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    7 Interesting Facts About The Russian German Shepherd

    The Russian German Shepherd or East European Shepherd is a beautiful and majestic dog. It has an imposing demeanor and will definitely make you look twice. This large specimen has a dense thick double coat of fur that is built for the cold European winters. Mostly similar to the traditional GSD, the Russian version does have a few differences. Here are some cool and interesting facts about the breed. 1. It Goes By Several Different Names The Russian German Shepherd goes by several different names. In the United States it is known as the East European Shepherd. This is because of its origin in Russia or Ukraine. The Russian Kynological…

  • What To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd

    What To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd – 5 Important Things

    Thinking about adopting or buying one of these amazing dogs? Size is a very important aspect that will definitely affect your decision when it comes to owning one of these amazing Shepherds. It plays an important role when considering things such as health issues, overall costs and living space. It is very smart to weigh these options before making a final decision. Here is a list of what to know before getting a German Shepherd! 1. Health Issues: Health issues are definitely an important factor when it comes to the size of your GSD. Large dog breeds can encounter health issues stemming from their size including hereditary diseases. Here are…

  • Shiloh Shepherd Dog Facts
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    7 Interesting Facts About The Shiloh Shepherd Dog

    The beautiful and regal Shiloh Shepherd dog is a truly stunning canine with a wolf-like appearance. It is a rare breed that shares many qualities and characteristics with the German Shepherd. This breed was specifically engineered and carefully bred to look similar to the GSDs of old with a friendlier temperament and healthier genetics. They are wonderful family pets and excellent around the kiddos. Here are some interesting Shiloh Shepherd dog facts that you may not know! 1. They Are Very Sensitive To Humans The Shiloh Shepherd Dog has a reputation for being extremely sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings. So much so that they are described as being “a…

  • Things To Know About German Shepherds

    5 Things To Know About German Shepherds

    Looking for important and interesting things to know about German Shepherds? GSD’s are wonderful dogs with many extraordinary attributes. They are extremely smart and intelligent animals with tons of energy and personality. This is why they are so loved by families all over the world. There are several cool and interesting facts about these dogs that maybe you haven’t heard. This article will discuss in detail 5 important things to know about German Shepherds. 1. The German Shepherd’s official name was the “Alsatian Wolf Dog” for a period of five decades Here is one of the first interesting things to know about the German Shepherds. It is named after Deutscher…