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    German Shepherd Pug Mix – (Shug) Medium Dog Big Personality

    The German Shepherd Pug Mix is a modern cross between the purebred GSD and the purebred Pug. Also referred to as the “Shug,” it is a medium sized designer dog breed that has more recently become popular along with various other fashionable mixes. It combines the herding dog traits of the GSD with the even-keeled and charismatic temperament of the Pug. To better understand this mix, let’s take a quick look at each breed’s history. Both dogs have some amazing qualities and interesting backgrounds. History Of The German Shepherd: Between the two breeds, the German Shepherd came a couple of centuries later in the late 1800’s. It is a medium…

  • Russian German Shepherd Dog
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    7 Interesting Facts About The Russian German Shepherd

    The Russian German Shepherd or East European Shepherd is a beautiful and majestic dog. It has an imposing demeanor and will definitely make you look twice. This large specimen has a dense thick double coat of fur that is built for the cold European winters. Mostly similar to the traditional GSD, the Russian version does have a few differences. Here are some cool and interesting facts about the breed. 1. It Goes By Several Different Names The Russian German Shepherd goes by several different names. In the United States it is known as the East European Shepherd. This is because of its origin in Russia or Ukraine. The Russian Kynological…

  • Old German Shepherd Dog
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    5 Old German Shepherd Dog Facts That May Surprise You

    The Old German Shepherd dog is a traditional style herding dog that existed in Germany as far back as the 1800’s. Although similar to the modern-day GSD, there are some differences. This is mainly due to the fact that it was bred solely for the purpose of working with Shepherds to herd flocks of sheep. As opposed to performance or show line GSDs. Here are 7 cool facts about these old timers that may surprise you! 1. They Are Known In Europe As “Altdeutsche Schäferhunde” In the country of Europe, they are referred to as Altdeutsche Schäferhunde. In English, this translates to “Old German Shepherd.” At the time, this was…

  • German Shepherd Mixed With Lab
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    German Shepherd Mixed With Lab – The Amazing German Sheprador

    The German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever are two of the most popular dogs on the planet. The GSD is known for its signature black and tan coat, supreme intelligence and loyalty to its owner. The Labrador Retriever is known for its affectionate, laid back and sweet countenance. Both large dog breeds are known for being great companion and family dogs. A German Shepherd mixed with Lab is the best of both worlds. This article will take a look at both breeds and why the combination makes such a great pet! German Shepherd Lab Mix Quick Stats: Breed Popularity: Semi-Popular Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years Group: Herding/Sporting Height: 21.75 – 25.25 inches Weight: 52.5 –…

  • Tatra Shepherd Dog
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    7 Alluring Facts About The Tatra Shepherd Dog

    The Tatra Shepherd dog, or Polski Owczarek Podhalański, is a stunning pure white flock guardian from Southern Poland. The breed is extremely independent and was originally used to protect sheep from predators in the Highlands of Poland. Similar to the Sarplaninac, it is calm, cool and collected around family but can switch into protector mode at the drop of a hat. It is a hard worker but weary of strangers. They are courageous, tough and trustworthy canines that are loyal until the end. 1. It Is An Extremely Rare Dog Breed The Tatra Shepherd dog is a very rare breed with only approximately a few thousand in existence in the…

  • Sarplaninac Dog
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    7 Intriguing Facts About The Sarplaninac Dog

    The Sarplaninac dog is a livestock guardian of epic proportions. This majestic animal is a big, strong, powerful shepherd that has protected sheep in the mountains in Southeast Europe for centuries. Their imposing figure and fearlessness allow them to ward off dangerous predators looking for a meal. They can fend off bears, wolves or bandits when the time comes. They have a calm nature, lots of wisdom and a fierce loyalty to the nomads of the land. The breed is extremely devoted and positive to its flock. Let’s learn some more about this furry defender with some fun and intriguing facts! 1. It Is Named After The Sar Mountains The…

  • Shiloh Shepherd Dog Facts
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    7 Interesting Facts About The Shiloh Shepherd Dog

    The beautiful and regal Shiloh Shepherd dog is a truly stunning canine with a wolf-like appearance. It is a rare breed that shares many qualities and characteristics with the German Shepherd. This breed was specifically engineered and carefully bred to look similar to the GSDs of old with a friendlier temperament and healthier genetics. They are wonderful family pets and excellent around the kiddos. Here are some interesting Shiloh Shepherd dog facts that you may not know! 1. They Are Very Sensitive To Humans The Shiloh Shepherd Dog has a reputation for being extremely sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings. So much so that they are described as being “a…

  • White Swiss Shepherd Dog Snowy
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    7 Neat Facts About The White Swiss Shepherd Dog

    The White Swiss Shepherd aka “Berger Blanc Suisse” is a beautiful pure ivory breed popular in Switzerland. This medium sized herding dog descended from the White Shepherd originally imported into Switzerland. It has roots in Canada, England and the United States. It has a beautiful wolf-like appearance enhanced by its fluffy light double coat of fur. Similar to the GSD, they are easy to train, highly alert and extremely loyal. 1. They Descended From German Shepherds The Berger Blanc Suisse is very similar in appearance and temperament to the German Shepherd. In fact, they share their history. It goes all the way back to the late 1800’s when the first…

  • Majorca Shepherd Dog
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    7 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Majorca Shepherd Dog

    The Majorca Shepherd dog is a rare specimen that most people have probably never seen. It is referred to as the “Ca de Bestiar,” and hails from the Balearic Islands of Spain. This medium sized dog is used to guard sheep and serves as a general all-around farm dog. It is black with white chest markings and comes in two varieties, short hair and long hair. No one knows exactly when the breed first surfaced but its lineage goes way back thousands of years. 1. It’s Not A Labrador Most of us have never had the privilege of spotting a Majorca Shepherd but even if we did, our eyes may…

  • Central Asian Shepherd Dog
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    7 Cool Facts About The Central Asian Shepherd Dog

    The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is an ancient breed that many people have never had the privilege of meeting. Also referred to as the Central Asian “Ovtcharka,” this large Molossoid breed is a livestock guardian that was historically used to protect sheep from predators. In more recent times, they are used by nomadic traders to keep themselves and their precious belongings safe from any threats including bears and wolves. 1. They Are One Of The Oldest Dog Breeds In Existence Although there is much debate over which dog breed is actually the oldest in the world, the Central Asian Shepherd is one of the oldest in existence. According to artifacts…