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For centuries humans have had an affinity towards the wild and untamed nature of the wolf. Wolves have been the focus of many fables and stories captivating our imagination. They are also a part of history and the origin of what we now call domesticated dogs. There are stories of American tribes breeding domesticated dogs with wolves and crossbreeding has been going on for thousands of years. In recent years dog and wolf enthusiasts have been on a mission to develop the most wolf like dog that is still domesticated and safe for families.

Several breeders are currently working on developing a new breed of domesticated dog that has the wolf like features that people have grown to love. This article will look at the number one most wolf like dog currently available.

British Lupine Dog

The British Lupine Dog in our opinion is the most wolf like dog in the world. The BLD was developed by breeding several different dog breeds including the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Northern Inuit, Saarloos, Siberian Husky and Utonagan. It It is powerful and athletic with signature wolf like features of the legendary gray wolf but without the aggression and prey drive associated with wolves.

The BLD is a wonderful companion for people with an active home. They are extremely intelligent animals who are playful and for the most part non-guarding. They flourish in an environment with positive interactions and are very susceptible to training.

Most Wolf Like Dog The British Lupine

Quick Stats:

  • Breed Popularity: Rare
  • Life Expectancy: 12 years
  • Height: 22-32 inches
  • Weight: Female – minimum 57 lbs Male – maximum 123 lbs
  • Temperament: Affectionate, intelligent, loyal, playful, trainable with mid level drive
  • Coat colors: White to black with a variety of natural gray and brown blends

History of Wolf Like Dogs and Wolfdogs:

Before we get into the history of wolf like dogs and wolfdogs it is important to know the difference between the two definitions. The British Lupine Dog is a wolf like dog and not a wolfdog.

Wolf Like Dog:

A wolf like dog is a dog that has the looks and features of a wolf but is domesticated and able to behave appropriately around humans and other animals. It should have a confident demeanor around strangers. Although they are not actually real wolves, they are very large and powerful. This means that they will need an owner that has some experience with larger breeds that have lots of energy. Subsequently, they will need a large amount of space at home to roam around and expend their energy.


A wolfdog is an actual hybrid that was developed by breeding a dog with more modern wolf genes. This means that a wolfdog will resemble characteristics and traits of both animals. They are much more intensive to train and will require an experienced handler to make them comfortable around people and to help them adapt to certain situations. Obviously the more wolf genes in the blood, the more typical wolf like behaviors the wolfdog will display.

The breeding of domestic dogs with wild wolves can be traced way back in history. Native tribes in the United States began by developing sled dog breeds which were a mixture of dogs indigenous to the tribes and sled dogs that were brought in for the sledding industry. There were also stories of arctic wolves mating with female sled dogs.

DNA Evidence:

According to new DNA evidence crossbreeding between dogs and wolves has been happening for thousands of years in Europe. They have found the genes of wolves in rural farm land breeds. Consequently they have found the genes of ancient dogs in modern day wolf breeds.

Saarlos Wolfhund

The first systematic crossbreeding between domestic dogs and wolves took place during the beginning of the 20th century. The Saarloos Wolfhund was intentionally developed by crossing a European Wolf with the well known and widely regarded German Shepherd. It was originally considered a gentle and shy animal.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog:

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was another breed developed around the same time by the Czech Police Force. It was considered a high energy working line breed. They created the breed by crossing Carpathian Wolves with working line shepherd dogs.

Breeds in Development:

Several different breeds of wolflike dogs and wolfdogs are currently under development in the United Kingdom in addition to the British Lupine Dog. A lot of these developing breeds can trace a small part of their genealogy to dogs that originated from Edwina Harrison’s kennels during the 1980’s.

Some of the Wolfdog breeds developed:
  • British Timber Dog
  • Northern Inuit
  • Utonagan
Most Wolf Like Dog The British Lupine

British Lupine Dog Temperament:

The British Lupine Dog is an intelligent and friendly breed that loves to play. They have an overall loving, non-guarding temperament making them excellent family dogs in certain household situations.

Their spirited nature and large size makes them better suited for families that don’t have small children. They can suffer from separation anxiety and will not do well with families who work long hours.

