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25 Good Dog Breeds For Kids

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Have you ever wondered what dog breeds will be good for kids? There are many fantastic dog breeds out there for your child. You just have to know where to look. Dogs are a great source of companionship for young kids. They not only show them love and affection but help teach valuable skills such as cooperation and how to be responsible. Depending on the dog species you can find a loyal, playful canine who can become a great addition to your family. Here is our list of good dog breeds for kids and their personality traits.

1. Alaskan Malamute:

Alaskan Malamute

First up on our list of good dog breeds for kids is the beautiful Alaskan Malamute. For families with many children, this dog is a great addition to the “pack”. They are powerful yet gentle animals who enjoy the company of kids. They are up for long amounts of play time and are known for their friendly face and positive outlook.

2. Beagle:


Friendly and cute, these dogs have many wonderful personality traits that are a perfect influence for children. Lonely days are not well suited for these playful animals. They enjoy the company of others and lots of playing. It is true that these pets are cheerful and kind but they can be known for their sharp howling and destructive nature.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog

For those of us who enjoy the company of gentle giants you will love this fun loving dog. They may be big in size but this species is warmhearted and has a gentle nature. For kids who want to teach their pet tricks, the Bernese Mountain dog is the perfect choice. They are intelligent and agile creatures, eager to have a good time.

4. Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frise

With an amiable attitude and good spirit, this dog breed is just right for small children to match their miniature size. One of the bonuses of owning this pet is that they do not shed easily despite their fluffy coat. This makes them perfect for fun-loving families. Though they are playful dogs, it is not hard to see how gentle they truly are.

5. Boston Terrier:

Boston Terrier

If you are someone who lives in a small home or apartment, the Boston Terrier is the perfect dog for you. They love to play games with children and enjoy simple walks around blocks. They adapt to their living space, however small, very easily. This breed is also known as the “American Gentleman”.

6. Boxer

Boxer Dog

With a great work ethic and affectionate personality, these courageous dogs are just what children need to have a good time. They can be often times silly and have been America’s most popular breed for a long time. Alert, and bright they are great companions to have around. For dogs in the working group they certainly love to do their jobs.

7. Brussels Griffon:

Brussels Griffon

Widely known as one of the smallest dog breeds they do not enjoy roughhousing. But if kids considered playing gently they will find they are very loyal and smart pets. Packing more personality then their size may suggest they are careful and watchful.

8. Bulldog:


If your someone who enjoys a laid back lifestyle, this loyal species known as the Bulldog may be a perfect fit for you. Despite their every day walks these cute pups love to sleep. Although they are fine to spend their time indoors a too warm environment could cause them to overheat. But with a healthy lifestyle they are a great friend for a child.

9. Cardigan Welsh Corgi:

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

If you live on a farm, this master piece of the breeder’s art is the one for you. They are perfectly suited for moving cattle and helping out around the farm. With their sweet face and lovable attitude this dog can be a cherished partner even on days of work.

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog breed is sporty and active but is also found to be a very graceful and loving companion. With their small demeanor and friendly personality they are just the right species of dog breed for your child to love. For a dog in the toy group they are tiny and perfect for cuddling. They are known to get along with almost every one they meet.

11. Cocker Spaniel:

Cocker Spaniel

For a dog that is the smallest known in the sporting group they love children. You will find that they have one of the sweetest expressions and super soft ears. Loving activity, this breed likes to take walks and exercise often. Whether they are romping with another dog or kids they love to play. They tend to be non-aggressive and are lively creatures.

12. Collie:


For being ranked as one of the ‘smartest dog breeds’ they certainly live up to this title. They can nearly accomplish any trick you throw at them such as difficult obstacle courses and hard hand shakes. A collie’s loyalty is what makes them such great additions to a family. These playful dogs adore children of all ages.

13. English Setter:

English Setter

This medium sized dog dog has a sweet temper despite it being in the sporting group and loving athletics. Known for their show stopping good looks they are admirable show dogs. They are suited to live in many different terrains including Scotland, Ireland and England as well.

