• Can German Shepherds Swim
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    Can German Shepherds Swim? The Truth About Their Relationship With Water

    Most dog enthusiasts are well aware of the intelligence and trainability of a German Shepherd. But what about their skills in the water? If you are a first time GSD owner, you may be wondering how well they will swim when you take them on their first camping trip on the lake or a trip to a friend’s pool. Are they natural swimmers and exactly how much do the like the water? This guide will answer all of those questions with some fun facts along the way! Can German Shepherds Swim? Yes, the majority of German Shepherds can swim. For the most part, they love the water just like most…

  • Dog Halloween Costume Ideas
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    10 Quick DIY Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

    Need some quick and easy dog Halloween costume ideas, we got you covered! Here are 10 DIY costumes that won’t break the bank. This way they can look just as stylish when they go trick or treating with you! Most of these costumes use items you can find around the house, but some may require you to take a quick trip to the craft store, or just a dollar store. 1. Gangster Dog This is one of the really easy DIY dog Halloween costume ideas and it’s so cute and funny. This will make your furry friend look like the coolest pooch on the block. Materials Needed: Hat or bandanna…

  • Australian Shepherd Names 50+ Male And Female
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    Australian Shepherd Names – 50+ Male and Female

    If you are planning on getting an Australian Shepherd anytime soon then you won’t find yourself disappointed. This amazing dog breed is a true beauty and a fun-loving pet to have around and to love. There are so many really great names out there to choose from. In this article you will be given a list of my favorite Australian Shepherd names to choose from. Hopefully you will find some new and exciting names you have never heard before. There will be two separate lists given for both male and female Australian Shepherd names. When it comes to this adorable breed there is no limit to your imagination in choosing…

  • 8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You
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    8 Secret Ways Dogs Show They Love You

    We love our dogs and are constantly trying to show them how we love them. Yet how are we supposed to know if our dog loves us back. Believe it or not, our dogs have many secret and surprising ways of telling us they love us without you even knowing. Keep a lookout for these eight signs of their affection! 1. Cuddling After a Meal Number one on the list of ways dogs show they love you is cuddling. Of course cuddling overall is a given sign of affection, but if they come over after eating a meal to lay with you they are saying they really love and care…

  • Easter Ideas For Dogs 5 Fun Activities
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    Easter Ideas For Dogs – 5 Fun Activites

    Everyone loves Easter, when spring is sprung and the egg hunt is on. It’s an exciting time to spend time with the family. Who said dogs aren’t family too? If for some reason you can’t see family for this holiday, it’s no reason to worry. You can still have an enjoyable Easter with your four legged friend(s). Here are five Easter ideas for dogs that include fun activities for you and your pup! 1. Easter Photoshoot! This is number one on the list of Easter ideas for dogs. It is a super fun one you and your dog can do together. You can either take pictures of just your dog…

  • Valentine's Day Dog Treats
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    7 DIY Valentine’s Day Dog Treats And Crafts

    Valentine’s Day is the holiday for appreciating people you love. Our pets are a part of our family too! We need to show how much we love our four-legged friends by giving them gifts too. So here are 7 fun and easy DIY Valentine’s Day dog treats and crafts made from some common household items. You will get to explore your creative side and treat your dog to some delicious and fun snacks! 1. Red Velvet Pup Cakes These are tasty and healthy pet safe Valentine’s Day dog treats for your best friend to enjoy. Topped with cream cheese frosting these pup cakes will be a hit! It only takes…

  • Games To Play With German Shepherd
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    Games To Play With German Shepherd When Bored

    Have you and your German shepherd been sitting at home all day, not knowing what to do. Why not make the day fun? Well here are “10 Games To Play With German Shepherd When Bored.” From classic games like fetch and tug a war to creative brain games, this article is full of ideas for you and your German shepherd to try. Here is my list of top ten “Games To Play With German Shepherd” when bored! 1. Fetch Fetch may be a classic, but your dog never gets sick of it. This is why it is number one on our list of “Games To Play With German Shepherd!” German…

  • German Shepherd Dog Names
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    German Shepherd Dog Names For Your New Puppy

    Everyone wants the perfect name for their new German Shepherd dog but their are so many names to choose from. Take this short quiz about your personality and find out what to name your pup! The name will match a dog with your interests and likes. Whether you want a sweet name or a cool name. Take this quiz to find out what you get! Male German Shepherd Dog Names: Here are some cute names for your boy German Shepherd Dog. Ajax Atlas Apollo Arrow Archer Bailey Blazer Bear Baxter Blaze Bandit Caine Chief Charlie Cash Casper Cooper Dash DJ Dexter Felix Finn Farrow Gizmo Gus Ginger Hank Iggy Jupiter…