BLD’s will excel in a variety of dog sports and will relish in any family activites, especially physical challenges. However, they can also relax when the time comes and enjoy cozying up on the couch for a nice little slumber.


The British Lupine Dog should reach physical maturity at around twelve to eighteen months of age. On the other hand, they will take anywhere between eighteen months and three years to fully mature behaviorally. They can live an average of twelve years with proper care and nutrition.


The BLD has plenty of energy and will need an outlet to release it on a daily basis. Young pups will obviously need more distractions to avoid any destructive behavior that may arise due to boredom. You can designate an area in the house with some toys for them to play when you are gone for short periods. To avoid separation anxiety, doggy daycare may be necessary to keep your house in order and your dog happy.


Like most dogs, the British Lupine Dog will require grooming but for the most part it is minimal. Their outer coat stays pretty smooth for most of the year. However regular grooming will be necessary when they are shedding to prepare for the new season, or moulting. During this time they will shed their thick undercoat so heavy brushing will be required.

Health and Nutrition:

The British Lupine Dog will require considerate amounts of a high quality dog food including fresh meat for protein. Joint supplements are recommended to prevent certain conditions that large dogs are prone to such as elbow and hip dysplasia. Maintaining a healthy diet when your dog is younger is key to the longevity and overall lifestyle of your dog.

Early neutering is recommended for males due to to the exuberant amount of energy they have. This is not recommended for breeders.

Most Wolf Like Dog The British Lupine


BLD’s grow big and strong fast and will need training from the time they are a puppy. They should be exposed to lead training and basic commands such as drop, come, sit and stay from day one. They are strong willed and will not do well with any type of threats. The best method is to use positive reward-based training to teach them discipline and manners.

You should start socialization as early as possible. They should be around other animals, dogs and people at least a few times a week. The best recommendation is to practice calling them back to you on a lead. Their size and demeanor will make this a necessity around other dogs at the park or on a walk.

British Lupine Dog Club (BLDC)

The British Lupine Dog Club follows a strict code of ethics and has a Gold Standard when it comes to the breeding program. Their goal is to safe-guard the natural health and continuity of the domestic dog by reversing any damage that was afflicted through unethical breeding or inbreeding done for the purpose of extremism.

To accomplish this, they mix the elite qualities from a pool of rare bloodlines that are available in the United Kingdom and all over the world. Each dog is measured for several factors including health, temperament and type. They ensure that the dogs are able to live fluently with families and every puppy sent home must be held to certain standards to ensure it’s compatibility with each family.

British Lupine Dog is a registered trademark and breeders must pass inspection by the BLDC to be able to register the name for their dogs. Here is the list of policies and procedures for interested breeders.

The Most Wolf Like Dog on the Big Screen:

The British Lupine Dog has been a success from day one and gotten plenty of attention in the media spotlight. Their list of appearances has continued to grow over the years.

Here are some of their accolades:

  1. Article in “Your Dog” Magazine in 2011
  2. Ad in Times Winter Fashion Editorial
  3. Ad in White Stuff Clothing
  4. Advertisement with Bear Grylls
  5. Music Videos featuring Arlissa, Kyla Grange and Patrick Wolf
  6. “Watermill Wolves” acting team featured in the movie Twilight and TV Show Game of Thrones
  7. Hit Sky TV Series Penny Dreadful
  8. Advertisement for Vogue Magazine

Will The Most Wolf Like Dog Make A Good Family Dog?

Yes, the British Lupine Dog will make a great family companion for the right household. Remember older kids are ine but younger children may be at risk with such a large and powerful animal full of energy. Do your research and visit the premier breeder of The British Lupine Dog at

In Closing:

Thank you for visiting our article on what we believe to be the most wolf like dog on the planet, the British Lupine Dog. It’s wolf like features and friendly temperament make it a great choice for dog and wolf lovers alike!

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Have you or anyone you know ever owned a British Lupine Dog? We would love to hear about your experience with these amazing wolf like dogs!

Photos courtesy of the the British Lupine Dog Founder Natalie Lagstrom.

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