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German Shepherd Dog Names For Your New Puppy

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Everyone wants the perfect name for their new German Shepherd dog but their are so many names to choose from. Take this short quiz about your personality and find out what to name your pup! The name will match a dog with your interests and likes. Whether you want a sweet name or a cool name. Take this quiz to find out what you get!

Male German Shepherd Dog Names:

Here are some cute names for your boy German Shepherd Dog.

  1. Ajax
  2. Atlas
  3. Apollo
  4. Arrow
  5. Archer
  6. Bailey
  7. Blazer
  8. Bear
  9. Baxter
  10. Blaze
  11. Bandit
  12. Caine
  13. Chief
  14. Charlie
  15. Cash
  16. Casper
  17. Cooper
  18. Dash
  19. DJ
  20. Dexter
  21. Felix
  22. Finn
  23. Farrow
  24. Gizmo
  25. Gus
  26. Ginger
  27. Hank
  28. Iggy
  29. Jupiter
  30. Jax
  31. Jasper
  32. Koda
  33. Loki
  34. Max
  35. Montana
  36. Moose
  37. Russ
  38. Ranger
  39. Rusty
  40. Ryder
  41. Stan
  42. Tank
  43. Tracker
  44. Titan
  45. Twix
  46. Vixon
  47. Winter
  48. Wolfie
  49. Zeke
  50. Zeus

Female German Shepherd Dog Names:

Here are some cute names for your girl German Shepherd Dog.

  1. Astrid
  2. Angel
  3. Annie
  4. Bella
  5. Bixby
  6. Bonnie
  7. Bunny
  8. Candy
  9. Candice
  10. Daisy
  11. Dixie
  12. Evey
  13. Everest
  14. Finley
  15. Flower
  16. Figi
  17. Georgia
  18. Gypsy
  19. Harper
  20. Hazel
  21. Jingle
  22. Kara
  23. Lyla
  24. Lady
  25. Luna
  26. Mya
  27. Misty
  28. Millie
  29. Maggie
  30. Nova
  31. Nala
  32. Oakley
  33. Princess
  34. Peach
  35. Penny
  36. Queen
  37. Quin
  38. Roxy
  39. Raven
  40. River
  41. Rain
  42. Rosie
  43. Ruby
  44. Star
  45. Sadie
  46. Summer
  47. Storm
  48. Trixie
  49. Wind
  50. Zoe

Looking to give your German Shepherd puppy a little social status?

Name them after one of these famous German Shepherd Dogs who left a “bark” on society and therefore changed the dog world forever!

Famous German Shepherd Dog Names:

Their have been many famous animals to hit the movie screens in the past but dogs have a special place in film history with some of the most iconic roles in mainstream movies. Because of this, there are many exciting names to choose from!

Here is a list of five of the most famous German Shepherd Dogs to grace the screen and their stories!

Jean The Vitagraph Dog

Vitagraph Dog

Jean, otherwise known as the “Vitagraph Dog” was a female Dutch Collie who starred in silent films.

Jean was born in 1902 and owned by Laurence Trimble. She was a dog actor and was employed by Vitagraph Studios from 1909 to 1913. She was the very first dog to play a starring role in a major motion picture.

During a trip to New York to do research for an article series at Vitagraph Studios, Trimble convinced Albert E. Smith to let Jean be the star of a special interest story in a New York Magazine. The rest was history.

Film Career:

Jean, the Dutch Collie, starred in her very first short film in 1910 called “Jean and the Calico Doll.” Additionally she starred in a total of twenty one short films throughout her career and was just as popular as her co stars.

She would eventually have six puppies. In 1912 she starred in her very own documentary “Jean and Her Family.”

Jean died at the age of 14 after returning to the United States after a brief stint in England.

Strongheart German Shepherd Dog


His real name was Etzel Von Oeringen but this celebrity German Shepherd was known as “Strongheart and was one of the first dogs to star in major movies.

This strong male German Shepherd came from a private breeder and was born on October 1st, 1917.

He was trained in Berlin, Germany to be a police dog and spent time serving the German Red Cross during the First World War.

Sent to America:

Etzel was sent to America at the age of three because his original owner was stricken by poverty following the war. As a result, he had to give him up to be sold.

He placed third overall in the sixth annual show of the Shepherd Dog Club of America in 1920 and was therefore seen by Laurence Trimble, a Hollywood film director who had owned the very first dog star Jean “The Vitagraph” dog.

Trimble convinced screenwriter Jane Murfin to purchase the dog and the rest was history. He was subsequently renamed Strongheart and was trained and directed by Trimble to star in four adventure movies. He starred in “White Fang” in 1925, for instance.

Because of his fame, popularity in German Shepherds grew after his films. He had several puppies with his female mate, Lady Jule. Because of this, their descendants survive to this day.

He died on June 24th, 1929 at Murfin’s home as a result of a tumor formed after suffering burns on the movie set from accidental contact with a light.

Rin Tin Tin The German Shepherd Dog

Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin is undeniably one of the most recognizable and notable famous celebrity dogs.

In 1918, U.S. Army Corporal Lee Duncan rescued a mother with five puppies from the battlefield and therefore brought them back to his unit. He kept two of the pups and named them Rin Tin Tin and Nanette after a pair of good luck charm dolls “Rintintin” and “Nenette,” which were names sometimes given to American Soldiers. He nicknamed Rin Tin Tin “Rinty.”

In 1922 Rin Tin Tin was entered into his first dog show and was unfortunately injured on the way home. He suffered a broken leg after being struck by a stack of newspapers from a delivery truck. Nevertheless, ten months later Rin Tin Tin would win his first show.

