Best Harness And Leash For German Shepherd
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Best Harness and Leash for German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd is a big powerful dog who’s athleticism and high energy transfers well into several professions. This includes the military and police. Because of their strong nature, they can definitely pull around the inexperienced or younger child on a walk around the neighborhood or park. To make life easier on you and your dog, we recommend a good strong harness and leash. This article will take a look at the best harness and leash for German Shepherd based on average reviews.

Important things to look for when buying the best harness and leash for German Shepherd:

Features: Their are several features and options to consider when purchasing a new harness and leash for your dog.

  • Dual Clip: Some harnesses may only have one clip but two clips can make it easier and more efficient to put on your dog. This could save you precious time before going on that morning or evening walk.
  • No Pull: This is a very popular feature among dog owners that helps curb your dog’s natural instinct to pull on the leash when going for a walk.
  • Padded handle: Some nice soft padding on the handle will make the harness more comfortable for both you and your German Shepherd.
  • Reflective material: Several harnesses and leashes offer special material that reflects to keep your pooch safe on the road or on a night time walk in the city. The material reflects headlights from vehicles on the road.
  • Step In: Some harnesses offer a step in features that could be an advantage. Instead of fastening the harness on your dog, your furry friend will simply step into the harness.
  • Training: Some harnesses and leashes are made specifically to enhance training your German Shepherd. They may be stronger and more durable to withstand more vigorous activities training might involve.
  • Waterproof material: This is a good idea if your doggie loves water and spends a lot of time in the pool or at the lake swimming.

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness Nylon Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

Based on average customer reviews, the Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness Dog Harness is the best harness for your German Shepherd. It is perfect for the adventurous dog but also designed to withstand the vigor of service work such as search and rescue operations.

It features an Eco-Tex liner that is breathable and skin friendly to keep your dog nice and comfortable throughout the day. This harness is all weather proof made from strong and durable German-made nylon. It is break resistant, has freeze-proof buckles and is extremely heavy duty.

The chest strap features a reflective strip that will make your dog easy to spot at night time. It also has a steel D-ring that is very durable and makes it a breeze to quickly put a leash on your dog and get to the park. It is for all large dog breeds and comes in four different color schemes.

Harness Features:

  • Eco-Tex inner liner that is breathable, soft and very comfortable for daily use. The fit of the harness gives the dog full motion to move around without feeling constrained.
  • Handle features different options which allow you to adjust the steel ring or the handle for optimum performance. This is a plus for service dogs and their handlers.
  • No-pull design that is made to specifically help reduce the amount of pulling that your dog does on a walk. Note: This is a training tool and won’t completely stop your dog from pulling on a leash.
  • Purposely designed to benefit working dogs providing them with maximum comfort and the toughness to withstand difficult situations in the service industry. Works in coordination with hook-and-loop patches for the dogs specific job occupation.
  • Reflective chest strap along with side labels that are glow-in-the-dark and can be removed. This will keep your German Shepherd safe during those late night expeditions.
  • Waterproof outside shell that is made in Germany from a durable nylon. It also comes with complete weather-proof buckles that will still function even when frozen.

This is definitely the best high quality all purpose harness for the average German Shepherd or the hard working service German Shepherd. It is the best of both words and very durable for the activity and strength of large dogs.

One customer with a one and a half year old German Shepherd had this to say about the harness:

I have an 80 pound, 1.5 year old, rambunctious German Shepherd that I was not able to walk by myself before I had this harness. He would pull SO hard and choke himself on any other collar or harness I tried. He’s also pulled hard enough to take me to the ground a few times. Today, we (just him and I) went for a walk for the first time since he was a small puppy. This is a miracle harness for someone small who has a hard time controlling their large dog on walks. The harness allowed me to have full control of him, and I never had to fear being pulled to the ground.

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Budget Option Harness:

The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is great if you are on a tight budget but still need a good high quality no-pull dog leash. It is less than half the price of the above harness but still effective. It is not as thick and padded as the Julius Harness but still comfortable with excellent reviews.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness
  1. Attaches at the front of the chest with a martingale loop which prevents any twisting of the leash
  2. Eight different sizes for all breeds
  3. Good training tool for dogs that are learning to walk on a leash
  4. Helps deter pulling of the leash, making walks more enjoyable
  5. Prevents choking or gagging by resting on your dogs chest instead of their throat
  6. Seven different color combinations with highlighted belly strap to help determine placement on dog
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Now it is time to look at the second most important item of the best harness and leash for German Shepherd. To compliment the high quality dog harness you will want a high quality leash to go along with it. Before we reveal the best leash, lets look at some of the things you should look for when buying a new leash.

