• Australian Shepherd Growth Stages
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    Australian Shepherd Growth Stages – Monthly Size & Weight With Pictures

    The Australian Shepherds path to maturity will be a whirlwind of biting, chewing, cuddling, snuggling, scratching, licking, jumping, and loving cuddles. While their lifespan is longer than some larger dog breeds, they still only live around 12-15 years. On their journey from puppy to adult, there will be several key Australian Shepherd growth stages with exciting milestones for owner and dog to look forward to. They will make their way through several different levels of development as they grow taller and get heavier month by month. Australian Shepherd Growth Stages: This complete guide will will walk you through all of the growing stages providing you details and neat tidbits from…

  • German Shepherd Growth Stages

    German Shepherd Growth Stages – Monthly Size & Weight With Pictures

    The German Shepherd dog’s journey to adulthood is filled with lots of cuddles, love, chewing, biting, scratching and licking. Though they typically only average nine to thirteen years, those years can be very memorable and special to dog and owner. Along the way, there are several German Shepherd growth stages that they will encounter including several fun and exciting breakthroughs. They will go through many different levels of development stacking up in inches and packing on the pounds. German Shepherd Growth Stages: This article will cover in detail, all of the month-to-month growth stages including their size from 1 month old to 3-year-old. It will also include important milestones along…