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    Are German Shepherds Good Running Partners?

    German Shepherds are amazing dogs that excel in many different areas. Not only do they make great family companions, but they are also extremely athletic and agile dogs. While they may not be able to keep up with a Greyhound, they are no slouches when it comes to speed. But what about when it comes to a nice run or a jog? Are German Shepherds good running partners? Yes, German Shepherds are the perfect companion for someone who loves running. They are smart, loyal and will never leave your side when trained properly, except for that occasional potty break. Due to their herding dog nature, they love to stay busy…

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    Dog Hiking Tips To Protect Your Dog From Predators

    This article will discuss in depth the most effective dog hiking tips to protect your dog from predators in the wild while hiking in the mountains or wilderness. Although German Shepherds are large dogs and can definitely fend for themselves, it is still important that you know exactly what to do if you happen to encounter a dangerous animal on the trail. This guide will cover tons of dog hiking tips as well as the most likely predators that you will encounter on your journey into the wilderness. It will explain what to do if you see one and what is best response if you and your dog happen to…

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    Hiking Tips

    German Shepherd Hiking – 5 Tips To Prepare You

    Looking to take your German Shepherd hiking in the woods or mountains? They make wonderful hiking companions given there highly motivated and energetic nature! These hard working dogs will have no problem keeping up with your pace. They were breed as herding and guard dogs so the intensive nature of a good hike will be right up their alley. It is recommended that a German Shepherd who is three years of age receives at least two hours of exercise daily. A nice hike is a great way to accomplish this while at the same time getting some exercise yourself. However it is smart to prepare for a long hike and…