Things to look for in a dog leash for your German Shepherd:

  • Comfortable handle: A nice soft padded handle is a must when shopping for the best leash. Comfort is a top priority when it comes to long walks or hikes with your dog.
  • Durability: You will want a leash that is made of a strong and durable material such as nylon for the strength and power of a German Shepherd. Obviously dogs love to chew so you will need a leash that can withstand their impressive jaw power.
  • Short Length: A shorter leash will keep your dog close to your side around strangers or people in general. This is good for large dog breeds that are full of energy. It also good for teaching them to heal.
  • Strong clasp: The clasp that connects to the steel ring on your harness needs to be strong and durable. A swiveling clasp is preferable to avoid having to adjust your hand or wrist.

Now that we have looked at some of the important features when it comes to a good leash, let’s take a look at the best leash for your German Shepherd.

Leashboss Padded Handle Short Dog Leash

Leashboss Padded Handle Short Dog Leash With Clasp

Based on customer reviews and overall performance, the Leashboss Padded Handle Short Dog Leash is our pick for the best harness and leash for your German Shepherd.

Designed for large athletic dogs with powerful builds, this leash is very comfortable and provides good control. This leash was specifically designed for larger breeds that have a tendency to pull on their leashes.

The handle loop is thick and padded with neoprene for peak comfort that helps avoid any unwanted chafing or annoying leash burn from long walks. The shortness of the leash keeps your doggie close by in tight situations around other people and the clasp swivels which gives your dog the maneuverability without twisting your hand or wrist.

It should last for several years due to the high quality and durable nylon webbing and super strong metal clasp. Your dog will have a tough time chewing through this leash even with those powerful chompers.

Leash Features:

  • Designed for medium to large dog breeds that are inclined to pull on their leash. This leash gives you the control necessary for the strength of a German Shepherd.
  • Neoprene padded loop makes for a comfortable handle that can help to prevent and chafing or leash burn while walking your dog.
  • Strong heavy duty clasp that swivels to allows your dog to maneuver without twisting your hand or wrist in the process.
  • Two short lengths (1-ft or 1.5-ft) making it easy to keep your dog close by your side. This is great for busy streets or congested areas when your dog’s curiosity may get the better of them. The length is also perfect for teaching your dog to heal.

Can my German Shepherd chew through this leash?

This is a strong high quality leash but as with any leash, it is not indestructible when it comes to the jaw strength of large dogs. Leashboss recommends that you do not leave your dog alone with their leash, especially if they are prone to chewing things.

Purchase the Leashboss Padded Handle Short Dog Leash for your German Shepherd at!

If the Leashboss leash is too short and you need something a little longer, here are our best picks for longer leash options. These are still strong and tough but will give you some extra length for your dog to explore their surroundings a bit more. These are good for the times when it is just you and your doggo and other people aren’t necessarily around.

Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash
Longer Leash Option:

The Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash is a great standard strong dog leash. It comes in two different lengths (4-ft and 6-ft) and four different widths (3/8-in, 5/8-in, 3/4-in and 1-in). It is available in four colors (blue, pink, red and black) and is constructed from a high quality woven nylon and is great for daily walks with your furry friend.

KONG Retractable Explore Reflective Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Leash Option:

The KONG Retractable Explore Reflective Retractable Dog Leash for large dogs is a great leash if you need some length but still want something strong and durable. It is available in three colors (red, blue and gray). It comes with the brake and lock system that gives you control and is nice and comfortable to use on those long afternoon walks.

Things to consider before purchasing a new harness and leash for your dog:

German Shepherd Puppy Chewing On A Leash
  1. Dogs prone to chew: You might need to consider a tougher harness and leash if your dog loves to chew everything in sight. While there isn’t necessarily any “totally” chew proof harnesses or leashes, you can buy something more high quality and made from durable materials.
  2. Service dogs: Certain dog professions such as K9 Training, Police and Military Training, Schutzhund Training, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dogs etc. will require specific types of harnesses and leashes depending on the occupation.
  3. Size and weight of your dog: This will affect what type of harness and leash you buy. You will want something very durable and strong for a large athletic dog with tons of energy like a German Shepherd.

In Closing:

Thank you for reading the best harness and leash for German Shepherd! Obviously there are tons of different options when it comes to finding the right harness and leash for your dog. Do your research and find out what is the best match for your German Shepherd.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

What is your experience with harnesses and leashes for your German Shepherd and do you have any advice for first time buyers?

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