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Best Brush For German Shepherd Dogs

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German Shepherds have a lot of amazing qualities. In addition to those big perky ears, their fluffy double coat of fur is a peoples favorite. Unfortunately for owners, this means a lot hair everywhere. This is however a small price to pay for the love and comfort that comes with owning a GSD. German Shepherds shed all year round and blow their coat twice a year for the new seasons. This means to keep those fur balls from flying around, a good brushing with a quality brush or rake is the best way to combat the situation. So what is the best brush for German Shepherd Dogs?

We gathered information from actual German Shepherd owners to determine the absolute best brushes for short hair and long hair GSDs. This list is based on the specific double coat of hair that GSDs have which is dense and thick. Grooming should be done on a regular basis at least every few days and every day when they are molting.

1. Best All Around Brush For German Shepherd

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Large Dogs

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush

This is our pick for the best all around German Shepherd brush!

Consider this your first line of defense for fending off all of that unwanted dead hair and keeping your dog’s hair from matting.

This firm slicker brush is a wonderful preventative tool. Use it every few days to remove surface mats or to get rid of tangles. This will make your life way easier when it comes time to remove dead hair from the undercoat with a deshedding brush or rake.


  1. Double sided with straight and bent bristles for alternating positions.
  2. Dual flexible head that adapts to the curves of your GSD’s body and keeps the bristles in the optimal working position.
  3. Made with anti-microbial plastic to reduce bacteria and germs.
  4. Perfect for managing mats and tangles for dogs with curly, medium and long coats.
  5. Smooth ergonomic handle for comfort and control while brushing.

Note: This brush is for light grooming and to prevent mats and tangles. It works great as a preventative tool and goes hand in hand with the more deep reaching rake style deshedding tool.

Great for before and after bathingNot easy to remove hair (tweezers work great)
Works on all types of fur (curly or straight)Bristles can loosen over time
Keeps their coat smoothNot great for short hair dogs

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2. Best Brush For Long Hair German Shepherd

FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

This undercoat deshedding tool is the best for removing loose hairs that the slicker brush may not be able to get to completely.

It has a stainless steel edge that grabs the hair and the “FURejector” for releasing the hair when you are done grooming.

Many GSD owners swear by this brush and say they love it. Use it at least once a week to remove loose hair from the undercoat and every day during seasonal blow outs. Your clothes and your house will thank you! Your dog will be cleaner and happier as a result!


  1. Comfortable black rubber handle with thumb indentation for ease of brushing.
  2. Designed by a groomer with patented technology like the “FURejector” for fur release.
  3. Edge is curved to harmonize with your dog’s body.
  4. Helps to lower the amount of shedding when used on a regular basis.
  5. Stainless steel edge that extends below the top coat reaching the loose undercoat hair.

Note: It works great but in moderation. The slicker brush is better for a daily light brushing. This tool should only be used moderately and not with a heavy hand to avoid any damage to the coat.

Doesn’t pull and tug the hairCan hurt the skin if too rough
Eliminates the undercoatTeeth of brush fill up quickly
Decreases hair in homeHandle can brake

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3. Best Brush For Short Hair German Shepherd

FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

This deshedding tool is exactly like its counterpart but for short hair GSDs.

It is made for large dog breeds with short coats under two inches and makes it easy to reach those loose hairs that fall out in the undercoat.

According to one owner this brush will find hair you didn’t know your dog had. Another calls it a “Life Saver.” Most dogs enjoy being groomed with this brush which makes it easier on you! It will reduce shedding and keep their coat fresh and shiny.


  1. Comfortable black soft rubber handle with contours to fit your hand.
  2. Designed by a groomer for professional results with patented technologies.
  3. Edge is contoured to align with the curves of your dog’s body.
  4. Maximizes the reduction of shedding keeping the coat clean and healthy.
  5. Stainless steel edge that will extend down to the undercoat removing loose hair.

Note: Like the long hair version, this brush should only be used moderately and with a light hand to avoid damaging the skin.

Dogs enjoy being brushedNeeds regular cleaning
Can help reduce dog allergiesSharp and can hurt dog if inexperienced
Fine teeth grab hair and don’t let goNarrower with shorter teeth than previous model

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4. Best Dog Grooming Rake For German Shepherd

FURminator Dog Grooming Rake

FURminator Dog Grooming Rake

This dog grooming rake is perfect for removing mats in their undercoat and any breeches.

This all purpose tool has long teeth that will separate and untangle the fur in long thick coats like that of the German Shepherd.

This tool is a little safer than the other two deshedding tools. It won’t hurt your dog if they have tender skin. The metal bristles rotate so they don’t irritate the skin.


  1. All purpose tool that will separate and untangle dog’s long thick coat.
  2. Comfortable handle with black rubber that fits the contour of your hand.
  3. Dislodges mats from the undercoat and any breeches.
  4. Plastic is made from anti-microbial elements to minimize bacteria and germs.
  5. Round stainless steel pins completely spin to reduce irritation of the skin and decrease tugging.

Note: Remember you should still use a deshedding tool to remove the loose hair underneath.

Also works very well on catsTines can get loose
Doesn’t damage outer coatBody can sometimes slip out of handle
Easy to clean after brushingWide prongs more for long hair dogs

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Best Finishing Comb For German Shepherd

FURminator Finishing Comb

This finishing comb works great for removing any leftover debris after using the deshedding tool or undercoat rake.

Although mainly used as the second step in the grooming process, it also works great for getting rid of smaller surface mats and tangles.

Similar to the grooming rake, this comb has rotating teeth that allow it to smoothly glide through the fur. They are long enough for most coat lengths. It will keep your GSD’s hair feeling soft and clean.


  1. Anti-microbial plastic for decreasing bacteria and germs along with an ergonomic handle that provides a pleasant and secure grip.
  2. Curved line that conforms to the contour of your dog’s body for optimum reach.
  3. Helps keep the hair free from debris or tangles which increases time between bathes.
  4. Keeps your dog nice and comfortable by removing smaller surface mats from curly, long, silky and wiry coats.
  5. Minimizes skin irritation and tugging with round stainless steel pins that spin all the way around.

Note: Best used in combination with the deshedding tool or undercoat rake. This comb is used to finish off the coat giving it a lustrous and shiny appearance.

Good for water matsHandle attachment can be weak
Minimal pulling on the furLightweight not as heavy duty
Great for variety of coat lengthsPlastic teeth

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In Closing:

The brushes we listed here are based on the opinions of some German Shepherd owners and are obviously not the favorite of all GSD owners. Each owner will have their own experiences with certain brushes and grooming tools. However, overall the FURminator series are extremely popular and have excellent reviews on their products.

We recommend using one of the deshedding tools along with the slicker brush or finishing comb to top things off. FURminator also makes a great Deshedding Shampoo to go along with their grooming brushes. Remember not to over brush or groom your German Shepherd.

Read the instructions when purchasing any of the brushes mentioned above. The two deshedding tools we mentioned can damage or irritate your dog’s skin if used with too much pressure.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

What do you think is the best brush for German Shepherd dogs? Do you prefer a deshedding tool or an undercoat rake? What do you use to finish off the coat? We would love to hear about your experience!

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