• 4 Month Old German Shepherd

    4 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 4 month old German Shepherd has braved the waters of puppy hood and made its way into the juvenile stage of growth. They are still super cute but starting to outgrow some of those adorable puppy dog looks. They have grown massively since day 1, surpassing the foot mark at the shoulder and almost reaching half of their full adult weight. Overall Behavior: If you’ve ever had teenagers, you can expect some of the same with these little rebels. A 4 month old German Shepherd is two months in to the juvenile stage and may act out daily with some unwanted behavior. Similar to the 3 month mark, you…

  • What To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd

    What To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd – 5 Important Things

    Thinking about adopting or buying one of these amazing dogs? Size is a very important aspect that will definitely affect your decision when it comes to owning one of these amazing Shepherds. It plays an important role when considering things such as health issues, overall costs and living space. It is very smart to weigh these options before making a final decision. Here is a list of what to know before getting a German Shepherd! 1. Health Issues: Health issues are definitely an important factor when it comes to the size of your GSD. Large dog breeds can encounter health issues stemming from their size including hereditary diseases. Here are…

  • Do German Shepherds Talk

    Do German Shepherds Talk? 8 Noises Translated

    German Shepherds are amazing companions and loyal protectors. They also know how to get what they want by talking to you in their own unique language. They aren’t afraid to be vocal and will use their plethora of different sounds to alert you of their needs. From barking at the neighbor’s dog to whimpering for a treat, they are some of the most vocal canines out there. This article will dive into exactly what those noises mean and why they are so talkative. Do German Shepherds Talk? Technically German Shepherds don’t talk with words. But they do communicate by expressing themselves vocally. They will bark, groan, growl, moan, whimper and…

  • 3 Month Old German Shepherd

    3 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 3 month old German Shepherd puppy is still cute but not the tiny little fluff ball it was just a month or two earlier. Its already went through some major changes. At this stage, the juvenile delinquents are almost a foot tall and “pawsibbly” getting into some trouble. Hide your socks and shoes because these little guys will be chewing anything they can get their little paws on. You’re going to need plenty of chew toys, lots of patience and consistent training to keep these guys under control. Here are some helpful tidbits on their behavior and changes along with some care tips to prepare you along the way!…

  • 2 Month Old German Shepherd

    2 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    You will have a hard time finding many things cuter than an adorable, fluffy little 2 month old German Shepherd puppy. With their cute floppy little ears and fuzzy paws, they are a bundle of energy, joy and happiness. At this point they have already made it through some significant changes during their first month of life. But many more stages in development are yet to come. Here are some important behavior and care tips to help you along the way! Overall Behavior: An 8 week old German Shepherd puppy has already reached some significant milestones. They have already navigated the waters of the neonatal stage and are into the…

  • 1 Month Old German Shepherd

    1 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    There is nothing cuter than a little 1 month old German Shepherd puppy. They are new to the world, ready to explore and beaming with life. The cute little fur balls will be the center of attention wherever they go. During their first 4 weeks of life, they will go through some big changes. They are only a pint size version of their big strong and athletic adult future self. But there will be plenty of adventure and tons of tail wagging so be prepared. Overall Behavior: A 4-week-old German Shepherd puppy has made it through the newborn stage of development which is approximately the first two weeks of their…

  • German Shepherd Growth Stages

    German Shepherd Growth Stages – Monthly Size & Weight With Pictures

    The German Shepherd dog’s journey to adulthood is filled with lots of cuddles, love, chewing, biting, scratching and licking. Though they typically only average nine to thirteen years, those years can be very memorable and special to dog and owner. Along the way, there are several German Shepherd growth stages that they will encounter including several fun and exciting breakthroughs. They will go through many different levels of development stacking up in inches and packing on the pounds. German Shepherd Growth Stages: This article will cover in detail, all of the month-to-month growth stages including their size from 1 month old to 3-year-old. It will also include important milestones along…

  • Dark Sable German Shepherd

    Dark Sable German Shepherd – 5 Most Popular Questions Answered

    The Dark Sable German Shepherd is the darker version of the popular Sable color pattern. This particular combination features a dark tan base coat with black tips. This gives their coat that illustrious look that so many people love. This rare coat color is very popular and highly sought after by breeders and dog enthusiasts alike. Here are 5 of the common questions people have regarding this unique and rare pattern. 1. What Are Sable German Shepherds? The sable on a German Shepherd is not actually a color, it is more of a pattern. It simply refers to the tips of the hairs being black while the base of the…

  • General

    10 Questions To Ask The Dog Breeder By Lois Schwarz

    One of the most important things to do before purchasing a German Shepherd is to have a good list of questions to ask the dog breeder. You want to be certain that you are buying your new pup from someone that is reputable and experienced. There are hundreds of GSD breeders in the United States alone. While some are extremely established others that are inexperienced may not have the dog’s best interest at heart. To help potential owners, we reached out to one of the most accomplished dog breeders on the planet. Her name is Lois Schwarz and she has been producing quality pups for over half a decade. She…

  • How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have

    How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have?

    Are you considering breeding GSDs and curious about litter size? Or did Christmas come early, and you are expecting a new pack of precious pups with your pregnant German Shepherd? In both of these cases, people want to know how many puppies can a German Shepherd have? The answer to this question depends on several different factors and can range from one to double digits. How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have? The breed on average has around 4-8 puppies per litter depending on the circumstances. That being said, there have been instances of litters as small as one all the way up to 15 puppies in a single…