Dog Affiliate Programs

Dog Affiliate Programs – Top 7

Do you have a dog blog and need to find the best dog affiliate programs out there? There are several dog affiliate programs available with many different pay scales and options to consider.

Some offer a percentage of sales while others offer a set amount per new customer. Your choice may depend on the type of blog you have or what type of income you are looking to build in the future.

This list gives you the top 12 best dog affiliate programs on the web. We personally use some of these dog affiliate programs on Shepherds’ Bone.

Chewy Affiliate Program

Chewy Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $15.00 per customer
Duration of Cookie: 15 days is an online pet store that sells a wide array of products for most pets including birds, bunnies, cats, dogs, fish and more!

Chewy is our top choice of Dog Affiliate Programs. It is unique in that, you make $15 per new customer that you send to their program. This is departure from the normal “percentage of each sale” that most affiliate programs offer.

However $15 up front is a nice chunk of change to get right at the beginning. You may have to wait longer with other programs to hit that mark even though they may pay out more in the long run.

They have excellent customer service and are very popular with dog owners. I personally know several people in my neighborhood who use Chewy to order things such as dog food and treats.

Reasons To Join:

  • Big commissions up front: You get a flat $15.00 for every new customer that makes a purchase on the site. Any customer since 2012 is considered “new.”
  • Personal 1:1 support: Their affiliate team is dedicated to helping you drive sales and will answer any questions you have about promoting their products.
  • Over 2,000 brands to promote: They have a huge variety of pet products and tons of dog products to promote on your blog.
  • Routine newsletters: They keep you up to date on new and upcoming products so that you can keep your advertising current. They also offer insights and even article examples for fresh ideas.
  • Two options to join: You may join their affiliate program under two different networks. They use Partnerize, the program I personally use for Shepherds’ Bone, and CJ “Commission Junction.”

Click here to join the Chewy Affiliate Program!

Embark Vet Affiliate Program

Embark Vet Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10% up to, 5% for breed identification kit, 1-2% base for coupon sites
Duration of Cookie: 30 days

Embark Vet is a popular DNA testing service for dogs that will help identify your dog’s breed and reveal any genetic diseases.

Embark Vet is the most accurate way to test your dog’s genetics. Their accurate DNA test will check the ancestry of your dog as well as search for over 200 genetic diseases. They have been featured on The Ellen Show, Today Show and Oprah’s Favorite Things list back in 2018.

Embark Vet DNA test is extremely accurate and test over 350 dog breeds. Results normally take 2 to 4 weeks. It is a great way for dog owners to get a jump on preventing any possible future diseases. Their mission is to end preventable disease in dogs!

I like their affiliate program because it gives dog owners the chance to find out exactly which mix of breeds make up their dog’s genetics. This is especially useful if you have a mixed breed from your local adoption center.

Reasons To join:

  • Receive Up to a 10% Commission: Get up to 10% commission on sales including a 5% commission for the breed identification kit. Coupon sites will receive 1-2% Commission.
  • Deep linking is allowed and encouraged: This means you can link directly to a specific part of the Embark vet website depending on the blog article you are promoting.
  • Dedicated and experienced in House program manager: Plenty of help is available with their in-house affiliate program manager who is there to help you along the way.
  • Banner ads are updated frequently: They keep their ads fresh and updated, constantly adding new ways to promote their program.
  • Coupon sites have LeapFrog/Late Entry commissions: Content affiliates are given priority over other Affiliates in the Stream depending on who clicked first.

Click Here to join the Embark Vet Affiliate Program!

Furbo Dog Camera Affiliate Program

Furbo Dog Camera Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 5% per sale
Duration of Cookie: 30 days

The Furbo Dog Camera was designed specifically for dogs to give owners a way to see and talk to their pets while away or on vacation.

It is recommended by dog trainers and veterinarians because it provides a level of safety for dogs when owners are away from the home. The interactive camera has several really cool features. One is a Dog Activity Alert which lets you know on your mobile device when your dog is active. It also features Cloud Recording to see what your pet was up to when you were out of town. The coolest feature is its ability to toss your dog treats.

The Furbo Dog Camera’s mission is to keep your dog safe and happy even when you’re not home. So far the device has saved over 1000 dogs since its inception. It also a #1 seller on Amazon.

This is a great affiliate because keeping their dogs safe is a number one priority for dog owners. It has very good reviews and a high price tag which means nice commissions.

Reasons To Join:

  1. 5% per sale: It doesn’t sound like a big percentage but the Furbo Dog Camera is expensive. The regular price for the camera is $249.00 which translates to a $12.00 commission for every one sold.
  2. Very high EPC or Earnings Per Click: According to ShareASale, Furbo Dog Camera earns $42.48 for every 100 clicks on your affiliate links. Keep in mind this is an average and you can have periods where you may not get any sales with a few hundred clicks.
  3. 1000+ ShareASale Power Rank: Furbo Dog Camera is a top performing affiliate program with a 1000+ rating under the ShareASale umbrella. This means that it has a proven track record of success.

Click here to join the Furbo Dog Camera Affiliate Program!

Dog Affiliate Programs - KONG BOX

KONG BOX Affliate Program

Commission Rate: $10.00 per sale
Affiliate Referral: 20% on all sales
Duration of Cookie: 60 days

The KONG BOX is an exclusive subscription box from the makers of the popular KONG TOY that delivers new toys and treats to your pup monthly.

Customers begin by creating a special “dog profile” for their furry friend. They then choose the frequency of their box, subscribe and wait for their box of fresh new goodies. The boxes start at $39.95 and ship anywhere in the United States.

