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The Shollie: A Guide to the Mix of Border Collie with German Shepherd

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Looking for a guide to the mix of border collie with German shepherd? We’ve got the answer! Here we have a detailed guide that can help you. Read on.

There are thousands of new dog breeds being created all the time. It can get really confusing. If you’ve ever wondered what you get when you mix a German shepherd and border collie, let’s take a look.

This is a guide to the mix of the border collie with the German shepherd.

A Shollie is what you get when you mix a German shepherd with a border collie. These dogs are really energetic, protective, and loyal. Like German shepherds, they do need a lot of exercises and a healthy diet. Other than dysplasia, they are not vulnerable to diseases.

That was a short discussion. But wait! Below we’ve provided a detailed guide to the Shollie breed.

What Happens If You Mix a German Shepherd with a Border Collie?

No matter what breed, a dog will always be your best friend. Dogs have been loyal and useful to humans for different reasons. That is why we see so many different breeds of dogs all around the world.

Since we first started exploring, dogs have traveled the world with us. As they traveled, dogs were mating with other breeds.

This mix and match have developed new and different breeds of dogs. One such example is Golden Retriever and Poodle mix. If this intrigues your interest, check out welovedoodles to know more about this breed.

Coming back to Shollie, this is produced from the mix of border collie and German shepherd. Both of these are shepherds or working dogs, so as you might expect, Shollies are very energetic dogs.

Some might think it’s wrong to mix two different breeds. But pure-bred dogs can develop genetic disorders. This doesn’t happen as much when you mix breeds. The combination of their genes creates stronger and healthier dogs.

What Is the Height And Weight of a Shollie?

German shepherds are really hard-working dogs. They have the ability to work for long periods of time. That is why shepherds began to use them to guard and herd their sheep.

Border collies are really hard-working as well. They are British dogs, also bred by shepherds. Like German shepherds, they are energetic and loyal.

Since the Shollie is a perfect mix of the two, it has a lot of energy and the desire to work.

If the German shepherd genes are more dominant, the dog will be around 80 to 90 lbs. But if the border collie genes are more dominant, the dog will be around 40 pounds.

As you can see, they can get fairly large, but most are 22 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder.

What Does a Shollie Look Like?

The look of a Shollie will vary since we cannot control which gene will be dominant. But there will be similarities to both breeds.

Many details are hard to predict such as what color their fur will be and how large they will grow to be.

It’s really easy to get cheated if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So try to avoid scams when you are in search of a new puppy.

If the broader collie gene is dominant, it will be a blend of 17 color shades, including black, red, sable, brown, yellow, white, and some blue. But if the German shepherd gene is dominant, it will more likely be black on the top with brown toward the bottom.

If you want to know what characteristics set a Shollie apart, check the points below.

  • They are fairly rare. It might be tough to find one.
  • Their weight will typically get to around 80 to 90 lbs, although this can vary depending on the gender of the dog.
  • Shollies are very trustworthy and affectionate.
  • The level of loyalty comes with a great level of activity as well. Ensure that you have time to spend with your dog. This way the dog will get closer to you.

Are German Shepherd and Border Collie Mixes Aggressive?

Even though German shepherds and border collies are working dogs, they are also natural guardians. They can be very protective when there is a possible threat. This is why German shepherds are often used by the police and military.

But that doesn’t mean that they are naturally aggressive. However, if you are worried about it, you can try neutering or spaying the dogs.

If a dog is aggressive, it’s mainly due to how they were raised. Bad treatment can make a dog aggressive. But in general, German shepherds are really friendly and loyal.

Shollies can be protective as well. And they are extremely loyal.

What Are the Personalities of Shollies?

As we said before, German shepherds and border collies are both protective dogs. So a mix between these two can show some aggressiveness, but they are mostly friendly.

Both German shepherds and border collies are smart and intelligent dogs. They can be easily trained to perform many different tasks. Since both parents are trainable, Shollies tend to be the same way. But do remember, you have to put in the effort to train them. No dog is born knowing the tricks.

Are German Shepherds and Border Collies Healthy?

A healthy life for a dog depends on a lot of things. A healthy diet and good sleep are important. Exercise or playing time is important as well.

But if any of the parents have health issues, they can be passed on to the next generation. German shepherds and border collies are both susceptible to dysplasia.

So if you are buying a puppy from someone, make sure to check the medical reports. Genetically testing the puppy can help you determine if the parents had any diseases.

Do Shollies Require Exercise?

All dogs need some sort of exercise. But dogs like Shollies, who come from very active parents, need a lot of it. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to take your dog to the gym. Just take them out and let them run and play.

Playtime is important for a dog. It helps to build their strength and bone structure and keeps them happy and healthy. Also, if the dog is prone to any diseases, it can help prevent them. So let your dog off-leash whenever you can. Have some fun.

Do Shollies Get Along with Other Dogs?

Many people already have dogs. But for some of us, we never get enough of them. So can your new Shollie puppy get along with your other dogs?

It depends. If your house is full of energy and positivity, Shollies will not have a hard time. However, they do require high maintenance. You need to make sure they get plenty of exercise, otherwise, they could get a bit cranky.

Always remember to prepare your existing dogs for the new puppy. You will want to make sure you take essential steps when you bring a new dog home such as setting up a place to sleep and introducing the other dogs.

Other Key Things About Shollies

Above we have mentioned some of the characteristics of a Shollie. But there are a few other things about Shollies that you should know.

  • Shollies shed a lot. No matter which parent it takes after, there will be a lot of brushing. So be prepared for that.
  • Many ask, are Shollies hypoallergenic? Sadly, they are not suitable for those who have allergies. Shollies like to be outside, so it’ll be tough to keep them in the house.
  • German shepherds and border collies can live up to 17 years. This might make you think that Shollies will live as long as their parents. But actually, they tend to live 10 to 15 years max. That is still a long lifespan for a dog.


It’s interesting to have mixed breeds of dogs and get the best characteristics of both the parents.

We hope that this guide to the mix of border collies with German shepherds has given you all the info you need about the breed’s personality, looks, and other things that are good to know before you get one.

But no matter what puppy you get, we’re sure you will love it. Because all puppies are adorable.

Have fun with your new Shollie!

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