National German Shepherd Day

National German Shepherd Day – 7 Fun Ways To Celebrate

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These days there is a National Day for just about everything. And German Shepherds are no exception. GSD owners are crazy about their dogs and National German Shepherd Day gives them another excuse to celebrate and spoil their pooch! So, when exactly is this day and why was it started? This article tells you why this day is so special and 7 fun ways to celebrate it with your furry friend!

What Is National German Shepherd Day?

National German Shepherd Day is a holiday celebrated on May 10th of every year to honor one of the most popular and esteemed dog breeds in history.

According to their official page, the day was founded by Ingrid Birch who is an animal lover and GSD enthusiast. She started the day to pay tribute to her canine extraordinaire, Peter George de Corban who passed away at nine years old and left a legacy of unconditional love and loyalty.

“Peter embodied the true spirit and GSD ideal that Captain Max Staphanitz (father of the GSD breed) wanted when he developed and standardized the breed in 1889. Despite having no formal training of any kind and in the hands of a first time GSD owner, he rose to the occasion when it was required of him.”

About The German Shepherd That Inspired The Day:

Ingrid’s German Shepherd, HLH Peter George de Corban, was a special dog who unfortunately passed away earlier than hoped and only 9.5 years old.

He lived from 2001 to 2009 and made a huge impact in that small amount of time! Labeled as a “miracle kid” by his owner, Peter George de Corban was a fighter from the beginning and the only pup to survive his litter.

His mom was sold soon after and there were suspicions in regards to the breeder as to why all of the other pups died in infancy. Whatever the case, Peter’s life was spared and he was adopted by Ingrid and her family at the age of 1 month old.

He fought to survive and was close to death several times. But his owner persisted and with the help of professionals and veterinarians, he pulled through.

According to the website, Peter became the owner’s “sole reason to live” as she went through years of “darkness and misery.”

Untrained, Peter became like a therapy dog to the sister and a son to the mom. Seen as a gift from God, he was the families last hope as they went through troubled times.

He embodied the true ‘Shepherd’ spirit – that of a loving family pet, a fiercely loyal protector, an intelligent, confident & courageous dog. He was a complete GSD package with added curiosity & comic demeanor whenever it was needed.

Not only did he have an impact on his family and owner, he touched the hearts of thousands of people. He was used for education and his spirit lives on today through anyone admired and loved him!

A true angel………….a true GSD…………true to his name…………….’PETER- solid as a rock’.

Ingrid Birch

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate National German Shepherd Day:

National German Shepherd Day Celebration Balloon And Cake

Dog enthusiasts have been celebrating National German Shepherd Day since 2011, two years after the passing of Peter George de Corban.

There are several celebrations held during the special day. Here are some great ways to memorialize the legacy of Peter and carry on the tradition!

1. Cut and Share a Cake with your German Shepherd:

One of the many celebrations includes cutting a special Black Forest cake. Said to pay homage to the German breed, this cake is believed to date back to the 1500’s in Germany when chocolate was introduced to Europe.

You can bake one for you to enjoy and bake another dog friendly cake to give your pup! You and your German Shepherd can enjoy this historical treat together!

2. Donate to a Charity or Fundraiser that helps Rescue Shelters:

Find a German Shepherd rescue shelter in your area and donate some money in honor of your GSD and Peter George de Corban.

My local shelter, German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia has been around since 2004. They have helped hundreds of GSDs find loving companions and homes.

3. Meet up with some other German Shepherd owners and Share Stories:

Find some other German Shepherd owners in your area to meet up with every year on this special day.

The dogs can spend time together and play while you and your friends share stories about the breed and talk about the history of GSDs. There is a lot to learn about the breed!

4. Volunteer At A German Shepherd Dog Shelter:

What better way to pay tribute to the breed than by volunteering your time at your local GSD shelter for National German Shepherd Day.

Most shelters could use the help! There are several jobs you can do to help including running a campaign for fundraising, transporting dogs and supplies, or even fostering a homeless German Shepherd.

5. Take your GSD out to the Park:

Take your German Shepherd out to his favorite park and spend some good quality time together.

Bring some of his favorite toys and treats. Play some games with him and let him know exactly how special he is to you!

6. Take Your German Shepherd out for Ice Cream:

German Shepherds love ice cream just as much or if not more than humans! Take your GSD out for a frozen treat.

Places like Bruster’s, Dairy Queen, and Starbucks offer dog friendly ice cream or treats for canines with a sweet tooth! It won’t last long but your dog will be on cloud 9 for at least a few minutes.

7. Teach your GSD some New Tricks:

German Shepherds were bred to work. They are extremely active and love to learn new tricks!

Spend an hour or two teaching them some new commands. GSDs are very intelligent and can remember up to 250 words. Chances are their brain isn’t using anywhere near its full capacity.

In Closing:

National German Shepherd Day is the perfect excuse to spoil your furry friend. It is also a great way to honor the legacy of Peter George de Corban. GSDs are some of the most loving, loyal, and protective dogs on the planet!

Take this day and do something special with your dog! Donate or volunteer at your local shelter. Show how much you love the breed!

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Let us know what you think of our fun ways to celebrate! Have you ever celebrated National German Shepherd Day? If so, how did you and your GSD spend the day?

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