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Blue Bay Shepherd A Beautiful And Rare Breed

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The American Blue Bay Shepherd is a stunningly beautiful dog created by pairing the European German Shepherd and a Wolf Dog. These majestic dogs have a bluish hue to their long black coats. That coupled with the fact that the breeder lives in Palm Bay, lead to their name: Blue Bay Shepherd.

The breed is currently in development at Southern Breeze Ranch in Palm Bay, Florida. The founder of the breed, Vicki Spencer has been developing the breed for over twenty years. Her goal is to produce dogs that are wolf-like or (lupine) in appearance.

History of the Blue Bay Shepherd

It was Vicki’s dream to develop a dog that combined the loyal, highly trainable qualities of a German Shepherd with the loving wolf like qualities of a wolf dog. But developing a whole new breed of dog was no small task and it would require persistence in addition to a lot of patience to accomplish it.

Her journey would begin with a search for what Vicki described as:

The perfect foundation GSD’s

She loved the look of the classic old style Rin Tin Tin from the 1950’s TV Show but had a very hard time finding it. Finding dogs with the right shade of blue color turned out to be an almost impossible task. The dogs that she did find were not solid and would lose their color by the time they reached the age of one.

Discouraged and on the verge of giving up the hunt, Vicki decided to turn her focus back to breeding her blue wolf dogs. Soon thereafter she was contacted by a breeder in France who specialized in Altdeustsche Schaferhund’s, referred to as “Old German Shepherd Dogs.” She clicked on the breeder’s website link to find the most beautiful German Shepherds she had ever seen. They had all of the qualities she was looking for.

The Traits Included:

  • A solid “blue coated” color without the distinct saddle.
  • Lighter eyes than the usual darker German Shepherd eyes.
  • Shorter ears as opposed to the normal large German Shepherd ears.
  • Softer temperament similar to that of a Collie or Golden Retriever.

Two “Blue” European German Shepherds

She bought two puppies within a year. They were brother and sister “blue coated” old world German Shepherds.. Their names were Jordan and Passion. The dogs have bloodlines that trace back to Germany and France.

Two “Eastern Timber” Wolf Dogs

Vicki had two Wolf Dogs that she planned on breeding with the German Shepherds and their names were Dylan, a male and Slate, a female. The dogs have “Eastern Timber” wolf in their heritage which is known as the only subspecies of wolf to have a blue coat.

Double First Cousins

She would go on to successfully mate the male wolf dog Dylan with the female German Shepherd Passion and the male German Shepherd Jordan with the female wolf dog Slate. The result would be two litters of puppies who were double first cousins.

Development of the Blue Bay Shepherd

Thus the very first two litters of foundation Blue Bay Shepherds were born. They will be developed into what will eventually become the standard for the American Blue Bay Shepherd. Vicki expects to be breeding a Blue Bay Shepherd with another Blue Bay Shepherd within a year or two.

The dogs will feature these amazing characteristics:

  1. Amazingly beautiful wolf like facial features
  2. Beautiful long furry blue coats
  3. Loving and loyal companionship of a German Shepherd.
  4. A Large Stature with straight backs of the old German Shepherd
  5. No stigma of being labeled a wolf or a wolf dog due to the fact that wolf dogs used in mating were five generations away from pure wolf.

She plans to uphold the highest standard when it comes to her Blue Bay Shepherds and states:

There will be NO wolves added in the development of this breed.

Controversy surrounding the Blue Bay Shepherd

The mystery surrounding these dogs has driven a lot of interest in recent years which has led to controversy. The owner states on her website that some breeders have been attempting to sell “Blue Bay Shepherds.” She warns potential buyers that if the dog doesn’t come from her Ranch in Palm Bay, Florida, then it is not a true Blue Bay Shepherd.

Every Blue Bay Shepherd will come with a hand signed certificate from the founder, Vicki Spencer and a number. Every puppy will come with a registration number that you can verify.

Animal Watch did a story on the American Blue Bay Shepherd

Anneka visited the owner in Palm, Bay Florida to find out just how blue these dogs really are.

New Development Blue Bay Shepherd Litters are on the way

Two new development litters of American Blue Bay Shepherds are on the way for the new year 2021. Conner and Sunshine are expecting puppies sometime in January while Tracker and Oakley are expecting in March.

How large will a Blue Bay Shepherd get?

Blue Bay Shepherds, like German Shepherds are large dogs and stand close to thirty inches tall at the shoulder. You can get an idea of their size from the video above. They are grand in stature and have the straight back of an old German Shepherd.

The males normally weigh anywhere between eighty five and one hundred and five pounds. In contrast the females are somewhere between seventy and eighty five pounds. One male weighed in at one hundred thirty pounds which is a lot of dog.

The future of the American Blue Bay Shepherd

The future is bright for these amazing dogs who are on their way to hopefully one day becoming a fully registered breed with the American Kennel Club. Until then, Vicki will continue to perfect this extraordinary dog at her Ranch in Florida.

She also plans to stay in contact with any new owners that purchase puppies as they grow and get older. This way she can make sure that they are developing in the appropriate manner. She hopes that with the assistance of other dedicated people and the blessings of God every day that she will be able to produce the perfect breed that last for generations to come.

Keep an eye out for future updates on the American Blue Bay Shepherd!

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