• British Lupine Dog With Founder Natalie Langstrom
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    Interview with Natalie Lagstrom – Founder of the British Lupine Dog

    The amazing wolf like British Lupine Dog is a fascinating modern day breed created to have the legendary looks of the wolf but the temperament of a domestic dog. They are several new versions of wolf like dogs currently being developed but Natalie Lagstrom from BritishLupineDog.co.uk has what we believe to be the most wolf like dog in the world. She has been developing the breed for over ten years and continues to be a leader and an expert in the field of these amazing wolf like dogs. We recently had the opportunity to interview Natalie about the British Lupine Dog and ask her some interesting questions regarding her canine…

  • Most Wolf Like Dog
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    Most Wolf Like Dog In The World

    For centuries humans have had an affinity towards the wild and untamed nature of the wolf. Wolves have been the focus of many fables and stories captivating our imagination. They are also a part of history and the origin of what we now call domesticated dogs. There are stories of American tribes breeding domesticated dogs with wolves and crossbreeding has been going on for thousands of years. In recent years dog and wolf enthusiasts have been on a mission to develop the most wolf like dog that is still domesticated and safe for families. Several breeders are currently working on developing a new breed of domesticated dog that has the…