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Interview With Edward Denny From Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds

Edward Denny owns and runs Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds. He is one of the top GSD advocates and breeders in the United States. However, his main goal is not to breed and sell German Shepherds. His goal is to educate the public on the breed, promote rescuing dogs, and fight the exploitation of GSDs.

He is also has a program that is attempting to bring back the breed’s original 60s and 70s era characteristics and traits. He is an interesting and fascinating man who used his faith along with the German Shepherd to help him overcome many obstacles in his life including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

To find out more about his life and what drives his passion for the breed, we asked him 10 questions. Enjoy the interview!

1. Where did you grow up and where does your passion for German Shepherds come from?

My Childhood years were split between S.W. Ohio and S.E. KY. As a Child I endured PTSD, and while I didn’t have my own GSD’s during childhood, I was involved with these dogs. The German Shepherd Dogs I was involved with early in life provided me a special love and therapy that enabled me to overcome mental and emotional damage that I had sustained. I’ve had a special bond with this Breed ever since.

2. What was the first German Shepherd you owned? Tell us about him or her.

I’ve had so many great GSD’s over the years. My first was a slight built daughter of the great Jeck Vom Noricum. Her name was Kelly, a female with tremendous heart, intelligence, and working ability. Kelly was such a devoted Friend, and I will always miss her.

3. What do German Shepherds mean to you?

The German Shepherd Breed is literally everything to me. I have devoted my life to the welfare of the breed. These dogs are why I breathe.

Edward And Gamma German Shepherd

4. Why did you start Vom Zeder Haus?

I began Vom Zeder Haus to improve the GSD Breed in the U.S., and to educate the American Public about the Breed.

5. What is the VZH Breeding Initiative?

The VZH Breeding Initiative is our program to take the Breed back to the era of the 1960’s and 70’s, which from a physiological standpoint, are the best years for the German Shepherd Dog. This was before the breed split into multiple distinct Sub-Species, before conformation took precedence over working ability / instincts and health. I am speaking of the Authentic dog in Europe and thus produced by the few Qualified Breeders in the U.S.

VZH imports GSD’s from the top breeding program in Europe which crosses GSD’s from Old Czech / DDR / Pohranicni Straze lines with German Dogs. VZH then crosses those dogs with West German GSD’s. Of course, this is all explained in detail on our Website.

6. Why should people adopt instead of purchase from a breeder?

VZH understands the need and desire for very well-bred GSD’s, which is why we breed. However, if a person does not possess the patience to partake of an Interview process ( that all Qualified Breeders have ). Or the patience to be placed on a waiting list for a GSD dog or puppy ( that all Qualified breeders with Authentic GSD’s will have ) or if a person does not have the financial resources to acquire an Authentic GSD, then this person should Rescue. Then hopefully find the patience and financial resources needed to be a good dog Parent.

Another reason to rescue is Just because. VZH has a page on our website entitled ” When and why to rescue ” which goes into detail about the GSD Rescue situation in America. Whether or not a person intends to Rescue, every dog Owner in America should read that page. It will enlighten any person to the very dark and very sad side of dog reproduction here in the United States. 

7. What is your experience with adopting a dog?

We have two Rescues at VZH at this time, dogs that we literally picked up on the road. You don’t know what you are truly getting with a rescue, so very good Parenting skills and patience is a must. However, when a person in America acquires a dog from an unqualified breeder, its literally the same as you also don’t know what you are getting. The difference is that you won’t spend much if any of your money for a rescue.

Edward And Ruff GSD Playing

8. Who should adopt and who should buy from a breeder?

No person should acquire a dog from a Breeder unless you have the patience and commitment to support a QUALIFIED Breeding Program. No person should adopt unless you have the time , appropriate environment, patience and dog Parenting Skills to be not a Dog Owner, but a Dog PARENT. The only thing better than one dog is two, three is better than two etc. So having an Authentic GSD and thus the support of a Qualified Breeder, while also having one or more Rescues is a good.

9. What are your hopes and dreams for the German Shepherd?

There are two major changes that need to happen with the German Shepherd Dog. The breed needs to be taken back to one sub-species, and a Governing Body for the reproduction of not only the GSD, but all dogs must be formed in the United States. VZH is working on the former, it is up to the American Public regarding the latter. The page on our website mentioned previously- ” When and why to rescue ” is about so much more than rescuing, and explains how the American Public can act, so the American Government can develop Laws to help Dogs in the United States.

10. What kind of impact can a GSD have on a person’s well-being?

I can certainly speak from experience here. The German Shepherd Dog has so many natural gifts thus to provide Therapy to people who have experienced trauma or maybe just disappointment in life. Generally speaking, people are about themselves and dogs are about you. GSD’s can provide love, commitment , and emotional support like no other.