Film Career:

His owner was convinced that he could star in the movies and thus the two searched for their first role. Thereafter he was asked to take the place of a camera shy wolf in his first on screen production and the rest was history.

Rin Tin Tin starred in his first major film in 1923 called “Where the North Begins.” As a result, the film was a giant success which some believe saved Warner Bros. He was very popular and was endorsed by several dog food companies, for instance.

In addition, he starred in a total of twenty nine films during his career before dying at Duncan’s home on August 10th, 1932.

Ace The Bat Hound

Ace the Bat Hound

Ace is a comic book dog featured in the American DC Comic Series “Batman and Robin.”

He was designed by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff and made his debut in Batman issue number ninety two.

In the comic, Ace was a German Shepherd Dog owned by John Wilker. Batman and Robin found the dog after his owner was taken by a band of kidnappers.

Ace was retired from the comic in 1964 along with some other popular characters including Batgirl and Batwoman, for instance.

Ace the Bat Hound would go on to appear in several tv shows and films. Additionally, he was in Lego DC Comics Superheros: The Flash.

Bullet The Wonder Dog

Bullet The Wonder Dog

Bullet The Wonder Dog was a German Shepherd originally given the name “Bullet Von Berge.” Significantly he was featured in one hundred episodes of the Western TV Series “The Roy Rodgers Show” from from 1951 until 1957. The dog was owned by the stars of the show Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans who were married in 1947

The show was action packed and gave Bullet the opportunity to catch many a bad guy during his six season run on the hit show. Whenever Roy and Dale were in trouble for instance, Bullet was the one to come to the rescue even untying his costars to set them free.

Quick Feet:

Surprisingly he was quick enough to keep up with The Show’s horse Trigger during camera shots. If Bullet wasn’t filming the show, he could surely be found at home spending time with his owners.

To the left you can see a picture of Bullet The Wonder Dog shortly after he found some very important papers that went missing. During that episode he also received a special medal and as a result, received the titular title of Deputy Sheriff.

Maximillion The German Shepherd


Maximillion or “Max” for short played a bionic dog on the third season of the hit TV show “Bionic Woman” in 1978.

During the show’s story line, Max survives a laboratory fire and overcomes depression. As a result, his mental fortitude, helped by the show’s star Jaime Sommers, convinces Oscar Goldman that he is the perfect candidate for Bionic Powers.

Concurrently, the experimental procedure equipped him with a bionic jaw and four bionic legs. It cost one million dollars giving Max the name “Maximillion.”

Max had an impressive list of Super Powers thanks to his Bionic implants.

His Powers included the following:

  1. Jaw can bite through rubber, wood and solid steel with 800 pounds of pressure
  2. Legs allow him to run over 90mph
  3. Legs give him the ability to jump over ten feet high and fifteen long
  4. He can fall from high places
  5. He can punch through glass windows and knock down doors
  6. The ability to stop a moving car and bring it back to safety

Max was formally featured in issue number four of “The Bionic Man” comic with a new backstory. He was also in subsequent issues.

Heroic German Shepherd Dog Names:

Overall several German Shepherds took part in heroic acts that left a mark on history. Here are some of the most notorious dog names forever etched into the memory of America. These inspiring names would be perfect for a new German Shepherd Puppy!

1. Appollo

Unquestionably one of the most infamous of the hero dogs is Appollo. One of the first search and rescue teams to reach Ground Zero on 9/11 to search for survivors. He spent 18 hours a day for weeks searching for survivors. As a result, he was awarded the “Dicken Medal.”

2. Bear

This Texas German Shepherd saved his owner Debbie’s life by alerting a nearby Animal Control Officer that Debbie was having a seizure.

3. Bruno

This courageous dog was shot in 2014 while chasing a suspect with a Colorado Police officer. As a result, the officer ended up adopting the German Shepherd.

4. Buddy

Led an Alaska State Trooper to his owner caught in a workshop fire in 2010. The police officer’s GPS stopped working and the dog was able to lead the way.

5. Hansen

Worked for 150 days trying to find survivors from 9/11. Because of this, Hansen and his handler located the body of NYPD Officer John William Perry and Veteran Sgt. Michael Curtin.

6. Jade

This German Shepherd saved the life of an infant known as “Baby Jade” after leading his owner Roger Wilday to the baby someone left inside of a bag in the park bushes.

7. Nemo

He saved the life of his handler by shielding his body after a firefight during the Vietnam War. He also saved other soldiers.

8. Rambo

Saved his owner Jonathan Hardman in 2015 who was struck by lightening while climbing Mt. Bierstadt. His touch provided the means of discharging the electricity from his body and as a result, he survived.

9. Sasha

Saved four year old Argentinian girl Milena from drowning in a neighbors pool in 2013. She left her parents house and wound up jumping into the pool next door. Sasha followed her over and jumped in to hold her up until she could be saved.

10. Trakr

Found the last remaining survivor from 9/11 with his handler James Symington. As a result, he would later collapse and have to return to Canada exhausted from his search efforts. He was undoubtedly a Hero!

In Closing:

We hope this article has given you enough ideas to help you pick the Perfect German Shepherd Puppy Name! We understand that sometimes a name just comes to you but if not give one of these names a try or try our Puppy Name Quiz.

Do you have any great German Shepherd Dog Names that you would like to share with us?

Please comment below and tell us what you got and make sure to visit our other German Shepherd articles so that you can learn more about these amazing dogs!

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