• Shave German Shepherd
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    7 Reasons Not To Shave Your German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd has a heavy, thick double coat that keeps them warm in the winter. Unfortunately there is a common misconception that their coat makes them hotter when summer rolls around. While some people think that shaving your German Shepherd will solve all their problems, it won’t. You should really never shave your German Shepherd. There are many reasons to this so let’s get into the article. The only time it’s really acceptable is for any sort of injury or surgery. We will also have alternatives to keep your shepherd cool during summer towards the end of the article. 1. Shaving Them In The Summer Will Only Make Them…

  • Healthy German Shepherd
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    9 Tips For A Healthy German Shepherd – With Studies

    The German Shepherd is adorable, hug-able, lovable and a bundle of fluffy energy. This is all the more reason to give them a long happy healthy life. There are a lot of different things you can do as an owner to increase their lifespan and hopefully decrease the amount of health issues that sometimes plague larger dog breeds. Taking the time to learn about healthy habits may just give you and your furry friend a few more special years to enjoy together. Here are 9 tips for a healthy German Shepherd! 1. Clean Ears: To maintain a healthy German Shepherd, you want to keep those big floppy ears clean. Even…

  • German Shepherd Lifespan - How To Increase It
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    German Shepherd Lifespan – How to Increase it?

    German Shepherds are amazing family pets and wonderful working dogs. Their intelligence and easy trainability has earned them the title of third most popular dog in the U.S. Unfortunately like most dogs, their lifespan isn’t very long compared to humans. However there are plenty of ways that dog owners can increase the life expectancy of their GSD. This article will include some simple tips with proven studies that can help increase your German Shepherd lifespan. Average German Shepherd Lifespan The average German Shepherd lifespan is 10 years. This is similar to other large dog breeds. Life expectancy can range from seven years all the way up to thirteen years depending…

  • German Shepherd Dwarfism Eclipse
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    German Shepherd Dwarfism – Panhypopituitarism

    You may have seen pictures of these cute and cuddly pint size German Shepherds on the internet. While most GSD’s grow to be big strong athletic specimens, German Shepherd Dwarfism causes them to stop growing early on when they are young puppies. Although they look adorable, they aren’t simply miniature versions of this popular breed. They have a disorder that requires treatment and lifespan is much shorter averaging three to four years. German Shepherd dwarfism is a genetic disorder that causes a GSD to retain their puppy look even into adulthood. This condition is inherited and caused by a lack of hormones that are necessary for proper growth. The most…

  • Dogs With Different Colored Eyes
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    Dogs With Different Colored Eyes – Heterochromia

    When we think of dogs we have seen with different colored eyes, the Husky often comes to mind. We imagine them with one blue eye and another brown eye. Though, it is true this is one of the more common breeds to have two different eye colors, there are many others that you may not expect. From Dalmatians to Great Danes; there is always a chance that a dog breed will have this pigment discoloration in their iris. Whether they have odd eyes or not they are all beautiful in their own special way. Dog breeds with different colored eyes There are several breeds of dogs that have different colored…

  • German Shepherd Health Issues
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    German Shepherd Health Issues

    German Shepherds are predisposed to several health issues due to their large size and selective breeding over the past few decades. It is possible that a focus on the aesthetic look of the dog has increased their chances of developing certain conditions. Several studies have been performed to determine the likelihood of the breed developing certain disorders or diseases. Some are more common than others. This article will look at the most common German Shepherd health issues facing these amazing animals. These are the most common German Shepherd health issues facing these dogs today. Use this information to better understand what can happen to your dog and how to prepare…

  • When Do German Shepherds Ears Stand Up
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    When Do German Shepherds Ears Stand Up? Tune In Now

    German Shepherds are well known for their supreme loyalty and intelligence. But they are also known for those big fluffy adorable ears. Although most German Shepherds traditionally have ears that stand up, they aren’t born that way. They are born floppy and normally stand up as they grow. This article will examine many aspects including when they stand up and what to do if they don’t stand up on their own. So when do German Shepherds ears stand up? Most German Shepherds ears will stand up by the age 6 months but this can vary depending on each dog and their individual genetics. Some can stand up as early on…

  • How To Know If Your Dog Is Anxious
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    How To Know If Your Dog is Anxious?

    Dog anxiety is a common thing, yet we want to be able to fix it quickly so that our dog can be their healthiest, happiest self. It’s okay if your dog has anxiety, it’s normally an easy solution. Yet if you don’t realize they are feeling anxious to certain things, it can form into a disorder after a long time. Here is a simple article to elaborate on “how to know if your dog is anxious” and the causes, symptoms, and solution. Causes of Anxiety in Your Dog: For shepherds a common reason they get anxiety is from not getting enough exercise or work in. We don’t want to push…

  • Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot
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    Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot?

    German Shepherds are big fluffy lovable dogs that are great to cuddle and spend time with. Their signature black and brown double coat of fur is thick, dense and easily recognizable. If you have ever owned one of these magnificent animals, then you are no stranger to finding hair all over the house including beds, chairs, sofas and rugs. It comes with the territory and is a small price to pay, for the joy and friendship that comes along with owning a GSD. In this article, we will answer the question “Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot” with an in depth look at their coat and how to prevent so…

  • German Shepherd Diseases - Symptoms and Treatment
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    German Shepherd Diseases – Symptoms and Treatment

    The German Shepherd is a popular dog that makes a wonderful family pet due to their loving and caring nature. They are also a stalwart on the job and a top pick for the police or military workforce. Unfortunately their large size can lead to certain hereditary diseases such as elbow and hip dysplasia. In fact, there are approximately fifty hereditary diseases that a German Shepherd can inherit through their genes. This article will be covering ten of the most common German Shepherd Diseases. It will include symptoms and treatment options for each one. Degenerative Myelopathy Degenerative Myelopathy is common in the realm of German Shepherd diseases, although it does…