In Closing:

Hopefully this exclusive interview with Edward Denny from Vom Zeder Haus gave you some insight into the importance of adopting German Shepherds as opposed to buying them from an unqualified breeder. There are plenty of shelters in most areas of the United States and other countries to pickup an abandoned or abused GSD that was left alone and would love a new family.

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Did you learn anything new about German Shepherds in this interview? If there was one question you could ask this breeder, what would it be? Let us know! We would love to hear any feedback!


  • Mark Wall

    I have a wonderful GSD Mr. Edward Denny shared with me. My Bella will be 5 in a month and is exactly what you would expect after taking the time to read Edwards website, meeting him, and being matched up with your perfect GSD. I have followed Edward advise and guidance over the years which has not only proven to be the smart, correct thing to do for my GSD, but I have learned so much from occasionally talking to him with questions or concerns. His commitment and dedication to the Authenthic German Shepherd breed will amaze and impress you, at least it has me. I learn something new just about everytime I talk to him. I periodically check out his website and saw the link to this interview, great job!

    • Todd

      Hello Mark! Thank you so much for the feedback! Yes Mr. Denny has been quite helpful and informative about the breed. He definitely knows his stuff! I am sure that your Bella is amazing and I would love to see her!

    • Nathan Sheets

      Edward Denny is a patriot on behalf of the GSD, and has been so impactful in educating me and my family on so many aspects of what it means to be a dog parent. Our German Shepherd who we acquired through VZH’s breeding initiative has been the most incredible addition to our home and family, and we love her dearly. You can always count on Edward to give incredibly well educated advice and help, even years after taking one of his amazing dogs home. This article and interview is just a window into the vast care and knowledge Edward has for his dogs (and ours!), and we could not be more thankful for people like him, who are actively working to fight for regulated breeding across the country for these beautiful GSDs.

      • Todd

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article! We are always thankful for any feedback on our blog. Yes Edward Denny is a great steward of the breed and full of useful information. We are all for his mission and look forward to seeing where it goes in the future! His VZH Breeding Initiative is impressive. We have even added it to our German Shepherd History Timeline.

  • Joey Ohman

    My wife and I met Edward several years ago and have been friends with him ever since. We got our first German Sheperd from Edward in 2020 and we are on the list for our second puppy. His dogs are the best in the word. We are so thankful we met Edward and his wonderful dogs. These dogs truly become family and are so humanistic. Edward is not only knowledgeable about this breed, but he truly loves these dogs. He puts in so much effort every day to better the German Sheperd breed. The world is definitely a better place with Edward and his dogs in it. If you are patient enough and get the opportunity to own a Vom Zeder Haus German Sheperd, consider yourself super blessed.

    • Todd

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am starting to see how much of an impact Edward and his dogs have had on people. His love for the breed is undeniable.

  • Doug Garrett

    This is a great article, I got to meet Edward Denny recently and I’m on the waiting list for a VZH puppy. I wrote a check for the deposit and he walked up the hill to get a receipt for me. He came back with about a dozen GSD’s following along! These were his females, some were retired from his breeding program and as old as 14 years.
    I just sat down on the ground and enjoyed his dogs for a few minutes. As much as I was checking him out as a breeder, he was checking me out as a potential owner. I know he’ll be available 24/7 for me and my pup! I would love for you to do a more comprehensive interview on the breeding initiative.

    • Todd

      Thank you for your comment! Yes he is passionate about his German Shepherds! The VZH Breeding Initiative is very interesting. I appreciate the idea. We may be able to do that someday!

  • Steve Heinen

    Edward Denny is an Amazing breeder of AUTHENTIC GSDs! But more than that, he’s a very passionate and a honest man who loves GSDs and does all he can to improve the GSD breed; and to assure his puppies go to good homes. His website is an encyclopedia of research he’s done and posts for those who genuinely want to know more about this AMAZING breed. I now consider Edward a trusted friend. We purchased our first puppy (Rica) from VZH in July-2021 and she’s been an incredible Blessing & Awesome puppy! She’s so smart, so alert. We recently bought 2.5 acres that will be fully fenced to give her and her future playmate (we plan to buy another puppy from VZH) after we get settled into our new homestead. Edward has been there for us 24/7 regarding any quesions we’ve had during these puppy stages. I sometimes wish I lived closer so I could help him with all the chores needed to run this World Class operation known as Vom Zeder Haus. If you’re committed to owning an excellent GSD, then I highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend you contact Edward and be sure to read all you can on his website. You will be blessed as a result of dealing with Edward Denny!

    • Todd

      Thank you for your comment! We really appreciate the feedback! He is definitely passionate and open to answer any questions that potential owners may have. I am glad that you found a great puppy! And yes I agree, his operation definitely seems to be World Class!

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