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    Wolf Like Dog Breeds – Top 8 Most Popular

    Do you love the stunning appearance of a wolf but want a domesticated version of the popular canine? Then a wolf-like dog breed may be just the thing you are looking for. Since all dogs originally descended from Gray wolves, many dog breeds already portray a wolf-like appearance. Obviously some dog breeds look the part a lot more than others. This article will look at the top 8 wolf-like dog breeds that will give you the best of both worlds. History of the Wolf: Some believe that the first wolf ever to roam the earth was the “dawn-wolf.” It has the appearance of a fox with long legs and could…

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    Most Wolf Like Dog In The World

    For centuries humans have had an affinity towards the wild and untamed nature of the wolf. Wolves have been the focus of many fables and stories captivating our imagination. They are also a part of history and the origin of what we now call domesticated dogs. There are stories of American tribes breeding domesticated dogs with wolves and crossbreeding has been going on for thousands of years. In recent years dog and wolf enthusiasts have been on a mission to develop the most wolf like dog that is still domesticated and safe for families. Several breeders are currently working on developing a new breed of domesticated dog that has the…

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    Blue Bay Shepherd A Beautiful And Rare Breed

    The American Blue Bay Shepherd is a stunningly beautiful dog created by pairing the European German Shepherd and a Wolf Dog. These majestic dogs have a bluish hue to their long black coats. That coupled with the fact that the breeder lives in Palm Bay, lead to their name: Blue Bay Shepherd. The breed is currently in development at Southern Breeze Ranch in Palm Bay, Florida. The founder of the breed, Vicki Spencer has been developing the breed for over twenty years. Her goal is to produce dogs that are wolf-like or (lupine) in appearance. History of the Blue Bay Shepherd It was Vicki’s dream to develop a dog that…