• Can German Shepherds Live In Hot Weather
    Health & Nutrition

    Can German Shepherds Live In Hot Weather?

    Thinking about moving with your German Shepherd to a location where hot weather is the norm? Before you take the next step, make sure you know exactly what to expect when you live in the heat with your dog. This guide will give you all of the necessary information to prepare you and your pooch for the dog days of…

  • Health & Nutrition

    Do German Shepherds Get Cold?

    German Shepherds are amazing dogs with warm hearts and a propensity to love and protect. But how does that big, fluffy double coat of fur stack up against the frigid weather outdoors? Do German Shepherds get cold? Yes, German Shepherds do get cold just like humans do. However, they can tolerate some extreme temperatures outside. Their thick, dense, double coat…

  • How To Make German Shepherd Back Legs Stronger
    Health & Nutrition

    How To Make German Shepherd Back Legs Stronger?

    The German Shepherd has a reputation for having weak hips. Normally, this can be attributed to their sloped back which increases the risk of hip dysplasia. Other conditions such as degenerative myelopathy or osteoarthritis can also play a role. Whatever the case, no one wants to see their beloved GSD struggle with walking or getting around. But fortunately, there are…

  • DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System

    DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System – See Exactly How It Works

    During the Cold War era from 1949 to 1989, a unique system was used to rate DDR German Shepherds in East Germany called the DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System. It was created out of necessity since breeders didn’t have many choices when it came to breeding stock. They wanted to make sure that they picked the best candidate for producing puppies.…

  • DDR German Shepherd

    DDR German Shepherd – 7 Fascinating Facts About The Breed

    The DDR German Shepherd or East German Shepherd is a beautiful dog with a work horse mentality. Bred meticulously for specific traits like power, athleticism and tracking abilities, these amazing canines have a history that goes back to World War II. There is a lot to learn about this rare version of the GSD aside from their beauty and elegance.…

  • Isabella German Shepherd

    Isabella German Shepherd – Extraordinary And Rare Dog

    Isabella is a royal name dating back to the middle ages. It has a beautiful feminine quality about it that reminds us of romance and nobility. The name means “devoted to God” and originates from the name Elizabeth. Many royals have represented the name including Isabella of France who was referred to as the “She-Wolf” of France. So, what is…

  • 7 Month Old German Shepherd

    7 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 7 month old German Shepherd is a month into its adolescence or “teenager” stage of development. The adorable, cute, fuzzy little furball, puppy days are over and your GSD now carries a lot more weight around the house. Their hormones will be fluctuating and they may attempt to disobey or get a little aggressive as they try to assert…