• Are German Shepherds Dangerous

    Are German Shepherds Dangerous? Get The Facts Now!

    German Shepherds are known for their signature look, easy trainability, intelligence, loyalty, and devotion toward their owner or family. Unfortunately, they can sometimes get a bad rap because of their protective nature and reputation as a good guard dog. They can get aggressive when it comes to anyone threatening their pack. But are German Shepherds dangerous? German Shepherds aren’t inherently dangerous animals but they can be aggressive. Like many other breeds, they can and will bite under the right circumstances. It just depends on the situation and how they were raised. GSDs make excellent guard dogs for a reason. They have a tendency to be very protective and territorial. While…

  • German Shepherd Personality Traits

    German Shepherd Personality Traits

    The German Shepherd is popular for numerous reasons. Aside from their beautiful furry coats and stunning facial profiles, they are highly sought after for their courage and loyalty. They will protect owner and family from threats or danger at the drop of a hat. They are incredibly intelligent and hard working dogs with a propensity for training. This is why they are employed by so many different types of occupations including the police and military. This article will discuss the top German Shepherd personality traits that make this breed so special. Alert Aloof Confident Brave Friendly Hard Working Intelligent Loyal Obedient Protective 1. Alert 1. a : watchful and prompt…