14. French Bulldog:

French Bulldog

Out of all the good dog breeds for kids, these are one of the cutest. Similar to the regular bulldog (as the name suggests) they are quiet yet playful. French Bulldogs are easily on alert and are great watchdogs for kids. Around people but even more so children they are easy-going and low-maintenance. Pups such as this breed are the perfect match for kids due to their small stature and good hearts.

15. Golden Retriever:

Golden Retriever

This retriever is yet another all American favorite. They require lots of physical activity and prove to be quick learners when it comes to tricks or fetching and swimming, as well as running. Overall, these lovable canines will bring you joy and companionship and will prove to be quite silly.

16. Irish Setter:

Irish Setter

Can you imagine having one of these beautiful dogs? With their silky, smooth coats and pretty hues they are total show stoppers. But, as a member of the sporting group they are very athletic. And playing with them is a must. Throwing tennis balls or going for a run is a great idea when it comes to entertaining the Irish Setter. For those who like to work out this dog breed would make the perfect partner. But despite their athletic talent they work well with children and can be gentle and kind.

17. Keeshond:


This spitz dog of medium size is known for their “spectacles” on his foxy face. Children who are fond of playing may enjoy this admirable dog’s company. Fun-loving and adorable this dog makes a great pet to have around when you may be feeling down. As long as he/she is well trained and socialized they can get along with just about anyone.

18. Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever

Species such as the Labrador Retriever are one of the most popular good dog breeds for kids known to man kind. They have been so for centuries in fact which is why they are perfect for children. Labs love all sorts of people from adults to kids. Because of their sweet demeanor they are loved by many. These dogs have very high energy levels, so they are able to match a kid’s own energy. Labs need exercise as much as possible (at least once a day).

19. Newfoundland:


With a dog that can weigh up to 150 pounds, tipping the scale, they may seem intimidating, especially to smaller children. But if you get to know them you may find that they are very patient and are known for their watchful nature. This has earned them the title “nanny”. It is said that a sweet temperament is one of the most important traits (says the breed standard). So if you happen to have the living space, this nice creature could just win you over.

20. Poodle:


Yes, these dogs are the ultimate custom dog and at first glance might seem stuck up. But in reality they are one of the most sweet kindhearted dogs that will show much loyalty towards their masters. These dogs are actually quite sporty and are smart and good at doing many kinds of tricks. Their long legs come in handy when leaping and running which proves in the end that they can keep up with the fastest of children.

21. Pug:


Pugs love resting and eating, just as humans do. Although it is true you have to watch their diets they love to snuggle and get comfortable. Because of the shape of their mouth, they are known to have trouble delivering an aggressive bite. Since this dog is only fifteen pounds they do not need a huge backyard. But they do love having a play date with kids.

22. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier:

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Known to be devoted pets who care for their families deeply they love their playtime. They especially love chasing anything that can move. Wheatens are generally not very aggressive and can get along with most pets and other animals, but most importantly children.

23. Vizsla:


If you and your family are someone who love sporting dogs (such as your standard golden retriever or lab) consider the Vizsla. It is a born pointer that is born to thrive on daily activity and regular exercise. Though they are sensitive at times and can have quite an affectionate nature when they are not “working”, this dog is one that can form a close bond with a child.

24. Weimaraner:


Known as the “gray ghost” these dogs are friendlier then their nick name suggests. Beloved by pet owners and even hunters because of their friendliness and obedience. They enjoy plenty of exercise, along with lots of quality time with their owners.

25. A Mutt:

A Mutt

And last but not least on our list of good dog breeds for kids is the caring and cute mutt. Although, yes, they are not an official breed these dogs still make amazing house hold pets. For dogs that are equal parts adorable and loving they prove to be great companions for kids of all ages.

Why Dogs are Good For Children?

Dog ownership can teach your kid how to be responsible. This will help them better process their feelings and even improve their overall health. It is known that children who grow up with dogs are less likely to develop allergies and even live longer and happier lives. These animals often encourage social trust and friendliness towards one’s neighborhood. To say the least dog breeds such as the ones listed above are good influences and great friends.

Here are some good reasons to get a dog for your child:

Allergen Detection:

Dogs with the proper training have the potential to detect certain life threatening allergens inside your home. This is especially important for children who are hypo-allergic.


