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    13 Best Jobs For Australian Shepherds

    Australian Shepherds are some of the most adorable dog breeds. They have pleasant personalities and are intelligent, social, and playful. But when talking about Aussies, you could say they are friskier than other breeds. This dog breed could easily spend an entire day playing. They are extremely active and need jobs to stay busy. Why Do Australian Shepherds Need Jobs? Owners should keep them engaged with positive and constructive activities (work). If left without exercise and stimulating activities, your Aussie could get bored. Their high energy and intelligence could translate to destructive behavior and frustrate you.  We are here to help. Below are ideas of jobs and stimulating activities you…

  • Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

    13 Jobs For German Shepherds At Home

    German Shepherd is one of the most popular and hardworking breeds. They are great pet dogs and everybody loves them. And when it comes to picking a job for them, it seems that they are bred for a multitude of jobs. They can be great police dogs or they can help in search and rescue, so we guess there aren’t any tasks too big or too small for them. But, what are some good jobs for German Shepherds at home? How can you keep them busy in the comfort of their homes? Why Give Your German Shepherd A Job At Home? They are a perfect breed for a job around…