid any jealousy your dog may form, which is very likely. Preparing for a new baby is a lot of work already. Yet you need to make sure you prepare your Shepherd too. Lucky for you German Shepherds are already friendly dogs, but are still loyal and protective. Don’t worry after a few weeks your dog will start protecting your baby every second of every day, watching the baby like a hawk, making sure no harm comes to them. You need to make sure you go…

  • 8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You
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    8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You

    We love our dogs and are constantly trying to show them how we love them. Yet how are we supposed to know if our dog loves us back. Believe it or not, our dogs have many secret and surprising ways of telling us they love us without you even knowing. Keep a lookout for these eight signs of their affection! 1. Cuddling After a Meal Number one on the list of ways dogs show they love you is cuddling. Of course cuddling overall is a given sign of affection, but if they come over after eating a meal to lay with you they are saying they really love and care…

  • 1 Year Old German Shepherd Behavior

    1 Year Old German Shepherd Behavior

    We always want our dogs to be happy and healthy. German Shepherds are wonderful dogs. We wouldn’t want anything to affect them negatively while growing up, so here is an article to explain common 1 year old German Shepherd behavior. If you have noticed any drastic differences then you may want to contact a vet, just to make sure everything is alright! Overall Behavior: German shepherds are loyal caring dogs and overall 1 year old German Shepherd behavior can vary. By this age they have probably formed a stronger bond with you. Doesn’t mean they won’t misbehave at times, as they are maturing out of their puppy stage around now.…

  • Easter Ideas For Dogs 5 Fun Activities
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    Easter Ideas For Dogs – 5 Fun Activites

    Everyone loves Easter, when spring is sprung and the egg hunt is on. It’s an exciting time to spend time with the family. Who said dogs aren’t family too? If for some reason you can’t see family for this holiday, it’s no reason to worry. You can still have an enjoyable Easter with your four legged friend(s). Here are five Easter ideas for dogs that include fun activities for you and your pup! 1. Easter Photoshoot! This is number one on the list of Easter ideas for dogs. It is a super fun one you and your dog can do together. You can either take pictures of just your dog…