A dog can be your best friend. Someone who is always there and who comforts you when you cry. Dogs can often tell when you are upset or happy. They mirror your emotions, letting them know that they are listening and understand. What else could you ask for in a true friend?


Something as simple as a dog’s companionship can help prevent loneliness and help find a sense of belonging. Kids can play with their pets when their friends are too busy doing every day things such as school work or chores. Whenever a child is feeling alone they will always have someone to play with and talk to by their side.

Emotional Development:

Kids will find they feel loved and wanted while in the company of a dog. And a common love for one’s pet can improve the bond between siblings. Pet ownership can be beneficial for a child’s self-esteem. By participating in tasks (pet-orientated), your child can develop self-confidence and a sense of commitment that they hadn’t had before.

Help With Behavior Problems:

Dogs can help treat those that need the extra time and attention. Dogs are trusting creatures who’s loyalty never fails. A dog is someone a child can always count on to be their for them in their time of need. They are always around when people need it the most and are their to listen.

You can speak your thoughts aloud, say things you may not feel comfortable saying in front of people, including family members. In conclusion, Dogs are their when we need them the most. Even if we may not realize it at the time.

Improved Immune System:

A dog can even help your kid develop a strong immune system, which can prevent sickness from occurring. Also, kids who grow up around dogs are less likely to have any sort of allergies.

Improved Skills:

Children can also improve their reading skills by reading aloud to their dog. Unlike some people a dog will be a kind listener who will not interrupt you (hopefully). Dogs are great when it comes to building social skills. While your kid is walking their pet they may find themselves meeting new friends. A dog can teach important values likes trustworthiness and being kind.

Leadership Development:

Your kids will become better caretakers in the end after taking care of their pet. It helps them learn to be responsible. They will learn useful leadership skills which will help them find jobs in the future and will understand how it feels to be the one in charge. Pet ownership can help kids engage more meaningfully with learning.

Overall Health:

Believe it or not a dog’s ownership is deeply connected to a dog’s health. It is widely known that dogs love to play. According to a recent study, a dog’s owner is way more active when their pet is around to motivate them. Kids can also practice skills such as grooming and feeding their dog which helps when they are adults.


Loyal dogs will always stay by your side. They can prevent your kids from certain dangerous or violent situations that may arise when an adult is not around. Your dog can possibly help prevent a bully from taking advantage of your kid.

Reduced Stress:

Some dog breeds can help reduce stress and are good at comforting a child. Whether it is something as simple as a cuddle or a playful interaction with a dog prevents a stressful outlook on life. Dogs have shown to be especially helpful to those children with special needs such as the disabled. But mostly, growing up is just fun when you have a dog around.

Staying Active:

Taking regular walks with your dog may also help keep your child away from their computer screen, occupying them. And at the same time it helps them get exercise and fresh air.

Scientific Reasons why Kids Need a Dog

Good Dog Breeds For Kids Girl With Keeshond

Is your child always asking for a dog? If so you may want to consider getting them one. In fact, there are many scientific reasons dogs are great companions for children. Yes, dogs are very good for kids. It was proven in a study that children with strong bonds with their dogs also have equally strong bonds with their best friends and even parents.

A positive experience with a pet leads to being not only more cooperative but empathic as well. And that a positive experience with parents leads to being close to friends siblings and so forth. The researchers watched how the children had interacted with the dogs. They found those who had more physical contact with their pets had stronger and better relationships with their moms (thought not really with fathers and friends).

“Given that mothers play a bit more of a role as a haven, as the one to go to for comfort, than dad, perhaps that’s why we found that effect,” Kerns says. “The close relationship with the mother might be more of a model for closeness with others, including the dog.” Article – 13 Scientific Reasons To Get A Dog For Your Kid And Family

Lets just say that dogs are great pals to have around. Having a dog by your side is key to developing a kind, beautiful heart.


These are just some of the good dog breeds for kids. But there are many more including German Shepherds. From small to big. Fluffy to smooth. All dogs are the same. They all have loving hearts who care for children deeply and will often do most anything to please them. Their are so many good dog breeds for kids out there. Though some may not seem friendly or gentle deep down they are are gentle giants (despite their size).

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What are your favorite good dog breeds for kids? Did you have a dog growing up? If so what breed was it and what was its name? We would love to hear about your experience

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