• Are German Shepherds Dangerous

    Are German Shepherds Dangerous? Get The Facts Now!

    German Shepherds are known for their signature look, easy trainability, intelligence, loyalty, and devotion toward their owner or family. Unfortunately, they can sometimes get a bad rap because of their protective nature and reputation as a good guard dog. They can get aggressive when it comes to anyone threatening their pack. But are German Shepherds dangerous? German Shepherds aren’t inherently dangerous animals but they can be aggressive. Like many other breeds, they can and will bite under the right circumstances. It just depends on the situation and how they were raised. GSDs make excellent guard dogs for a reason. They have a tendency to be very protective and territorial. While…

  • German Shepherd Bite

    German Shepherd Bite Information

    German Shepherds make great family pets. Their big soft cuddly appearance, perky ears, supreme intelligence and easy train-ability make them extremely popular. Originally herding dogs, their versatility and ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously make them top choices on the work force of several occupations. However they sometimes have a reputation of being aggressive and they can be under certain circumstances. The German Shepherd bite is extremely strong and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of their powerful jaws. German Shepherd Bite Force There is a reason that Police Departments and the Military make the German Shepherd one of their top choices for chasing suspects or apprehending…