• Australian Shepherd Growth Stages
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    Australian Shepherd Growth Stages – Monthly Size & Weight With Pictures

    The Australian Shepherds path to maturity will be a whirlwind of biting, chewing, cuddling, snuggling, scratching, licking, jumping, and loving cuddles. While their lifespan is longer than some larger dog breeds, they still only live around 12-15 years. On their journey from puppy to adult, there will be several key Australian Shepherd growth stages with exciting milestones for owner and dog to look forward to. They will make their way through several different levels of development as they grow taller and get heavier month by month. Australian Shepherd Growth Stages: This complete guide will will walk you through all of the growing stages providing you details and neat tidbits from…

  • What To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd

    What To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd – 5 Important Things

    Thinking about adopting or buying one of these amazing dogs? Size is a very important aspect that will definitely affect your decision when it comes to owning one of these amazing Shepherds. It plays an important role when considering things such as health issues, overall costs and living space. It is very smart to weigh these options before making a final decision. Here is a list of what to know before getting a German Shepherd! 1. Health Issues: Health issues are definitely an important factor when it comes to the size of your GSD. Large dog breeds can encounter health issues stemming from their size including hereditary diseases. Here are…

  • German Shepherd Growth Stages

    German Shepherd Growth Stages – Monthly Size & Weight With Pictures

    The German Shepherd dog’s journey to adulthood is filled with lots of cuddles, love, chewing, biting, scratching and licking. Though they typically only average nine to thirteen years, those years can be very memorable and special to dog and owner. Along the way, there are several German Shepherd growth stages that they will encounter including several fun and exciting breakthroughs. They will go through many different levels of development stacking up in inches and packing on the pounds. German Shepherd Growth Stages: This article will cover in detail, all of the month-to-month growth stages including their size from 1 month old to 3-year-old. It will also include important milestones along…

  • How Big Do German Shepherds Get Size Chart
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    How Big Do German Shepherds Get? Male & Female Size Chart

    Most people are familiar with this big and cuddly dog breed. But exactly how big do German Shepherds get? If you are thinking of adopting or buying a German Shepherd, this guide along with size charts for both sexes, will give you a good idea of just how big they are going to get. It will take you from newborn to the time they reach adulthood at 3 years old. From a cute little ball of fur to a big athletic show stopper, these impressive canines are one of the best large dog breeds on the planet. Just make sure you have plenty of room on your couch! German Shepherds…