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    Lick Sleeve Review – Dog Back Leg Protector

    The Lick Sleeve is an amazing product that prevents your dog from excessively licking its wound after an injury or surgery. It has gotten rave reviews from hundreds of customers due to its sleek design and functionality. It is a form fitting fit to size sleeve that eliminates the need for the dreaded “cone of shame” that you’ve probably seen on other dogs. During this product review, we take a look at the design, durability, and functionality of the Lick Sleeve dog back leg protector. Lick Sleeve Shipping and Packaging: The Lick Sleeve was shipped to us in a very timely fashion. It was double boxed to protect the beautiful…

  • Product Reviews

    Best Toys For German Shepherds Puppy, Adult, Senior

    Welcome to the “Best Toys For German Shepherds!” This in depth guide will cover the absolute best toys that you can buy for your young, adult or senior German Shepherd. Toys play such an important role in your dogs life. We want your dog to thrive! Hopefully our list will introduce you to some new and exciting toys that your pup will enjoy for many years to come! Dog toys are extremely beneficial to your dogs health in more ways than one. They provide physical exercise, sharpen mental acuity and a number of other benefits such as stress relief and training. We researched to find the best toys possible for…