• Can German Shepherds Swim
    Fun & Games

    Can German Shepherds Swim? The Truth About Their Relationship With Water

    Most dog enthusiasts are well aware of the intelligence and trainability of a German Shepherd. But what about their skills in the water? If you are a first time GSD owner, you may be wondering how well they will swim when you take them on their first camping trip on the lake or a trip to a friend’s pool. Are they natural swimmers and exactly how much do the like the water? This guide will answer all of those questions with some fun facts along the way! Can German Shepherds Swim? Yes, the majority of German Shepherds can swim. For the most part, they love the water just like most…

  • Best Bones For German Shepherd
    Health & Nutrition

    Best Bones For German Shepherd

    German Shepherds love to chew on bones but there are some dangers associated with this popular canine pastime. This in depth article on “The Best Bones For German Shepherd” will provide you with the information necessary to make a sound choice when picking up that next big bone for your furry friend. Giving your dog the right bone will lead to many happy hours of chewing. but giving your dog the wrong bone could lead to injury and even death. Make sure you know the differences so you can avoid any possible mishaps. The Best Bones For German Shepherd are large uncooked beef or lamb shank bones that are bigger…

  • German Shepherd Resting
    Hiking Tips

    Dog Hiking Tips To Protect Your Dog From Predators

    This article will discuss in depth the most effective dog hiking tips to protect your dog from predators in the wild while hiking in the mountains or wilderness. Although German Shepherds are large dogs and can definitely fend for themselves, it is still important that you know exactly what to do if you happen to encounter a dangerous animal on the trail. This guide will cover tons of dog hiking tips as well as the most likely predators that you will encounter on your journey into the wilderness. It will explain what to do if you see one and what is best response if you and your dog happen to…

  • Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

    Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

    Are German Shepherds good with kids? This is a very common question with people thinking about owning one of these magnificent animals. It is also a very important question because you want to make sure that your children stay safe and certain dog breeds are more aggressive than others. The most important thing to remember is that every dog is different with its own unique personality. Determining how good it is with kids, will depend on several factors. German Shepherds Make Great Family Pets and if Socialized Properly can be wonderful with kids. They are the third most popular dog breed and are owned by many families all over the…