Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

13 Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

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German Shepherd is one of the most popular and hardworking breeds. They are great pet dogs and everybody loves them. And when it comes to picking a job for them, it seems that they are bred for a multitude of jobs. They can be great police dogs or they can help in search and rescue, so we guess there aren’t any tasks too big or too small for them. But, what are some good jobs for German Shepherds at home? How can you keep them busy in the comfort of their homes?

Why Give Your German Shepherd A Job At Home?

They are a perfect breed for a job around the house. They are naturally hardworking dogs and you will be amazed by their intelligence and willingness to work. Remember that they are more than a family dog, they are highly intelligent dogs that need activities to do to prevent boredom.

Perfect Jobs For Your German Shepherd At Home!

There are plenty of good jobs to choose from when it comes to entertaining your German Shepherd at home. Just try to give them something that stimulates their brain and gives them plenty of exercise.

Be consistent and try to give them regular jobs around the house at specific times on specific days. Reward them with praise or a treat for a job well done. Over time they will learn that working for you is well worth it!

1. Clean toys

Train your dog to clean his toys after he is finished playing with them. This job is not only cute, but it is also very useful. And helpful for you, as well. You should start by picking a few of his favorite toys and a basket. Tell him to pick a toy and praise him for that. Next, tell him to drop a toy into your hand (which you will quickly open so he drops his own toy inside the basket). Repeat this a few times. Praise your dog for good and hard work!

2. Close the door behind you

Before you teach your German Shepherd to close the door, make sure that he already knows how to ’target’. Target is a little sticker (usually) that you put onto some item around your house and then you teach your dog to touch it. Once when he masters it, it will be much easier for you to teach him jobs around the house. And now, simply place a target on the door, teach him to touch the target with his paw or nose, and reward him in the end. In the end, you will have your own personal doorman.

3. Carry stuff

German Shepherds are great for carrying things around the house for you. The best way to teach him to do it is to find a special bag where you will place items as you walk around the house and let him carry them for you. This simple job is hugely satisfying for your working dog, remember it. Just make sure that things inside a bag are not heavy and that a bag has convenient handles to put in his mouth. He can help, but you need to make sure that things are the right size and weight for him. If you have a puppy, he cannot take a large bag inside of his mouth, right?! You can practice it with your German Shepherd.

4. Turn off lights

One of the first jobs your dog can learn is to turn off the lights around your house. Start with just one light in the house and have him turn it off or on for a little treat. Later move on to two lights, three lights, etc. For the first task, you should pick light switches that have very distinctive clicks so your dog can understand when the job is done. And now, in the end, you won’t have to deal with lights around your home anymore, you will have your friend doing it for you.

5. Fetch keys

To teach your German Shepherd to fetch keys, you first need to teach him what the keys are. This can be taught as an easy trick by luring him with treats towards your keys and saying their name before tossing them over for them to get. Your dog will feel so helpful when he learns this trick and when he helps you to get to your car in a hurry.

6. The cup challenge

This is an amazing game that can be a great job for your German Shepherd. Take three cups and have your dog sit in front of you. Place a tasty snack that he loves under one of these cups and move them around. Ask your dog to pick the right one. If he finds the treat immediately, give him a snack. Some of them can find the right cup right away and some need practice.

7. Pick up mail

Another great way to make your dog feel useful. And needed as well. If you are lazy to pick up your mail, your German Shepherd will run to your mailbox and do it for you. Now you don’t have to worry about forgetting things inside your mailbox, your fluffy friend will always do it for you. One more great thing is that your dog will get lots of love and appreciation from all the family members when they find out that he is taking care of their mail every day.

8. Pull a stroller

One more amazing job for your German Shepherd and super-helpful for you. If you have a baby or a toddler, teach your dog to pull a stroller. With supervision, of course. This will give you some time to do other things or to carry something in your arms. And, at the same time, it will entertain your child. Dogs love children, we all know that.

9. Pull a trolley

As we said, German Shepherds can carry things around, but they cannot take anything heavy. So, why not teach your dog to pull a trolley? When you go to a store and get a lot of groceries for your home, your dog can be your most useful helper. Teach him to follow you to the store (or you can go together in a car) and he will help you carry some things. You won’t ever feel tired after shopping and he will feel more than amazing when you come back home. Always buy him something so he will know how useful he was.

10. Act as a guard dog

German Shepherds can be wonderful guard dogs. This can include barking at those who come to the door or who walk around the perimeter of your house. This way you can train him to spot unwanted visitors and people who are not supposed to be around your home. Remember to train him beforehand on what behavior is acceptable when he is acting as a guard dog. They could live outside without any issues.

11. Deliver newspaper

Just like with your mail, you can teach your German Shepherd to go out and take your newspaper. You can sit and wait for him. This simple job can make him feel useful and the best thing is that he will learn that each and every morning he needs to go out and deliver your newspaper. What else could you ask for? He can bring it to your desk where you will be sitting and waiting to read some news.

12. Take out trash

Another great job for him and useful for you and your family. Have your German Shepherd take out your trash for you. First, he can run alongside you while you are taking out your trash to the garbage dumpster and later he can learn how to do it himself.

You can do the same thing with the laundry inside your home. If you have a lot of laundry to do, you can hire your dog to carry it for you. To master this job, teach your dog how to carry towels and other things inside his mouth. With it in his mouth, he should find a laundry room and drop it off into the laundry basket.

13. Be a babysitter

As we said before, German Shepherds love dogs. And they can be great guard dogs. So, why not teach them to be babysitters as well?! Your dog can be gentle to your baby and take care of her while she is sleeping. He can also be around her while she is teaching herself to crawl around and later while she is making her first steps. You can have confidence in him, for sure. Train him to be there all the time. You can prepare dinner and clean your house while your lovely pet is there babysitting for you.


We gave you a list of jobs you can train your German Shepherd to do at home. Make sure to make it fun for both you and your dog – remember it is not a regular job for them only. Be consistent in your training and do not give up if he is not getting it from the beginning. Give him some time. And also, do not forget to find a job that is a good fit for your dog.

Have fun working with your dog. Teach him new things and watch how satisfied he is when he is helpful around the house. Have trust in him! And remember – work hard, play hard. German Shepherds are a great breed, just find jobs that are the best fit for them.

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