• German Shepherd Look Alike Dog Breeds

    German Shepherd Look Alike Dog Breeds

    There are many German Shepherd look alike dog breeds. With so many similar looking Shepherd breeds, it can be difficult to sometimes tell which one is which. Out of all the breeds, the GSD probably has the most dog breeds that closely resemble their physical features. This can make it hard for the inexperienced dog owner to know all of the subtle differences. All of them have their own unique look and personalities. Some are better suited for families and some are better suited for experienced dog owners. Here are the top German Shepherd look alike dog breeds. They are ranked on a scale of one to ten from the…

  • Best Guard Dog Breeds

    Best Guard Dog Breeds – Top 12 For Protection

    There are lots of strong dog breeds that are used to guard our homes and families. From German Shepherds to Boxers these pups will do all they can to protect your household and children. But this does not mean they will be rude or harm your family members. They know when to fight and who they must attack or bark at. Dogs are often more intelligent then we give them credit for. And having a guard dog around is just one of the best ways to keep your family feeling safe and happy. Not only will you have a lovable dog and personal friend but a protector and overall great…

  • Calmest Dog Breeds Girl Reading With Golden Retriever

    25 Calmest Dog Breeds

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a dog that you can cuddle with? Someone who you can chill with on the couch while watching your favorite TV show? There are many amazing dog breeds out there that are perfectly suited for hanging out and keeping play time to a minimum. From dachshunds to great bull dogs, they come in all sizes and may surprise you when it comes to how calm they are. They are ideal for families of all ages. These canines are great social companions that will always be there for you when you need a friend or someone who will listen to…

  • Good Dog Breeds For Kids Golden Retriever With Girls

    25 Good Dog Breeds For Kids

    Have you ever wondered what dog breeds will be good for kids? There are many fantastic dog breeds out there for your child. You just have to know where to look. Dogs are a great source of companionship for young kids. They not only show them love and affection but help teach valuable skills such as cooperation and how to be responsible. Depending on the dog species you can find a loyal, playful canine who can become a great addition to your family. Here is our list of good dog breeds for kids and their personality traits. 1. Alaskan Malamute: First up on our list of good dog breeds for…