• Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs

    Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs? 5 Pros And Cons

    The German Shepherd is an amazing dog with plenty of noble traits. They are revered for their intelligence, loyalty and high trainability. This makes them extremely popular in several different fields including law enforcement, military, search and rescue, and sniffing out bombs. However, a lot of potential owners want to know: Are German Shepherds good hunting dogs? In this article,…

  • 6 Month Old German Shepherd

    6 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior & Care Tips

    A 6 month old German Shepherd is now out of the juvenile growth stage and is officially an adolescent. They are half way to adulthood and their equivalent to a “teenage stage” will start to surface. You will need patience now more than ever as these big fur balls show their true colors and try to see exactly how much…

  • Red Sable German Shepherd

    Red Sable German Shepherd – Everything You Need To Know

    There is a ton of interest surrounding the Red Sable German Shepherd and for good reason. This specific coat color and pattern makes for an illustrious and stunning wolf-like GSD that will definitely make you look twice. Although not the rarest of the sable color patterns, you probably won’t see one anytime soon. A lot of breeders don’t sell them…

  • Adopting-Retired-Police-Dog

    Adopting A Retired Police Dog – Exclusive Interview With Mission K9

    Police dogs play an extremely important role in law enforcement. They are used to apprehend criminals, detect drugs or explosive, patrol areas, and search for survivors when tragedy strikes. These special canines are utilized all over the world because of their courage, perseverance, and loyalty to their handlers. Unfortunately many of them are injured in the line of duty or…

  • German Shepherd Commands In German

    17 German Shepherd Commands In German – Complete With Audio

    Welcome to our complete list of German Shepherd commands in German. Knowing these is essential for training your dog to be obedient. This list includes beginner, intermediate and advanced commands for your GSD. We will also provide audio files for most of the pronunciations in the German language! There are two main types of commands when training in obedience. You…

  • German Shepherd Brain

    5 German Shepherd Brain Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

    The German Shepherd is known for its supreme intelligence and high trainability in the dog world. Therefore, there is a curiosity surrounding the German Shepherd brain and how it compares to other dog breeds and even humans. This article takes a look inside the mind of one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, giving you 5 amazing facts…