• Do German Shepherds Get Along With Other Dogs

    Do German Shepherds Get Along With Other Dogs?

    German Shepherds are undoubtedly some of the most valuable companions a person can have. They’re not just renowned for their skills and abilities as working dogs, but they are also incredibly loyal and loving family dogs.  They tend to get along well with all of their owner’s family members, even children. But what about other dogs? And what about animals, such as cats, birds, or even other species? The answer is yes, German Shepherds can get along very well with other dogs and different animals. However, you as a GSD owner must be prepared and you’ll have to train your dog to coexist with other animals. As a herding dog,…

  • When Do German Shepherds Calm Down

    When Do German Shepherds Calm Down?

    German Shepherds are naturally high-energy canines, and although each dog is an individual in its own right, it will most likely take a while for a young shepherd to calm down.  Some owners note a difference after the two-year mark, with the arrival of sexual maturity, but this would be a generalization and will not necessarily hold for all members of this breed. When Will My German Shepherd Calm Down? The hyperactivity in most large breeds will be linked to the mental maturity level of the individual dog. If a shepherd pup is still immature, chances are it will also be a bit hyperactive.  Mental maturity does not necessarily mirror…

  • Other Shepherd Breeds

    All About The German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix

    Mixed dog breeds have become popular in the US. For example, the black mouth cur and German shepherd are popular breeds in households. Both of them have unique characteristics that make them stand out. A mix of these two dog breeds can give some amazing results. So if you already have one or are considering one to keep as a pet, here is all you need to know about it. Knowing The Parents Of German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix As with any mixed breed, it is vital to know the traits of the parents to determine how exactly the mixed breed would be. For example, a German shepherd black…

  • Border Collie German Shepherd Mix
    Other Shepherd Breeds

    The Shollie: A Guide to the Mix of Border Collie with German Shepherd

    Looking for a guide to the mix of border collie with German shepherd? We’ve got the answer! Here we have a detailed guide that can help you. Read on. There are thousands of new dog breeds being created all the time. It can get really confusing. If you’ve ever wondered what you get when you mix a German shepherd and border collie, let’s take a look. This is a guide to the mix of the border collie with the German shepherd. A Shollie is what you get when you mix a German shepherd with a border collie. These dogs are really energetic, protective, and loyal. Like German shepherds, they do…

  • German Shepherd Bloodlines

    German Shepherd Bloodlines – The Truth About Their Lineage

    There is a lot of history and lineage behind the extraordinary German Shepherd dog. Created back in 1889 by Max von Stephanitz, the GSD has come a long way since its inception. However, along the path to the modern-day version of the breed, there have been many twists and turns. Because of that, 5 separate German Shepherd bloodlines have been formed. Each one has its own unique physical attributes, temperament, and traits. This article will examine each bloodline closely covering the history and what makes each pedigree so special. American German Shepherd Bloodline: The American line is the Americanized version of the classic GSD from Germany. It is bred mainly…

  • Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

    13 Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

    German Shepherd is one of the most popular and hardworking breeds. They are great pet dogs and everybody loves them. And when it comes to picking a job for them, it seems that they are bred for a multitude of jobs. They can be great police dogs or they can help in search and rescue, so we guess there aren’t any tasks too big or too small for them. But, what are some good jobs for German Shepherds at home? How can you keep them busy in the comfort of their homes? Why Give Your German Shepherd A Job At Home? They are a perfect breed for a job around…

  • Feeding A German Shepherd Puppy
    Health & Nutrition

    Feeding A German Shepherd Puppy: How Much & How Often

    Congratulations on receiving a German Shepherd puppy. They are intelligent, playful, and beautiful dogs. But they also have a ravenous appetite. If it’s your first, this guide will come in handy just as the one you used to prepare for welcoming the puppy.  If it’s not your first time (but it’s been a long time), this guide will refresh your memory. Read on and learn what to feed your puppy, how much and how often. But first, a word on the type of dog food to give your puppy.  Give your German Shepherd Puppy Plenty of TLC and High-Quality Feeds Owning a dog comes with its joys and responsibilities. They…

  • Flying With A German Shepherd

    Flying With A German Shepherd – Complete Air Travel Guide

    Many dog owners want to take their dog along with them when they take a vacation, including on overseas trips. Flying with your German Shepherd dog can be challenging, expensive, and complicated, although it is possible. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about flying with your German Shepherd, including what paperwork you need, preparation tips, and how to book your flight. Important To Know Before Flying with Your German Shepherd Most veterinarians recommend that you don’t fly with a dog unless it’s absolutely essential. Flying can be extremely stressful for your canine companion. The experience takes your dog away from his secure, safe, familiar environment into…

  • Are German Shepherds Dangerous

    Are German Shepherds Dangerous? Get The Facts Now!

    German Shepherds are known for their signature look, easy trainability, intelligence, loyalty, and devotion toward their owner or family. Unfortunately, they can sometimes get a bad rap because of their protective nature and reputation as a good guard dog. They can get aggressive when it comes to anyone threatening their pack. But are German Shepherds dangerous? German Shepherds aren’t inherently dangerous animals but they can be aggressive. Like many other breeds, they can and will bite under the right circumstances. It just depends on the situation and how they were raised. GSDs make excellent guard dogs for a reason. They have a tendency to be very protective and territorial. While…

  • German Shepherd Separation Anxiety

    German Shepherd Separation Anxiety – 4 Signs & How To Help

    One of the biggest issues dog owners face is the possibility of their dog developing separation anxiety. German Shepherds are no exception to this, though they are no more or less prone to developing the condition. In fact, it is not well-understood why some dogs develop the disorder while others do not. Part of the difficulty in studying it lies in the fact that it often presents with other medical or behavioural issues. The anxiousness may actually be tied to an underlying medical condition.  Knowing the signs of separation anxiety and understanding its causes can prepare you to deal with the condition if your dog begins to develop symptoms. Catching…