• DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System

    DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System – See Exactly How It Works

    During the Cold War era from 1949 to 1989, a unique system was used to rate DDR German Shepherds in East Germany called the DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System. It was created out of necessity since breeders didn’t have many choices when it came to breeding stock. They wanted to make sure that they picked the best candidate for producing puppies. To accomplish this, the DDR, or Deutsche Demokratische Republik, created a one of a kind system to rate the dogs. What Is The DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System? In English, the word Wertmessziffer translates to “measured value number.” Some DDR GSD enthusiasts believe that this particular rating system is the best…

  • DDR German Shepherd

    DDR German Shepherd – 7 Fascinating Facts About The Breed

    The DDR German Shepherd or East German Shepherd is a beautiful dog with a work horse mentality. Bred meticulously for specific traits like power, athleticism and tracking abilities, these amazing canines have a history that goes back to World War II. There is a lot to learn about this rare version of the GSD aside from their beauty and elegance. Here are 7 fascinating facts about the breed! 1. Their Name Comes From The Cold War The DDR German Shepherd name stands for “Deutsches Demokratische Republik” or German Democratic Republic. In English we know them as East German Shepherds. Their history goes all the way back to the end of…

  • Isabella German Shepherd

    Isabella German Shepherd – Extraordinary And Rare Dog

    Isabella is a royal name dating back to the middle ages. It has a beautiful feminine quality about it that reminds us of romance and nobility. The name means “devoted to God” and originates from the name Elizabeth. Many royals have represented the name including Isabella of France who was referred to as the “She-Wolf” of France. So, what is the Isabella German Shepherd and where does it get the name? This rare version of the GSD is a beautiful and extraordinary specimen that will definitely make you look twice when you see one. What Is The Isabella German Shepherd? The Isabella German Shepherd is a rare color variation of…

  • 7 Month Old German Shepherd

    7 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 7 month old German Shepherd is a month into its adolescence or “teenager” stage of development. The adorable, cute, fuzzy little furball, puppy days are over and your GSD now carries a lot more weight around the house. Their hormones will be fluctuating and they may attempt to disobey or get a little aggressive as they try to assert their dominance. Overall Behavior: A 7 months old, they are still big puppies but things could start to get a little dicey. Similar to the “terrible twos” with human babies, dogs that are around 6-7 months old may go through a rough patch regarding their behavior. In fact, your cute,…

  • 6 Month Old German Shepherd

    6 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 6 month old German Shepherd is now out of the juvenile growth stage and is officially an adolescent. They are half way to adulthood and their equivalent to a “teenage stage” will start to surface. You will need patience now more than ever as these big fur balls show their true colors and try to see exactly how much they can get away with. Overall Behavior: At 6 months old, they are still big kids with plenty of youth and enthusiasm to go around. But watch out because they are still quite the trouble makers at this age. However, hopefully by now some of biting, chewing, and jumping has…

  • Red Sable German Shepherd

    Red Sable German Shepherd – Everything You Need To Know

    There is a ton of interest surrounding the Red Sable German Shepherd and for good reason. This specific coat color and pattern makes for an illustrious and stunning wolf-like GSD that will definitely make you look twice. Although not the rarest of the sable color patterns, you probably won’t see one anytime soon. A lot of breeders don’t sell them because it is very hard to predict specific colorations. However, you can find them on occasion with a few select breeders. This article will take a look at the pattern and tell you everything you need to know! What Is A Red Sable German Shepherd? A Red Sable German Shepherd…

  • Adopting-Retired-Police-Dog

    Adopting A Retired Police Dog – Exclusive Interview With Mission K9

    Police dogs play an extremely important role in law enforcement. They are used to apprehend criminals, detect drugs or explosive, patrol areas, and search for survivors when tragedy strikes. These special canines are utilized all over the world because of their courage, perseverance, and loyalty to their handlers. Unfortunately many of them are injured in the line of duty or become to old or sick to continue working. This is where Mission K9 Rescue steps in to help. Bob Bryant, the co-founder, and his organization have been rescuing contract, military, and police dogs for close to ten years. They also help connect working dogs with their original handlers. We recently…

  • Hairless German Shepherd

    Hairless German Shepherd Apollo – Exclusive Interview With His Owner

    It is very rare that a German Shepherd is born completely without hair. But back in 2019, two amazing GSDs showed up at the local shelter in NC totally hairless. At first the employees at the shelter thought the hair loss was simply the result of abandonment or neglect. But the story evolved and it turned out they were quite the anomaly. This is the story of those two amazing dogs including an interview with Tyler Poe, the owner of Apollo, the hairless German Shepherd. The Story Behind The Hairless German Shepherd Puppies: Although extremely rare in German Shepherds, Alopecia can cause a GSD to be born without hair. Such…

  • German Shepherd Brain

    5 German Shepherd Brain Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

    The German Shepherd is known for its supreme intelligence and high trainability in the dog world. Therefore, there is a curiosity surrounding the German Shepherd brain and how it compares to other dog breeds and even humans. This article takes a look inside the mind of one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, giving you 5 amazing facts most dog lovers would love to know. 1. The German Shepherd’s Intelligence Equals A Human Child’s The German Shepherd is extremely intelligent and one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. In fact, their intelligence is equal to that of a 2.5 year old child. This is according to…

  • How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost

    How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost? Simple Price Chart

    Dogs are not cheap. And the German Shepherd is no exception to the rule. As a matter of fact, they will even cost more than your average small to medium size dog because their large size means more food and possibly more health issues. It is important to know all of the costs before you decide to purchase a GSD pup. This article will breakdown all of the associated costs of owning one of the most intelligent and popular dogs on the planet. The average German Shepherd puppy cost anywhere from $300 from an adoption center or shelter, to upwards of $4500 from a reputable breeder. This wide range depends…