• Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

    13 Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

    German Shepherd is one of the most popular and hardworking breeds. They are great pet dogs and everybody loves them. And when it comes to picking a job for them, it seems that they are bred for a multitude of jobs. They can be great police dogs or they can help in search and rescue, so we guess there aren’t any tasks too big or too small for them. But, what are some good jobs for German Shepherds at home? How can you keep them busy in the comfort of their homes? Why Give Your German Shepherd A Job At Home? They are a perfect breed for a job around…

  • Are German Shepherds Dangerous

    Are German Shepherds Dangerous? Get The Facts Now!

    German Shepherds are known for their signature look, easy trainability, intelligence, loyalty, and devotion toward their owner or family. Unfortunately, they can sometimes get a bad rap because of their protective nature and reputation as a good guard dog. They can get aggressive when it comes to anyone threatening their pack. But are German Shepherds dangerous? German Shepherds aren’t inherently dangerous animals but they can be aggressive. Like many other breeds, they can and will bite under the right circumstances. It just depends on the situation and how they were raised. GSDs make excellent guard dogs for a reason. They have a tendency to be very protective and territorial. While…

  • Do German Shepherds Drool

    Do German Shepherds Drool?

    If you plan on owning a German Shepherd, there are some common issues that you need to be aware of, like most dogs. For starters, they are sometimes called “German Shedders” because of how much they shed their coat. Additionally, they are also extremely intelligent and need to stay busy and active to avoid boredom and negative behaviors. But what about those slobbery smooches that dogs love to give? Do German Shepherds drool? Yes, German Shepherds do drool like all dog breeds. While they aren’t known as being heavy droolers, they do produce saliva which serves a couple of important purposes. Like humans, its number one function is to help…

  • Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle

    Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle?

    German Shepherds have a reputation for making excellent family pets and are one of the most popular breeds on the planet. But they can also be aggressive which makes them good candidates as guard dogs and police K9s. This leaves a lot of potential owners wondering just how affectionate they really are. Are they detached and reserved or affectionate and loving? And what about hugs? Do German Shepherds like to cuddle? Yes, German Shepherds like to cuddle with their owners to varying degrees. Some are more affectionate and cuddlier than others. But most GSDs are down to snuggle up close to you for a nice belly rub and some one-on-one…

  • Do German Shepherds Have A High Prey Drive

    Do German Shepherds Have A High Prey Drive?

    If you’ve ever owned an outdoor dog, you probably are well familiar with prey drive. Most dogs have an instinctive nature to chase down anything that moves. Obviously, some canines have it more than others. It depends on the history and origins of the breed and where they came from. There are definitely different levels. So where do GSDs fit on that scale? Do German Shepherds have a high prey drive? Yes, German Shepherds have a high prey drive. They have a natural instinct as herding dogs to chase down any animal they think is a threat. This instinct comes from their history of protecting flocks of sheep for shepherds…

  • German Shepherd Intelligence

    German Shepherd Intelligence – 7 Amazing Examples

    Certain animals are known for their intelligence. The German Shepherd is no exception. Aside from being athletic, courageous, fast, loving and loyal, they are also known for their super smarts and ability to be trained. When it comes to their ability to learn and retain information, they are one of the top breeds. This is one of the reasons they are so popular for families, the military, and police. But exactly how smart are they? Find out with this in-depth article that features 7 amazing examples of German Shepherd intelligence! 1. A German Shepherd’s Intelligence Is Equal To A 2.5-Year-Old Child A German Shepherd’s intelligence is on par with a…

  • Do German Shepherds Have Dewclaws

    Do German Shepherds Have Dewclaws?

    Dogs are amazing animals with many cool and fascinating features. Dewclaws are just one of the many interesting facets of a canines physical repertoire. Some dogs have double and some have them on their rear legs. But do all dogs have them? Do German Shepherds have dewclaws? Yes, like all dog breeds, German Shepherds do have dewclaws. They are used as an extra digit, essentially a thumb, for stability and traction when climbing or running. They also help them grab and hold onto objects better. Normally, they only have them in the front although occasionally they will have them on their back legs. These quintessential fifth digits may be small…

  • Male vs Female German Shepherd

    Male vs Female German Shepherd – Battle of the Sexes

    The male or female German Shepherd will make a wonderful pet for any dog lover seeking a large dog breed. Both sexes offer athleticism, beauty, courage, intelligence, loyalty, protection and trainability. However, there are some subtle differences when it comes to personality, size and temperament. Find out which one is right for you in this battle of the sexes! The main difference between the male and female German Shepherd is size. Males are typically 2 inches taller and weigh 15-20 pounds heavier. The male has a more masculine look, can be goofy at times and matures later. The female is more affectionate, cuddly, family oriented and easier to train. Before…

  • How High Can German Shepherds Jump

    How High Can German Shepherds Jump?

    The German Shepherd is known for its intelligence and trainability. But it is also extremely athletic, muscular and powerful. This is what makes the breed such a powerhouse in fields like the military and police. When trained properly, the GSD can scale a wall and jump impressively high. But how high can German Shepherds jump? The average German Shepherd dog can jump 4-6 feet high. Their athleticism and powerful hind legs give them the ability to jump higher than most dog breeds. Additionally, given a running start, they can leap even higher when trained for jumping. This supreme athleticism makes them a top choice for many canine sports. If you’ve…

  • German Shepherd Signs Of Affection

    German Shepherd Signs Of Affection

    German Shepherds are known for being highly intelligent, loving and loyal dogs. And although they can be somewhat aloof with strangers, there is no doubt that they have a huge heart for their owner and family. They can express their closeness and devotion to you through lots of different physical expressions. Here is a list of the top ten German Shepherd signs of affection. 1. They Wag Their Tail When They See You This is the first and most obvious tail tell signs that your dog loves you. Most dogs show their owner affection by wagging their tail when they come home. However, there are different tail wags. If your…