Each box includes a KONG classic toy, a KONG training toy, personality toy, KONG treats and a KONG recipe and tip. This is a really neat idea that is becoming more and more popular with companies. This unique idea gives you something different and unusual to promote to your readers who may have seen most of the other affiliates.

Reasons To Join:

  • $10 for every sign up: You make $10.00 per sale on every customer that signs up for KONG BOX. People love their KONG toys so getting sign ups shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • 20% of all affiliate referrals: Unlike most of the other dog affiliate programs mentioned in this article, you will earn 20% of all sales for any affiliate that you send to the program.
  • Very easy to sign up: The sign up process is probably the shortest I have ever experienced. I really like this dog affiliate programs interface. It is very clean and simple.

Click here to join the KONG BOX Affiliate Program!

Trupanion Partner Dog Affiliate Program

Trupanion Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $25.00 per lead
Duration of Cookie: 60 days

Trupanion is one of the top companies providing insurance for cats and dogs.

They save pet owners thousands of dollars in potential vet bills by paying up to 90% with no limits on payouts and the option to have your vet paid directly.

The main reason to choose a program like this is because people love to save money. This is a great selling point and $25 per lead is a great commission. You can promote this program with blog articles explaining how dog owners can save a lot of money on vet bills in the future with pet insurance.

Reasons To Join:

  • Nice commission of $25.00 per qualified lead: This can lead to healthy profits if you promote accurately and consistently in relative niche blog posts.
  • Dedicated program management: They have a team of experts that are there to help you succeed in driving customers and sales to their website.
  • Monthly payments via Impact: Payments are sent out on a monthly basis via there payment system “Impact.”

Click here to join the Trupanion Affiliate Program!

FitBark Pet Affiliate Program

FitBark Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 12% starting
Duration of Cookie: 60 days

FitBark is a popular Dog GPS and Health Tracking Device for all sizes of dogs. It is the smallest and lightest in the world.

The FitBark affiliate program is great for many different types of partnerships including blogs, dog daycares, dog walkers, dog trainers and veterinarians. There are several possibilities for articles including product reviews and top lists to name a few.

This is a good program to promote because dog owners feel more secure knowing that their furry friend is trackable. The FitBark can be used with all popular smart devices including Apple and Android watches. You can see your dog’s health stats right there on your watch.

Reasons To Join:

  • 12% commission on all sales: This is the starting percentage. High volume clients can receive a higher percentage based on traffic.
  • The average order size is $100.00: This translates to a $12.00 commission with the possibility of future sales down the road.
  • Long 60 day cookie life: This means two months of tracking that can eventually lead to a possible sale even if they don’t purchase the FitBark at first.
  • Managed through ShareASale: A popular affiliate software that runs thousands of popular affiliate programs in many different genres.
  • Small commission check threshold: Checks are sent once you reach $50.00 in sales. You don’t have to wait very long to receive your first payday.

Click here to join the FitBark Affiliate Program!

Ollie Dog Affiliate Program

Ollie Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $60.00 per order
Duration of Cookie: 30 days

Ollie is a subscription based dog food company that delivers healthy human-grade dog food that is designed to specifically meet the needs of of your pooch.

Customers submit their dog’s detailed information and Ollie customer tailors a food plan depending on the size and needs of their dog. The cost is based on each dog’s calorie intake with the cheapest plans starting at only $3 a month. The food then shows up straight to your doorstep for a low stress and healthy meal for your dog.

The Ollie Affiliate Program offers a generous CPA model payment structure with up to $60.00 per order. This means with the right promotion you could make some very good money promoting this affiliate on your blog or website.

Reasons To Join:

  • Up to $60.00 per order: Obviously this is one of the main reasons to join. Not many affiliates offer this high of commissions. That being said, keep in mind that is the high end of the totem pole and you will not average that much per sale.
  • Average order value is $100.00: The average order value for customers ordering subscriptions is $100. This means there is a better chance of you making more money.
  • The pet health food market is growing: People love their pets, sometimes more that humans. This means they are serious about keeping their furry friends healthy and living the longest life possible. Add in the fact that they deliver right to your door and you have the combination for success.
  • They use Acceleration Partners: Their affiliate program network is run by Acceleration Partners, the same company that hosts other high profile affiliate programs such as Target, Cricut and CreativeLive. This means that they know what they are doing and you should be able to count on them for timely payments and creative ad designs.
  • They help hungry pups: For every box of healthy dog food sold, Ollie donates a portion of the proceeds to help feed a dog in need.

Click to join the Ollie Affiliate Program!

How to choose which of the dog affiliate programs is right for your blog?

While it may be tempting, don’t necessarily choose one of these dog affiliate programs just because they have the highest payout. You will want to pick a program that fits your blog and the type of content you are producing.

Here are some tips for maximizing one of these dog affiliate programs on your blog:

  1. Write specific articles that cater to the affiliate program you are promoting.
  2. Sprinkle some affiliate links within the body text of your posts without being to aggressive.
  3. Write product reviews to promote specific products. Here is an example of an article promoting the Best Harness And Leash For German Shepherd.
  4. Do your research and find specific affiliate products that will work with your blog.
  5. Experiment and see what works. You may have to tests some different dog affiliate programs to see what converts.

In Closing:

There are thousands of dog affiliate programs out there so do your homework. What works for one person may not work for you. We wish you the best in your journey to having a successful blog!

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

What is your favorite program on the list. Do you have any experience with dog affiliate programs and what converted for you? Let us know! We would love to hear about it!