• Red Sable German Shepherd

    Red Sable German Shepherd – Everything You Need To Know

    There is a ton of interest surrounding the Red Sable German Shepherd and for good reason. This specific coat color and pattern makes for an illustrious and stunning wolf-like GSD that will definitely make you look twice. Although not the rarest of the sable color patterns, you probably won’t see one anytime soon. A lot of breeders don’t sell them because it is very hard to predict specific colorations. However, you can find them on occasion with a few select breeders. This article will take a look at the pattern and tell you everything you need to know! What Is A Red Sable German Shepherd? A Red Sable German Shepherd…

  • Dark Sable German Shepherd

    Dark Sable German Shepherd – 5 Most Popular Questions Answered

    The Dark Sable German Shepherd is the darker version of the popular Sable color pattern. This particular combination features a dark tan base coat with black tips. This gives their coat that illustrious look that so many people love. This rare coat color is very popular and highly sought after by breeders and dog enthusiasts alike. Here are 5 of the common questions people have regarding this unique and rare pattern. 1. What Are Sable German Shepherds? The sable on a German Shepherd is not actually a color, it is more of a pattern. It simply refers to the tips of the hairs being black while the base of the…