• Adopting A German Shepherd

    6 Tips For Adopting A German Shepherd

    German shepherds are a popular dog breed, and it is understandable why. Known for being fiercely loyal and confident but also gentle, these remarkable creatures have captured the hearts of many throughout the years. Their personality and characteristics make them ideal for various households, from having a single owner to a growing family. Choosing to adopt a German shepherd can be an exciting new chapter in a person’s or family’s life. When welcoming a new addition into your home is a momentous moment, it is understandable that there might be a few queries. Many of these queries will likely be focused on their dog’s health. Whether your newly adopted German…

  • How To Choose A German Shepherd Puppy

    How To Choose A German Shepherd Puppy

    One of the most exciting things in life is choosing a new puppy, especially if it is a German Shepherd puppy!  But, did you know that choosing one is not all that easy?  In order to choose the right pup, you should first inform yourself on all there is about the German Shepherd dog breed. This means that you have to be familiar with their personality, temperament, trainability, and breed-specific health issues.  Besides basic knowledge about the breed, you will have to decide where you want to get your puppy from. If you are looking for a show-material German Shepherd, then your best option is to purchase a pup from…

  • National German Shepherd Day

    National German Shepherd Day – 7 Fun Ways To Celebrate

    These days there is a National Day for just about everything. And German Shepherds are no exception. GSD owners are crazy about their dogs and National German Shepherd Day gives them another excuse to celebrate and spoil their pooch! So, when exactly is this day and why was it started? This article tells you why this day is so special and 7 fun ways to celebrate it with your furry friend! What Is National German Shepherd Day? National German Shepherd Day is a holiday celebrated on May 10th of every year to honor one of the most popular and esteemed dog breeds in history. According to their official page, the…

  • Best Dog Beds For German Shepherds
    Product Reviews

    6 Best Dog Beds For German Shepherds – Owner Approved

    German Shepherds are a highly active dog breed. So, a good night’s rest is important for their overall health. However, they also like to bite and chew so a good durable yet comfy dog bed is key. Most GSD owners can tell you, that most beds on the market will simply become chew toys. So, unless you want stuffing strewn all over your house, you need something tough and long-lasting for your pooch! We have put together this list of the best dog beds for German Shepherds period! We researched forums like GermanShepherds.com to see what beds actual GSD owners use and swear by. 1. Best Elevated Dog Bed For…

  • German Shepherd Pet Insurance
    Health & Nutrition

    German Shepherd Pet Insurance: Do I Need it?

    Thinking about getting German Shepherd pet insurance for your new pooch? It might be difficult to think about anything happening to your furry friend, but there’s no way to predict the future. German Shepherds are purebred dogs that have a high risk for some health and genetic conditions like cataracts and hip dysplasia. They’re also considered fairly high energy and can hurt themselves unexpectedly. Not even strong dogs are immune to accidents, and it’s likely your dog will one day have a huge medical expense for one reason or another. German Shepherd Pet Insurance vs Vet Bills: Pet insurance can help offset the costs of caring for your German Shepherd,…

  • German Shepherd Tail Types Positions Problems
    Health & Nutrition

    German Shepherd Tail Types – Positions & Problems Explained

    The German Shepherd’s signature sabre-like tail is just one of the many attributes that makes them so special and appealing. It is big, bushy, long and sometimes curly. But it is there for more than just looks. It helps them balance, move around, and communicate with other animals and people. You can tell a lot about a GSD just from the position of their tail. From the happy wag to the embarrassed tail between the legs, it is a great way to tell how your dog is feeling. So what are the different German Shepherd tail types and what do they all mean? German Shepherd Tail Types: Similar to German…

  • Why Do German Shepherds Tilt Their Head

    Why Do German Shepherds Tilt Their Head?

    There are very few things cuter than a German Shepherd giving you the puppy dog eyes or tilting its head to the side. They are pros at getting what they want and it is hard to resist those precious expressions. But what exactly are they saying with this particular body language? This little nuance can mean lots of different things. This article will break down this cute gesture and help to explain why it happens. So, why do German Shepherds tilt their head. German Shepherds tilt their head to listen better and to let us know they are paying attention. Most of the time it is simply a form of…

  • Long Haired German Shepherd

    Long Haired German Shepherd

    The Long Haired German Shepherd is a beautiful version of the traditional short-haired German Shepherd. Although extremely similar to the classic GSD, there are some slight differences that set them apart. Their long flowing hair can be seen as a positive or a negative depending on the situation. This article will take a look at subtleties between the original short coat and the less sought-after long coat version of the breed. What Is A Long Haired German Shepherd? The Long Haired German Shepherd is basically a fluffier version of the short haired GSD. Its hair is typically an inch or so longer than the short haired version. Referred to as…

  • German Shepherd Worms
    Health & Nutrition

    German Shepherd Worms – 9 Simple Tips For Prevention

    Worms in German Shepherds are pretty natural. But if you fail to take care of them properly, they will cause severe health problems for your pet, leading them to face fatal consequences. As a result, this article presents the best ways to keep your German Shepherd free of worms. It will be helpful if you can identify that your pet has particular infestations. And not only that, but we’ll also discuss the symptoms and provide insights into the most typical parasite types so you can take the appropriate action to treat your pet’s worm issues. So, why wait? Let’s discover the tips for prevention! 1. Keep Your German Shepherd Up…

  • How Often Should You Bathe A German Shepherd
    Health & Nutrition

    How Often Should You Bathe A German Shepherd?

    Like most dogs, German Shepherds aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. But it just depends on each dog’s specific personality. Some dogs stay clean while others love to wallow in the mud on a rainy day. Unfortunately, a dirty GSD will start to stink without a nice bath to clean them up. But how often should you bathe a German Shepherd? You don’t want to bathe them too little or too much! Typically, a German Shepherd should be bathed every 3 months or quarter-yearly for the best results. Of course, this depends on different factors. Some dogs stay clean while others get much dirtier year-round. If your dog is…