8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You
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8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You

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We love our dogs and are constantly trying to show them how we love them. Yet how are we supposed to know if our dog loves us back. Believe it or not, our dogs have many secret and surprising ways of telling us they love us without you even knowing. Keep a lookout for these eight signs of their affection!

1. Cuddling After a Meal

Number one on the list of ways dogs show they love you is cuddling. Of course cuddling overall is a given sign of affection, but if they come over after eating a meal to lay with you they are saying they really love and care about you.

Food is something we all know dogs love and are attracted to. Yet when dogs get food, they in a sense don’t need us anymore. Meaning when they choose to come back to lay with you after eating their trying to tell you they love you very much.

2. Freaking Out When You Return

Almost every dog does this. It’s just a simple way for them to show you they love you and missed you while you were gone. Dogs are loyal animals and hate being separated from their owners. If your dog does this when you get home pay attention and show them you love them back by petting them and telling them they are a good dog.

3. Leaning Against You

Your dog leaning on you is a way you know they trust you. The reason for this is because dogs lean on someone they trust when anxious or wanting something. They are thinking of you as their protector. They trust you to help them and reassure them. This is a great proof your dog relies on you and believes your watch over them.

4. Lifting and Wiggling Eyebrows

Like humans, facial expressions are also an accurate representation of your dog’s feelings. This is none of the more less obvious ways dogs show they love you.

A study in Japan proves this point. Dogs were put in the company of their owners, strangers, toys, and objects they don’t like. When around things they love, like their owner and toys, their eyebrows raised. Yet mainly their left eyebrow. While when in the presence of strangers and objects they didn’t like, their eyebrows still lifted, yet just mainly their right eyebrow.

It may be a stranger and harder way to notice your dogs love, but if you happen to see them raise their left eyebrow to you, just know they love you!

5. Sleeping In Your Room

Dogs ancestors, wolves, would sleep close to their pack mates, showing a sign of trust and protection. Dogs may be very domesticated now but it’s still very much in their blood.

If your dog chooses to sleep in your room or on your bed instead of anyone else in your family, then you know they have really got to love you. This means that over anyone else, they are loyal and trust you the most.

6. Staring At You

It has been said that when your dog stares at you directly in the eyes they are trying to give you a “hug” or bond. Notice this when you finish playing, cuddling, or just being around each other at all. If they stare at you for a good few seconds, hug them back!

7. Staying Calm While Watching You Leave

If your dog stays calm and controlled whenever you leave the house, this doesn’t mean they don’t love you and won’t miss you. It’s quite the opposite. Dogs who panic when their owners leave get filled with anxiety and worry. They feel as if you are never coming back. Yet dogs who stay calm when their owners leave know that their owners will come back soon because they trust and love them.

8. Yawning When You Yawn

Yawning is a contagious thing believe it or not. Studies have been run to prove that when someone yawns after another it’s because they have empathy for the person they saw yawning causing their body to yawn also. Same can go for dogs. When they see you yawn, the strong connection y’all have together causes your dog to yawn too. This is another great way of knowing your dog loves you!

Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them In a Way They Understand:

I know that we love our dogs a lot and tell them that we do a few times every day, if not every hour. Yet are we really showing it?

If you want your dog to know how much you really love them, here are a few ways to let them know you love them! This can help form a stronger, more meaningful bond.

Be a Good Listener

Dogs know when you pay attention to them. When your dog barks or makes other noises to get your attention, acknowledge them and see what they want. This will show them you care and make their trust and love for you rise.

To make sure they know your listening to them, make eye contact, use facial expression, and body language. This can help get a simple point across, that you care.

Ear Rubs

It’s basically science that dogs love when they get ear rubs. The reason for this is because when you rub a dog’s ears there are nerve endings that send out impulses to your dog’s brain. These impulses release hormones called endorphins. It’s as if these hormones are natural “drugs” or painkillers to the dog, giving the same effect off when dogs feel love.

This explains why dogs will usually lean into your hand or drift off when rubbing their ears. They definitely know you love them and they love you back!

Tell Your Dog You Love Them

Dogs actually can remember words and small sentences so telling your dog that you love them can be just as special. If you tell them this a lot and pet them and give them love at the same time, they will learn the concept. They will know that when you say that you love them.

Training and Positive Reinforcement

Giving positive reinforcement while training your dog to learn new things is leaning towards showing your dog how much you love them. When they succeed give them things to praise them like treats, playtime, and tons of pets.

They will know that you’re the person who gives them the things they love, getting them to love you even more than before.

Make Eye Contact

It’s been proven that making eye contact with people or even dogs releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a type of hormone that creates trust and a bonding feeling. If you hold a strong eye contact for about 30 seconds, this makes a better and stronger emotional bond.

Staring into your dog’s eyes lowers their heart rate and calms them down. It also gives them the sensation of “being hugged.”

In Closing:

Now you know 8 secret ways dogs show they love you and how to return the favor. I hope this strengthens your bond!

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How does your dog show you that they love you? Let us know! We would love to hear about their signs of affection!

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