• How To Discipline A German Shepherd Puppy

    How To Discipline A German Shepherd Puppy?

    You need to learn how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy early on or you might regret it later. Letting your GSD puppy get away with bad behaviors when they are a puppy will carry on with them into adulthood. It is much better to nip them in the bud now so that you have a well-behaved dog later that knows how to act around other people and pets. You want to discipline your German Shepherd puppy by distracting them when they are doing something wrong, redirecting their bad behavior to something more appealing, and then rewarding them for their good behavior. Sounds easy right? Well, each dog is different…

  • German Shepherd Signs Of Affection

    German Shepherd Signs Of Affection

    German Shepherds are known for being highly intelligent, loving and loyal dogs. And although they can be somewhat aloof with strangers, there is no doubt that they have a huge heart for their owner and family. They can express their closeness and devotion to you through lots of different physical expressions. Here is a list of the top ten German Shepherd signs of affection. 1. They Wag Their Tail When They See You This is the first and most obvious tail tell signs that your dog loves you. Most dogs show their owner affection by wagging their tail when they come home. However, there are different tail wags. If your…

  • German Shepherd Heat Cycle
    Health & Nutrition

    German Shepherd Heat Cycle

    The German Shepherd heat cycle is a critical stage in their development that begins when they are an adolescent and continues through adulthood. If you are a first-time owner, it is extremely important to know the ins and outs of this cycle so that you can be prepared. This complete guide will walk you through each stage so that you know what to expect and how to care for your dog during puberty. A female German Shepherd’s heat cycle usually begins when they hit puberty at around 6-12 months old. It normally lasts about 21-28 days. The total process consists of 4 different stages. A GSD will go through approximately…

  • Can German Shepherds Eat Bananas
    Health & Nutrition

    Can German Shepherds Eat Bananas?

    An all-natural diet full of fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep your dog healthy and thriving. However, some fruits are good for your dog and some aren’t. But what about one of America’s favorites? Can German Shepherds eat bananas? Yes, German Shepherds can eat bananas in moderation. Large dog breeds like the GSD can safely consume a half of a banana daily. It is a great alternative to processed or fatty treats. They are high in potassium, fiber, magnesium and lots of other vitamins that benefit the heart and kidneys. Health Benefits of Giving Your German Shepherd Bananas Bananas have several health benefits for your German Shepherd.…

  • Can German Shepherds Live In Hot Weather
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    Can German Shepherds Live In Hot Weather?

    Thinking about moving with your German Shepherd to a location where hot weather is the norm? Before you take the next step, make sure you know exactly what to expect when you live in the heat with your dog. This guide will give you all of the necessary information to prepare you and your pooch for the dog days of summer! Yes, German Shepherds can live in hot weather. They are highly adaptable animals that do well acclimating to any climate. Although they were bred more for the cold, their double-coat of fur serves a dual purpose, and works as a cooling system when it is hot outside. However, that…

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    Do German Shepherds Get Cold?

    German Shepherds are amazing dogs with warm hearts and a propensity to love and protect. But how does that big, fluffy double coat of fur stack up against the frigid weather outdoors? Do German Shepherds get cold? Yes, German Shepherds do get cold just like humans do. However, they can tolerate some extreme temperatures outside. Their thick, dense, double coat of fur allows them to withstand temps that are just below freezing and in the range of 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit. But this doesn’t mean you should leave them outside for long periods. Bring them in right away if they are shaking or shivering! Keep in mind that older less active…

  • How To Make German Shepherd Back Legs Stronger
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    How To Make German Shepherd Back Legs Stronger?

    The German Shepherd has a reputation for having weak hips. Normally, this can be attributed to their sloped back which increases the risk of hip dysplasia. Other conditions such as degenerative myelopathy or osteoarthritis can also play a role. Whatever the case, no one wants to see their beloved GSD struggle with walking or getting around. But fortunately, there are many things you can do to increase the strength in their hind legs. This article will cover some of the best methods for building up some power in the rear. The best way to make German Shepherd back legs stronger is to feed them a proper high-quality diet including supplements,…

  • DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System

    DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System – See Exactly How It Works

    During the Cold War era from 1949 to 1989, a unique system was used to rate DDR German Shepherds in East Germany called the DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System. It was created out of necessity since breeders didn’t have many choices when it came to breeding stock. They wanted to make sure that they picked the best candidate for producing puppies. To accomplish this, the DDR, or Deutsche Demokratische Republik, created a one of a kind system to rate the dogs. What Is The DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System? In English, the word Wertmessziffer translates to “measured value number.” Some DDR GSD enthusiasts believe that this particular rating system is the best…

  • DDR German Shepherd

    DDR German Shepherd – 7 Fascinating Facts About The Breed

    The DDR German Shepherd or East German Shepherd is a beautiful dog with a work horse mentality. Bred meticulously for specific traits like power, athleticism and tracking abilities, these amazing canines have a history that goes back to World War II. There is a lot to learn about this rare version of the GSD aside from their beauty and elegance. Here are 7 fascinating facts about the breed! 1. Their Name Comes From The Cold War The DDR German Shepherd name stands for “Deutsches Demokratische Republik” or German Democratic Republic. In English we know them as East German Shepherds. Their history goes all the way back to the end of…

  • Pros And Cons Of Neutering A German Shepherd
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    Pros And Cons Of Neutering A German Shepherd – Complete Guide

    Neutering a German Shepherd is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. And while there are varying opinions on when exactly you should do it, the common consensus is that it should be done. However, it is up to you to decide for you and your pooch. For this article we compiled a complete list of the pros and cons of neutering a German Shepherd. It includes researched data and proven studies to help you make an informed decision for you and your GSD. Pros Of Neutering A German Shepherd: There are several pros of neutering a German Shepherd which is why only 30% of dogs in…