• Do German Shepherds Get Along With Other Dogs

    Do German Shepherds Get Along With Other Dogs?

    German Shepherds are undoubtedly some of the most valuable companions a person can have. They’re not just renowned for their skills and abilities as working dogs, but they are also incredibly loyal and loving family dogs.  They tend to get along well with all of their owner’s family members, even children. But what about other dogs? And what about animals, such as cats, birds, or even other species? The answer is yes, German Shepherds can get along very well with other dogs and different animals. However, you as a GSD owner must be prepared and you’ll have to train your dog to coexist with other animals. As a herding dog,…

  • German Shepherd Separation Anxiety

    German Shepherd Separation Anxiety – 4 Signs & How To Help

    One of the biggest issues dog owners face is the possibility of their dog developing separation anxiety. German Shepherds are no exception to this, though they are no more or less prone to developing the condition. In fact, it is not well-understood why some dogs develop the disorder while others do not. Part of the difficulty in studying it lies in the fact that it often presents with other medical or behavioural issues. The anxiousness may actually be tied to an underlying medical condition.  Knowing the signs of separation anxiety and understanding its causes can prepare you to deal with the condition if your dog begins to develop symptoms. Catching…