• Flying With A German Shepherd

    Flying With A German Shepherd – Complete Air Travel Guide

    Many dog owners want to take their dog along with them when they take a vacation, including on overseas trips. Flying with your German Shepherd dog can be challenging, expensive, and complicated, although it is possible. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about flying with your German Shepherd, including what paperwork you need, preparation tips, and how to book your flight. Important To Know Before Flying with Your German Shepherd Most veterinarians recommend that you don’t fly with a dog unless it’s absolutely essential. Flying can be extremely stressful for your canine companion. The experience takes your dog away from his secure, safe, familiar environment into…

  • Long Car Ride With New Puppy Featured Image

    Long Car Trip With New Puppy – 7 Tips

    So you adopted a new furry little puppy from your local shelter or bought one from a local breeder and now you are planning a long trip. Now the question is: How do you prepare for that long car trip with new puppy? Several things can go wrong on your journey with an energetic little fluff ball. So you need to prepare and make a checklist to ensure things stay under control. This will hopefully help you avoid any accidents on the drive. You definitely don’t want any pee or poop stains on your seats. You also want your dog to remain calm and not get too nervous or scared…

  • Dog Friendly Places To Go

    Dog Friendly Places To Go In The U.S.

    Sick of playing with your dog in the backyard or around the house? Well here are five dog friendly places to go in the U.S., especially during summer, when you have to pay for boarding or for a dog watcher to go on a trip. Not to mention, it can also be difficult to make sure that you are leaving them in safe hands. So why make your dog stay at home? There are many dog friendly vacation spots all over America, including some very unique dog friendly fun locations that you may not have heard about. 1. Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach California First on the list of…