• Can German Shepherds Swim
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    Can German Shepherds Swim? The Truth About Their Relationship With Water

    Most dog enthusiasts are well aware of the intelligence and trainability of a German Shepherd. But what about their skills in the water? If you are a first time GSD owner, you may be wondering how well they will swim when you take them on their first camping trip on the lake or a trip to a friend’s pool. Are they natural swimmers and exactly how much do the like the water? This guide will answer all of those questions with some fun facts along the way! Can German Shepherds Swim? Yes, the majority of German Shepherds can swim. For the most part, they love the water just like most…

  • Games To Play With German Shepherd
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    Games To Play With German Shepherd When Bored

    Have you and your German shepherd been sitting at home all day, not knowing what to do. Why not make the day fun? Well here are “10 Games To Play With German Shepherd When Bored.” From classic games like fetch and tug a war to creative brain games, this article is full of ideas for you and your German shepherd to try. Here is my list of top ten “Games To Play With German Shepherd” when bored! 1. Fetch Fetch may be a classic, but your dog never gets sick of it. This is why it is number one on our list of “Games To Play With German Shepherd!” German…