• Best German Shepherd Shampoo
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    Best German Shepherd Shampoo and Conditioner

    One of the most attractive things about a German Shepherd is their beautiful furry coat. Their thick double coat of fur protects them from the elements. It also regulates temperature during extreme weather. This also means they shed more than a single coated dog. Because of this, their coats need maintenance to avoid matting and tangles. Brushing your dog and bathing them with the best German Shepherd shampoo and conditioner is very important. It will keep their skin looking healthy and encourage their undercoat to shed. Here is out list of the best shampoos and conditioners based on actual German Shepherd owners experiences. Best German Shepherd Shampoo For Dry Itchy…

  • Best Brush For German Shepherd
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    Best Brush For German Shepherd Dogs

    German Shepherds have a lot of amazing qualities. In addition to those big perky ears, their fluffy double coat of fur is a peoples favorite. Unfortunately for owners, this means a lot hair everywhere. This is however a small price to pay for the love and comfort that comes with owning a GSD. German Shepherds shed all year round and blow their coat twice a year for the new seasons. This means to keep those fur balls from flying around, a good brushing with a quality brush or rake is the best way to combat the situation. So what is the best brush for German Shepherd Dogs? We gathered information…

  • Best Dog Treats For German Shepherds Top Five
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    Best Dog Treats For German Shepherds

    If you are a proud owner of the wonder breed of dog known as the German Shepherd then you may find you enjoy rewarding them after a trick or a hard days work. Treats are a great beneficial way to reinforce lessons to produce a positive outcome. They also help you to bond and to form a closer, stronger relationship with your pet. There are plenty of treats to choose from. Here are some of the best dog treats for German Shepherds. 1. Wild Nature Duck & Superfoods Dog Jerky Treats If your German Shepherd enjoys chewing, which I’m guessing he/she does, then this is a good treat to consider.…

  • Best Harness And Leash For German Shepherd
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    Best Harness and Leash for German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd is a big powerful dog who’s athleticism and high energy transfers well into several professions. This includes the military and police. Because of their strong nature, they can definitely pull around the inexperienced or younger child on a walk around the neighborhood or park. To make life easier on you and your dog, we recommend a good strong harness and leash. This article will take a look at the best harness and leash for German Shepherd based on average reviews. Important things to look for when buying the best harness and leash for German Shepherd: Features: Their are several features and options to consider when purchasing a…

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    Best Toys For German Shepherds Puppy, Adult, Senior

    Welcome to the “Best Toys For German Shepherds!” This in depth guide will cover the absolute best toys that you can buy for your young, adult or senior German Shepherd. Toys play such an important role in your dogs life. We want your dog to thrive! Hopefully our list will introduce you to some new and exciting toys that your pup will enjoy for many years to come! Dog toys are extremely beneficial to your dogs health in more ways than one. They provide physical exercise, sharpen mental acuity and a number of other benefits such as stress relief and training. We researched to find the best toys possible for…